Young master Damien's pet
758 Exclusive interview with Damien and others
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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758 Exclusive interview with Damien and others

I didn't break the chapter and decided to do it one single chapter as a whole. 


The room was filled with noise, people moving quickly to the backstage as they shuffled around to take seats and looked at the stage where beautiful women and handsome looking men sat leisurely talking to each other as if they were catching up with each other. 

The man who had played Father Antonio wore a cap on his head instead of a coif and picked up the mic to say, "We'll be starting the interview in thirty seconds on the clock. Is Jera ready?" he asked to hear one of the associates of the crew answer,

"Yes, she's on stage!"

They looked at the clock that moved back from ten and when it hit zero, everyone clapped their hands and the video started to run live. 

Sister Jera who had taken up the interviewing job said, "Welcome to Bloody Fangs that is sponsored by Vampbucks, Bloody Tea, Chopped finger fries which is funded by our very Damien Quinn. Please welcome all our guests for today," she cheered along with everyone, "Before we go to the main characters of the story of 'Young Master Damien's Pet', let's go to one of the characters who was called sunflower. One and only Durik."

*People in the audience cheer for him with posters of toads and hearts*

Durik: *awkwardly waves hands*

Interviewer: Mr. Durik, how has your life been since you started working for Quinn's family? If I am not wrong you are still working there as a butler, right?

Durik: *nods* Yes, I am still posted there as the butler. Though I was promised that I would get to leave, after seeing what was out there and the possibility of turning a toad *his eyes widen taking a deep breath* I think I am good as a butler for now.

Interviewer: It must have been really hard for you as you turned to a toad but I believe it is after you turned to a toad did you have an increase in the fanbase. According to our statistics, you are one of the top two sides loved side characters. The readers must have really loved you. 

Durik: I don't know about that *leans closer to the interviewer* Once I returned to my usual self I went to Instagram and saw the readers laughing at my toadself. Frankly, I don't know how to feel about it *dabs his kerchief on his forehead* Sometimes I worry that the author might turn me to toad just for fun. 

Interviewer: We are very sorry to hear that but I am sure a lot of loved and supported you. Could you tell me how your experience was when you were turned to a toad?

Durik: There is nothing good about it. Your body is sticky, your hands and feet stick to the ground and pick up all this mud and dust on it. Worse case is if your eyes catches a fly or an insect your tongue will automatically go to catch even if you don't. 

Interviewer: That's really sad. I am sure Penelope wouldn't do it to you again. Mr. Piers *turns to the man who is sitting on the other end* You were one of the black witches readers were hoping you wouldn't turn bad and were worried where you were as when Damien traveled to the council you weren't there.

Piers: Yes, I fell unconscious in the middle of the fight. I don't even remember what happened and didn't wake up until Master Damien came to fetch me until the next day. 

Interviewer: Oh, that's good. Let's go to Penelope Quinn now. Most of the readers have applauded for the bravery you have shown throughout the entire book. You must be truly feeling blessed that it was Damien who bought you from the slave market and not Robarte. 

Penelope: There are days I think back about what happened and feel fortunate for it. I think it was a life-changing moment after I met Damien.

Damien: I am an amazing man, what can I say.

Interviewer: Of course, Master Damien. I am your biggest fan *Sister Jera fans herself*

Damien: Peasant

*Sister Jera interviewing blushes from the compliment*

Interviewer: *coughs* Penelope, we are glad that your mother and the crazy family is gone and you have a better life now. If your father was still alive, what would you both like to do as father and daughter together?

Penelope: Fishing! We used to do that a lot. I got to know it when my memories returned back to me. We used to even go hunting for mushrooms together in the hills. Those are some of my fondest memories. He was very proud to have me as his daughter. 

Interviewer: Do you ever think that you wanted another sibling? Of course, not the same mother who is insane as you had. 

Penelope: *chuckles along with the audience* I don't know. I don't think I thought about that before. Maybe it would be nice to have a sibling to share things but I share with Caitlin. She has been very supportive when it comes to me. She kind of fills the role of a mother too so...

Interviewer: You and Damien have spent your lives together and have come to be this power couple, not that others haven't but you had quite some skills there when it comes to spells or elemental abilities unlike any other. It must make you very special. Author, oh, you are here, *mutters something about Damien's presence outshining everyone else* Can you tell us what made you create Penny's character? 

Author: I think Damien has such an eccentric, narcissist personality, only a fierce person like her would be able to match his personality. 

Interviewer: Penelope, what are the things you hate or love about Damien?

Damien: She loves everything about me obviously *rolls eyes* and hates that you think she can hate something abo-

Penelope: I hate the fact that he made me climb a tree instead of using the dust powder. 

Damien: Oh, honey, are we still on that?

Penelope: I mean why would you ask me to climb a tree when I have already hurt my feet? *shakes head in disbelief* He can be overbearing at times when things don't go his way. Very sadist.

Interviewer: We saw all that in the initial book. I mean I go back and look at the comments *smh* a lot of them ran away worried that this man was a psychotic pureblooded vampire who had lost a lot of screws-

Damien: Looks like someone is going to die tonight *gives a smile to Sister Jera*

Interviewer: NO NO! I wasn't done!

Damien: Speak quickly then peasant!

Interviewer: People thought quite badly about you but then they read the book and found out you have more layers. Like Onions. But a lot of your fans were worried about you initially. They, ahem, they felt you need to go take sessions for vampire therapy. 

Damien: Ridiculous! The ones who thought that need therapy and I shall be the one to examine those peasant *looks at the audience* Tell me which were the ones who needed therapy?

Interviewer: *almost raises hand*

Damien: I will have them thrown in the sea next to my mansion. I am sure it will clean that brain of yours. 

Interviewer: What is the stupidest thing you and Alexander have done during your childhood other than killing witches which we already are aware of. 

Damien: Hmm, let me think. I might have pushed one of the magistrates in the pond which I now don't remember *Looks at Alexander* Do you remember it?

Alexander: Yes, it was because he told the fair wasn't for vampires or pureblooded vampires. Damien felt offended and pushed him but also pulled the magistrate out of water because he worried he was drowning in the water. 

Interviewer: Wow that sounds like a very adorable memory. A lot of us came to see your softer side later. How do you feel about the ability you received when it came to teleportation? You must feel very lucky that the author has bestowed you with such wonderful ability.

Damien: Yeah, and to balance it out she gave me a corrupted heart. Do you know how many of my fans protested day in and day out to not kill me? She is a killer. 

Author: And you are still alive. Maybe I should continue your book and then push you off the cliff. 

Damien: You started with the next couple of the LDG series, I don't think you will be writing our story anytime soon. 

Interviewer: We have heard what a spectacular person you are when it comes to being a councilman *Damien shrugs his shoulders* Do you think your mother would be happier if you got promoted in the council? 

Damien: I don't think it matters much. I didn't have any plans to work in the council when I grew up and it was only for the sake of fun I took the council exam and ended up being an apprentice of the head council, Rueben and the rest is history. 

Interviewer: Could you enlighten us with the difference what is the difference between corrupted vampires and deranged vampires? I think some of us don't know the difference. 

Damien: Corrupted vampires are vampires whose core gets corrupted and this is only applied to the pureblooded vampires because we are the only ones who have a red stone inside our hearts. Deranged vampires are the ones who get their hearts corrupted during their transition from being a human to a vampire. 

Interviewer: That is interesting. Do you think you would have grown any different if your mother wasn't strict? As she is someone who holds being a pureblooded vampire very close to her heart than the rest of the family. 

Damien: I might have spent most of my time with Alexander, or breaking things around. She was who she was, our mother who loved her family dearly. 

Interviewer: *Turns to Penelope* Are there times you worry that Damien's corruption will come back ten folds forwards even though you have helped him as much as you can when it comes to healing him?

Penelope: The worry will always be there but what I can do is stay beside him and use the purification technique so that it doesn't affect him by lowering it down. 

Interviewer: We are so happy and will continue to cheer on your love and your babies. Do you mind if I get to babysit and become the nanny for your children? *Sister Jera looks with hopeful eyes*

Penelope: *looks at Damien and then looks back* I think we can work it out together. Yes *gives her the white a smile*

Interviewer: The readers are very intrigued by how you know so many sexual positions so well. Is there possibly a book or did you learn from somewhere? 

Damien: Master Damien is a master in a lot of things. You should not underestimate me when it comes to pleasing my woman. 

Interviewer: Here some rapid-fire questions from the readers. Are you ready? How did you know about the picnic date spot you took Penny to?

Damien: My mother took us there once. 

Interviewer: if you had a chance in the past, would you change anything of your life?

Damien: I would have spared Penelope from going through what she did and might have possibly saved her father too. 

Interviewer: Damien what is your favorite thing about Penelope?

Damien: Her green eyes. 

Interviewer: How did you feel when Penny's memories started surfacing and she started crying. 

Damien: Broke my heart of course. No one likes to see their woman crying. 

Interviewer: Did you have any strong feelings for Penny before you bought her from the slave market? 

Damien: I was intrigued by her presence on the stage of the theater. 

Interviewer: Will there be any chance in the future to set up a Witch School for young white witches in order to strictly take lessons on how to properly use magic and of course, avoid turning themselves black witches and not always put them in churches by the Council eyes?

Damien: Right now no as things are dire but maybe in the future. 

Interviewer: Thank you for answering them, Damien. I have some questions for you Penelope.

Penelope: Okay

Interviewer: Do you prefer dresses or lady's trousers? 

Penelope: Lady trousers. They are much easier to carry around when I am with Damien. 

Interviewer: Have you tried to search for the spell to resurface the memory which has been hidden or erased? 

Penelope: Sadly no, there is no spell for it and one will need to find their lost memories by themselves. 

Interviewer: One of the readers wanted to ask how it feels to be meeting your family members at every point of time with only people who disappointed and betrayed you? 

Penelope: It surely wasn't a nice feeling. I don't know it feels like the universe decided that I should get the most horrible family, like relatives. 

Interviewer: Thank you, Penelope, let's now move to the creator of the books to get to know more about the entire overlay of the LDG series as well as about the person. We have already spoken about the gist in the previous interviews so let me dive straight to the questions.

Author: *nods*

Interviewer: We see that you have started writing for the next installment of the series 'Belle Adams' Butler'. Could you tell us something about it?

Author: The book is something I have been very eager to write since I decided to write in the second half of YMDP. It will be more in the background of the existing world that we know. I think by the cover it is quite obvious that the butler is not a vampire. 

Interviewer: You just finished YMDP, are you not taking any vacation break?

Author: I thought it would be right to ease the readers before YMDP gets over so that they don't feel that emptiness when the book is done. There will be something to look forward to and as many know Damien, Penny and the rest of the characters would be making an appearance because the story plot intertwines everywhere which is the best part. That way you don't miss them but readers will look forward to seeing the same scenes but from a different perspective.

Interviewer: From the last interview in BAD, there were plans about the future generations set in the 1900s. However, it had been changed and pushed back aside so that you could work on the 5th book, Adams. Will you be writing it in the future?

Author: Yes, the plan is still open to writing about their children. Josie and Vincent got a very good response so I will be writing about them along with the other pairings for the future. 

Interviewer: How about Rhys and Lettice? Also, Jerome and Maggie?

Author: Their stories will be written in respective books H\u0026L and YMDP, hopefully, the readers will continue to keep the books in their library so that they get the update once I spot them. 

Interviewer: Ever think to have a family LDG photo? All Female Leads photo? Male Leads as well all together. Also, you've been receiving some comments from readers about LDG comics, tv adaptations, etcetera, though more importantly need a physical copy published. Could you give us a confirmation to let everyone know if there is a possibility or not? 

Author: I did consider it but maybe only if the books turn out to be famous. Unfortunately, the site doesn't allow physical copies so the next thing to look forward to would be a comic of their own or movies which is very far for now. I have gone through sites on how to submit movie idea too *coughs*

Interviewer: Of course, we all look forward to that day. Will you be covering things that weren't spoken in this book in the 5th book?

Author: Yes, that is the idea for now. Though the first two books were mostly in a romantic sense with glimpses of the next books. BAD spoke about the council, YMDP spoke about witches and Belle Adams' Butler will be about other intricate things which I am hoping readers will like. 

Interviewer: A reader asked if you are proud of your characters, especially Damien. Did he make you feel like you wanted to throw him in the sea?

Author: Initially yes. I used to have a bad headache while writing about me but it got bearable later. 

Interviewer: All the covers for these stories are beautiful! Which one is your favorite? Look at Alex's abs, damn author, is Alex giving a fan service?

Author: I would pick Belle Adams' Butler. I had to revise the art around seven to eight times before my artist said he would charge me. I love Lucas' hand and I had to make sure it came right along with his face. I also have it as my wallpaper on my laptop screen… About Alex, well, I don't there was some riot going on with readers going with #justiceforAlex because he didn't get screen time in the 3rd book. So I had to well...the abs look good.

Interviewer: So that was what happened *Sister Jera was part of the protest* Now for the quick rapid-fire questions. Do you think you can be your own character in the series?

Author: The possibility of me killing the character is high. 

Interviewer: Which land would you love to live in the series? 

Author: Valeria or Wovile. I am a person who loves sunshine and sun rays. 

Interviewer: Which scene do you find to be the most difficult when you write?

Author: Umm, I would have to say romance and sexual scenes because I need to make sure it comes out pure and neat and nothing vulgar. Therefore it takes up a lot of time. 

Interviewer: Did Everest revive Vivi and Leo on his own accord? Just because he cared for them? Was he alone or someone was helping him?

Author: Yes, it was all his doing. He was the one who kept lurking around the Delcorv mansion by taking potions which Penny had made. 

Interviewer: If Vivi was also an alignment of stars...Why did she have to die before participating in the war? We know she comes back to life again. 

Author: The alignment of stars exists to run the course of events. Events that are subtle. It's not necessary that they have to take part in the war. It was Vivian's ability that pulled out some secret which went on to pass to Nicholas, council and then helping Damien and Penny. If the alignment of stars did die, maybe the witches would eventually move forward unless someone came forward and defeated them.

Interviewer: Thank you for answering the questions. Is there something you would like to say?

Author: Please continue to read my books and support me the way you have so far \u003e.\u003c

Interviewer: We have a couple more questions which the readers have asked. Penelope, was Liam your first crush?

Penelope: Yes. Yes, he was. 

Interviewer: Did some people get suspicious of Penny not being normal as a human after noticing that she didn't age?

Penelope: We made up a lie telling I got converted to a vampire.

Interviewer: And they didn't doubt? What about the family? Quinn's. 

Penelope: *shakes head* I think they know about it. It's more like an unspoken secret which we don't speak about but they know. 

Interviewer: Well, that's good to hear that you have been getting along with everyone. And to Alexander, would you have actually killed Penny if she had turned out to be a black witch?

Alexander: I wouldn't. It would be too much of a hassle dealing with Damien. Also, Penelope is my distant cousin so I would have to take that into account. 

Interviewer: What's the dumbest thing Damien has done "off screen"? (Like something he's done, that ash didn't write down in the books?) you both can have separate answers.

Damien: *stares at the interviewer*

Interviewer: This is not me asking but your fans. They want to know more about you. 

Alexander: I heard he went to Nicholas' book and gave a low rating to his book so that his book could continue to have a higher star rating on the book. It was really stupid and childish. 

Damien: I so did not do that *rolls eyes* there's an imposter who goes by my name. Author, do something about it!

Author: *stares at interviewer* *knows it is Sister Jera who is handling the account with the name Damien Quinn*

Interviewer: *gives sheepish smile* There's another question, Damien does Jerome ask you for any relationship advice?

Damien: He is a private man. 

Interviewer: This question is for Alexander. What happens if you mix: Pureblood + White Witch. Is it Dark Witch or Pureblood. What is the true blood if you mix Dark witch/Pureblooded Vampie + Human? 

Alexander: Do a course in Vampilogy. You will find the answer. 

Interviewer: Some of the characters couldn't make it here but we have one of them on air, perks on having internet now. Lord Nicholas *waves hand on the screen in front of them that has Nicholas smiling in it who waves*

Nicholas: It is good to see everyone. 

Interviewer: What's with you appearing in so many books? Do you really want "A Nicholas Rune Series" to happen? 

Nicholas: *turns to his ghoul* Silence that woman Narcissus. 

Interviewer: *quickly says* Thank you everyone for your wonderful time. Thank you for tuning into 'Bloody Fangs' and we will see more of our beloved characters soon in the next book- Belle Adams' Butler. 

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