Young master Damien's pet
713 Full house- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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713 Full house- Part 1

Penny went on to add everything she would need. With the possibility of the land falling into a land where they would end up with spilled magic, there was no telling that the magic she had learned would work. The black witches were tricky when placing traps in a way where the white witches who were under the transformation of turning to black witches were able to use spells but the same could not be used by the pure white witches. 

She would need a lot of weapons, weapons that could eradicate a number of witches in one shot or immobilize them and she knew the white witches in here were working on it. After losing a bunch of white witches in the second council exam, the people who were still alive and were part of the church had started to create weapons that were concentrated on black witches.

The day Evelyn had arrived at the church with another council member to raid to see what unethical and unsupervised activities were going on in here, most of them were worried. 

It was true they had been working on something. An order that didn't come from the council but something they were doing on their own. Only difference was that the information that was provided was wrong. The potions and weapons were being made for the black witches and not for the pureblooded vampires. 

"Do you know how to operate this?" Damien asked her, fiddling with a rod that appeared to not do anything or hold any special value in his eyes at the moment. 

"That's a capturer," Penny informed him, "Let me show you," she said walking to where he was and picking up another rod. 

She looked at it keenly at first to make sure these were the completed sets that were placed in here, "You need to swing it at your opponent."

There was a mannequin placed at the front and she threw the weapon and on the touch of the weapon, multiple ropes made of wire came out to encircle the doll in front of them, "Hmm, not bad. What else do you recommend, Lady Penelope," he asked her as she knew the functions of the weapons in here better than he did. 

Penny gave him a smile and she walked to the other table to bend and pull out a fairly big sized weapon. It was the Colt Gatling gun that had several nozzles on the other side which was very effective and it had been customized enough to let a pureblooded vampire carry its weight around, "It shouldn't be heavy for you. They have silver bullets and inside the bullets, we have placed potion that will help in dissolving the witches sooner. I got the sample from the council laboratory which was sent by Murkh. We got the potion made that will affect the modified witches. 

When we were in Valeria, the normal silver bullets didn't work like they were supposed to. This one," she picked up the bullet that looked like the silver bullets. Placing it on the table she picked up the hammer by her hand and burst the bullet enough to crack and ooze the liquid out of it. The wood beneath it sizzled creating a hole in it because of the liquid that spilled on the surface. 

"Alright, what's next," Damien picked the Colt Gatling gun along with him before stuffing all the bullets that were in there without leaving a single bullet behind. 

"There are the other revolvers which you might find handy. We made sure for the bullets to be the same size and be able to accustom it for the ease of carrying it," Penny stated, going to the cupboard, she pulled out the two crossbows. One for him and one for her, "This is very quick which you already know. Here are the arrows for it," she said, grabbing the arrows from the cupboard and placing them on the table. 

Both Damien and Penny made a quick round around the dungeon room to get everything they needed before packing the stuff they had come here for. 

"Do you need any potion?" he asked her. 

Penny shook her head over it, "No, it will need time to mix and then work on it. Oh, wait!" she said as if she had forgotten about something. She quickly ran out of the room and after some time came back with something in her hand, "Give me the chain and necklace you are wearing," she said to him. 

Damien didn't know what Penny wanted to do, nonetheless, he unlocked the chain that was around his neck and he gave it to her, "What are you doing?" he asked her when she removed the pendant he had been wearing to replace it with a similar, identical pendant. 

"The red stone symbolizes strength. An increase in strength but it also carries the properties of luck and longevity. It is why it is called charm stone. It will keep you safe."

"Then shouldn't you be wearing it?" he asked her.

"I am the alignment of stars. I will be absolutely fine," she said waving her hand and then raised her height by standing on her toes so that she could help him wear it. Damien leaned forward, bending to his head so that she would be able to put the chain back in place with ease, "It's done." 

At the same time, they heard a sound in the church that came from above as if someone or some people had arrived at the church and were making their way down here. 

"I guess it's time to leave," Damien said, grabbing the things they had come with along with what they had picked up, "Apologies for your shoe," he said that made Penny raise her eyebrows and she looked down to see him stamp her shoe with his and they quickly transported out of the church. 

They didn't care who had arrived at the church but with Damien's ability, the couple had traveled from the land of Bonelake to the land of Mythweald. Carrying the luggage that looked like simple trunks of bags, they walked into the village which looked rather filled. 

Mythweald, was known for holding the highest population when it came to the humans who resided in here compared to the other creatures while Bonelake was the one to be known to have the highest vampires on their lands and Wovile was considered to be a mix of humans and witches, witches who hid as humans. 

The people were loud and crowded enough to have their way blocked every once in a while where they had to push away and through to head forward.

They went to the inn that looked shabby and if Penny didn't know Damien as she did now, she would have thought that the man entered places that were only posh and not a place that would belong to peasants. 

Penny and Damien stepped inside the inn where they had to wait as the owner, the man was fighting with another person outside the building before he came in. 

The owner of the inn gave the couple a look, "How can I help you?" he asked them. 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》