Young master Damien's pet
707 Reason- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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707 Reason- Part 2

Penny calmed her mind, closing her eyes and feeling the water that had cocooned her in every single direction she was surrounded in right now. She knew before something could happen to her, Damien would be there to save her which was why she had to stay calm. After taking swimming lessons in the water, Penny was much more confident than before. 

The level of the sea had risen and the surface of the water was never still as it kept ripping with waves one after another.

And this time, she didn't have the difficulty anymore to breathe in the water. It was as if the water was air to her. 

Damien's eyes looked in surprise when the water around her had stopped moving and had suddenly turned still. It was as if there was nothing to move it. 

"Looks like she is able to harness some of the ability," he said, his eyes still stuck on the girl who had fallen in the sea. 

"She is a fast learner. My brother was something similar to that but his ability never pushed through until the very end of when he had almost given up," Caitlin said with her own eyes trained in looking down at the still water. 

Penny, who was in the water, moved her hands, creating motion as she chanted the spells that she had been reading for days now. She could finally breathe in here which meant her ability was working. She moved her hands in the way she had seen the wind bearer had done, staying there for so long as she could finally make a movement in there. 

She raised herself in the water without needing to swim right now. She looked up at Damien, smiling at him and he smiled back. 

Penny wondered if she could raise herself without having to walk all the way up the mansion or without Damien's help. When she moved her hands along with her mind, she felt the wind touching her skin. Her body was being pulled by the element. Moving up inch by inch before she placed herself back on the flat railings with water that dripped down her body turning the place wet. 

"Congratulations on the activation of your elements, Penelope. Now that you have opened the doors to it. You should be able to use it with ease," Caitlin smiled, helping her step down from the railings. 

"Thank you for helping me," Penny said looking at her aunt. If it weren't for her she would have still been stuck trying to understand how the elements worked. 

"You must be tired," the woman said and Penny shook her head. 

"I am not ti…" before Penny could complete her sentence, she fell unconscious. 

"What happened?" Damien asked, holding the girl in his arms in time. 

"She opened her body and soul to make use of the ability. It is just the first time. She will be fine with a goodnight rest."

"Will it happen every time she makes use of her ability?" Damien asked the white witch. 

Caitlin could see how much the man cared for her niece, "No, this would be the only time."

Damien gave her a nod and just when Caitlin was about to open the door by going inside the room, she saw Damien disappear along with Penny that had the woman blink at the empty space before looking around to see the couple gone from her room. Who knew that Damien Quinn was gifted too, thought the white witch before she closed the doors of the patio getting ready to sleep. 

When the time of morning arrived, Penny woke up to looking at the ceiling slightly confused with her head feeling slightly mushed up. She looked down at her clothes to notice Damien had changed her clothes. It felt as if she had been so tired suddenly and her eyes that dimmed down to put her to sleep. 

She could hear the sound in the bathroom to indicate Damien was in there.

"Good morning. How do you feel?" Damien greeted her by coming out of the bath where he was already wearing fresh clothes. 

"My muscles feel sore but the rest is alright," she replied, watching him walk around the room to pick up his coat. 

Coming to her, he leaned forward and Penny reached for him to share a kiss, "Your aunt said that the body exhaustion is common when you open the ability for the first time. How was it yesterday?" he asked her, his eyes curiously looking at her as he sat down next to her. 

"It was amazing. I don't think I have ever felt like that ever before."

"I don't think I have seen anyone fly with a surface of the water beneath their feet," he said, that had Penny smiling, "You did look cool last night. Like a Goddess. Do you want to try it again?" he asked her to see her quickly nod.

Standing up, Damien went to the table to pour a glass of water from the jug, "Here you go, milady." 

Penny placed the water on her lap and all she had to do was swish her hand that raised the water up from the glass as if it were conflicting with the theory of gravitation. She had to stretch her hand to have the water being pulled up in the air before letting her hand down slowly to see the water go back into the glass. 

"A little more practice and you will have nothing to worry about. I did end up with an amazing woman as I thought," he leaned again this time to kiss her cheek that had Penny blush over his compliment. 

"I am going to the council to speak to our favorite person to see how she is doing and if she's willing to speak today. Stay here," Damien said before adding, "Wait for me if you're leaving the mansion, okay?" 

Penny knew he meant she couldn't go searching for Durik all alone, "Promise me," she heard him say, his eyes slightly narrowed as they looked at her bright green eyes. 

"I promise."

"Good girl," he praised her, making her feel like a child. Why was it so good to hear him praise her? Especially when he used the phrase like 'good girl'?

There were times where his scoldings sounded very endearing to her ears. The man was always insulting others without being rude that made Penny smile over it. 

"Why do you call people peasants?" she asked him. 

"Because I am superior to them?" what a simple answer thought Penny to herself. 

"Why do you call me mouse?"

"Because after we officially met, you were trying to run away from me even with the shackles that connect on both sides of your legs," Penny smiled awkwardly over those days. She wondered if Damien found it to be stupid, "I thought it was quite. Made it look like you were a duck."

Remembering about the same day, she complained, "You didn't feed me food when you knew I was hungry." 

"Ah, about that. There had been rumors that the town there had been serving something in their food which was affecting humans. As you know, pureblooded vampires are immune to almost a lot of things. I didn't want you falling sick or dying on me the very first day," he answered before standing up from the bed and pulling her along with him. 

Frowning at him, she asked, "Why didn't you tell me about it?"

"I thought it was cute to see you torture like that," he grinned before saying, "Get ready. I would like to spend some more time with you at breakfast." 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》