Young master Damien's pet
706 Reason- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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706 Reason- Part 1

When the time of night arrived where the clouds had made way to the moon for a rare moment before they hid it behind them with the wind breezing through and the tide of the water that had increased because of nature's pull, Caitlin sat in front of the fire staring at it. 

The clock had struck twelve and this was an hour where everyone had gone to sleep or were already sleeping. 

Hearing the knock on the door, she stood up and walked towards the door to open it. 

When she pulled the door open, she saw Penny who stood at the front of the door and behind her stood Damien. The woman couldn't stop herself from internally smiling and she let them inside the room.

"Good midnight, Caitlin," Damien wished the woman. 

"Good midnight, Damien," Caitlin closed the door once the couple were in, "Good that you are here. If Penny is not able to swim once she gets in the water then you can be her living saving boat." 

"Why night though?" Damien asked, his eyes moving around the room, "There are other cliffs if she needs to jump."

"Night because there's the moon that has been coming and going. It will help her kickstart the ability compared to the time of the morning," Caitlin answered her. 

"I think this is the safest water right now because the others I am not sure if they are contaminated," the older witch was speaking about the time when they had found one of village contaminated that was under the spell of the witches. In the end, it was Elliot and Slyvia who had made use of potions to stop the air from polluting the sense. 

Damien feeling satisfied with the answer said, "Alright. I am the spectator and lifeboat. You women can carry on," he let them start. 

Caitlin turned to her niece to say, "Okay. We are going to do this only once because the water is way too cold right now. Also, we don't know if it's going to rain now or later," the sound of the thunder could be heard coming from outside. 

Penny gave her a nod while keeping her as awake as she could to hear Caitlin say, "Your father kept jumping one after another, and I would like to say that it was something he could do not because he gave up but because he didn't stop believing in himself. Use the spells that were there in the book. Sometimes the body needs to feel the pressure of being under threat for it show up."

Who knew that harnessing the elemental ability was going to be this difficult. As cooly and easily the wind bearer had used his ability in front of her, it had appeared to be a walk in the meadow but it wasn't so. 

Penny walked near the patio that was left open for her. Caitlin and Damien followed right behind her. Truthfully no one knew what exactly to do and this was more like testing if it would work. The wind was high in the atmosphere and the water below, she could hear the constant sloshing sound of it hitting the walls of the mansion from outside. 

She had braided her hair tight enough so that her hair wouldn't be all over the place but because of the constant movement of the wind, some of her hair did come out. 

"All the best," Caitlin wished her. 

Penny wondered how effective this would be. Caitlin had told her that it had taken her father nearly a year to harness the energy to be able to make use of it and she was only on her first try. 

With that thought, she moved forward. Her bare feet walked and made its way near to the railings and she placed her hands on it. Taking a deep breath, she gulped before climbing up on the platform. She was more than nervous right now. 

Penelope stood tall, balancing her feet on the thin top edges of the rail that was built with a flat surface. She looked at the sea that looked quite energetic at the moment. Turning around, her eyes met Caitlin's at first, and then it met Damien's who stared back at her. 

She could feel her heart beating and when she turned back to look at what was in front of her, Penny could feel the chill water that was below her. She calmed herself at first. Taking in deep breaths in and out. The wind bearer had told her to believe in herself. 

She knew she had already been gifted with the elements. All she had to do was to make use of what was there. 

"Don't help her for a few seconds, Damien. She will need to learn," Caitlin informed Damien in a soft voice that Penny didn't hear. 

The fear was slowly creeping into her legs and she could barely keep it still. Before she could feel she couldn't do it, in the split-second, Penny took a step forward that had no ground below her to support. She let the weight pull her and she started to fall down from the patio towards the sea. 

Penny closed her eyes, not thinking about falling into water or not thinking about the cold water that was going to be ice cold. She could feel the wind but apart from it, there was some kind of tremor that she could feel all over her body as if the air was circulating her. And soon she fell into the water. The water pulled her down and her eyes opened to see the water that appeared slightly dark but she could still see things around her with a bit of blur because of the water that stung her eyes. 

Penny splashed her hands around her that moved slowly as she moved in the water. She moved her hand until she tried to calm her mind still but keeping still was hard as the water level was too high for her to come out from and she didn't know how long she would be able to sustain in here. 

She moved her hands before stopping herself as the more she tried, the more difficult it was to see anything clearly. Instead of moving anymore, she let herself sink to the bottom of the sea. 

Damien and Caitlin had moved towards the edge of the rails to look at Penny who had fallen into the water. Clearly the wind element didn't work and they hadn't expected it to work but they were hoping for Penny to be able to feel something out of it, at least a spark so that she would be able to know how to proceed after this. 

Damien saw Penny struggling in the water at first and he could feel the agitation that was not coming just from Penny but also from his very own mind seeing her in there as she moved her hands and legs but he waited for her while keeping his mind in tune with her emotions. 

And then she stopped.

"She needs to calm down and let the ability take over, letting it into her body. To believe is to live with it," said Caitlin with her hands clutching on to the railings. 

"Let's hope she doesn't pass out," Damien commented. 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》