Young master Damien's pet
705 The wait- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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705 The wait- Part 3

On their way back to the mansion, the air that was gusting around them, moving in a quick speed had their clothes fly and move in different directions every few seconds. Caitlin asked her, 

"Were you able to charge control to your elements?" 

"Nothing at all. I feel like they don't react or respond. I have tried my best but it seems like I am running in circles without any direction," Penny gave a queasy smile over the fact that she wasn't able to control them. 

"You know, sometimes books don't help. You need practical demonstration." 

"But I have no one to teach me. I checked with the people in the church and the only person who had the elemental ability now resides in Wovile." Penny wondered if she should call the water element but knowing the woman, she would glare and snap at her. 

Caitlin gave some thought on it and then she said, "Though I didn't take an interest when it came to finding out about the elements or with the white magic, it didn't stop your father from learning it." 

"He had the elements?" Penny was happy hearing this. To think that out of the few rare people in the world of white witches, her father had acquired the ability. 

"Mhmm, he had the wind element. Like you, he didn't summon but was the ability was gifted to him without needing to call the wind bearer," her aunt said and continued to tell what she knew, "And like you and many other wind witches, he had trouble understanding and learning it."

"How did he learn it then?" she asked her curiously. 

"Would you laugh if I said he jumped off the cliff several times into the water until he learned it?" Penny didn't know what to think about this, "Of course, it is another matter that he kept getting hurt. This was when he was around your age."

Her father was young then, thought Penny to herself, "When was he able to control it?" 

"Probably a year after he was gifted," hearing this, Penny's shoulders slumped. One year was too far. Even a month was long and she didn't know if she would be able to find it. 

"Don't give up, Penelope. What worked for him might work for you or it might not work for you. How about you meet me at the time of one at night. We will see how to fix it."

"Thank you, Caitlin," Penny was glad to have Caitlin with her who was trying to encourage her while also trying to cheer her up. 

When the time of evening arrived, Damien was yet to come back home and Penny continued to put her efforts with a piece of paper as well as a glass of water that didn't bother to move. 

Penny was glaring at the glass of water and broke her concentration when Damien suddenly appeared in the room with the help of his transporting skills. Damien walked towards her to leave a kiss on her cheek,

"What a hard working mouse I have," he praised her knowing she had been staring at the glass of water for some days now. If she said she was having the dream of glasses of water he wouldn't be surprised.

"Damien, I went to meet Piers today," she informed him. 

"What was it about?" he asked her. 

"There's a locator spell though it isn't that effective, it still works and we should be able to find the butler by that."

"If it is going to work, sure, go ahead with it," Damien replied in a nonchalant voice, "Poot Durik," he chuckled at the thought of how the butler was living his life as a toad, "You know if people are disobeying you can always swish your hand turn them to a toad and turn them back. If they threaten you, you turn them to a toad again." 

The things Damien was teaching her, thought Penny to herself, "I will keep that in mind," she replied to him before remembering what he said last night about the council, "How did things go? Did you find anything?"

"They are in the cell rooms right now. There will be some more interrogation before they will be silenced. Ava isn't speaking about the witches but she must have made a list and we were waiting for the list to come up so that we could find them one by one. But how will the names help? Have you met the witch hunters before?" she asked him.

"Not all of them but we will have Kreme and the others draw on how they look. It will be easier that way. Once we find the list some of us will be going there."

"I want to come too," Penny quickly said, not wanting to be left behind. 

Damien came to her, placing his hand on the top of her head, "Wouldn't have it any other way," letting go of her head he then said, "According to what Ava said, the black witches are going to act soon and there might be another mass killing that will unlock the black magic on all the lands for all the black witches. I need you there to close the magic back to its place." 

Penny nodded her head. She already had the spell. The only thing was to wait for the right time so that she would cast the spell to send the black magic to where it had been hidden and placed out of reach. 

"We don't know when we'll have the list but it shouldn't be too long," said Damien to her. 

"How was she?" For a person who had never seen the court meeting or the woman, she couldn't help but ask more. 

"Stubborn. She believes the black witches will prevail in their ritual this time but there's nothing a toe extraction can't do. There are some who feel guilty and while there are others who don't acknowledge the guilt that they have done wrong. It is difficult to punish the latter. The black witches, they have brainwashed the humans some of the night creatures for so many years that it is difficult to make people listen right now. She will be executed along with another man, it would set an example of what can happen to the people who stray too far away from the path. The council is not forgiving when it comes to the witches in general."

Two nights ago when Damien had returned back late home, he had told her that he had been to Evelyn's home as she was also a person who was being used by the elder council. If everything had gone well, it meant the vampiress had sided with Damien and truth. 

She didn't go to ask about her and she dropped the conversation there. 

"Caitlin mentioned about my father having the wind element," she said to him, "It seems he was having similar problems."

"Was he able to acquire it?" she gave him a nod to his question, "How?"

"By falling off the cliff."

Damien who had turned his back on her while going through his clothes turned the upper half of himself to look at her, "I am intrigued. Tell me more about it." 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》