Young master Damien's pet
702 The end of Meeting- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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702 The end of Meeting- Part 2

Nicholas who had been sitting in front of the meeting, watching Damien play cat and mouse with the old woman who had been working for the council before he had even joined this place here. He was surprised that there was more than one rat in the council, the first one being Creed. His anger had not dissipated yet over the loss and grief that he had experienced weeks ago. 

One man's envy and revenge had turned like a domino effect where he lost the remaining people who he had come to care for. His chest felt empty at the thought of it. 

One mistake of poison and it had led to many people giving up their lives. 

He looked at the woman who stood stubbornly without answering the questions that were asked for clarifying it. Nicholas was a patient man but he wasn't patient enough right now with how everything had turned out to be. The damage that had taken place could have been reduced. 

The memory was still colorful as he remembered the time when one of his ghouls had arrived to let him know about Vivian's health, on how it was deteriorating quickly. If the black witches didn't hold the massacre for the sacrificial ritual, Leonard wouldn't have had to go through the pain to see the woman he loved to be gone before he arrived at the scene. 

The towns that were rebuilt were none other than this woman's doing and he couldn't tell how much he wanted to see her and the others punished. 

"Pardon me, milord. I don't understand…" Councilwoman Ava could feel the acid in her mouth when 

"You killed the white witch because she wasn't ready to help you," said Lord Nicholas to the woman who clutched her hands that were either side of her body, "You slit her throat and saw her die in front of you but that wasn't enough. You took her to the nearest town and then set her on fire in the name of helping the other villagers."

Nicholas wasn't there but his ghoul was there, watching over the event that took place before it came to let him know. The only reason she was still alive was that there were a lot of links that needed to be connected. 

But right now, it seemed like the councilman who stood at the front had figured out most of the things, therefore, he didn't see the point of keeping her anymore. 

"She was a good witch, councilwoman Ava. Why did you kill her? You do know your odds are not looking good right now because killing a good witch while taking the help of a black witch. It doesn't portray you in a good light."

The woman wanted to say no but she couldn't right now. She had been framed and found out with proof in a way that she couldn't get out of it. 

"The document that was filed by the magistrate over the account of the white witch being killed has been submitted already to prove that the event did take place and the magistrate has signed that it was done under your supervision," Damien said to the woman, "Guards!" he called the men who were waiting to take the woman away from here so that she could be locked. 

"I haven't done anything wrong!" she finally felt the panicking rising in her body after she saw the guards come to get her.

She could feel her heart pounding in her chest while not knowing what she did wrong that had her put her in such a fix in front of the whole council. Being part of the elder council where she had been respected all these years, she couldn't believe that she was being shamed right now. She could see the look in everyone's eyes, the way they looked at her in contempt and some in disgust.

Like any other human, she stumbled to say, "Even Krane was involved in it!" another human tendency which was to bring another person down when they were drowning in the boat. 

"I don't think we need to screen through Councilman Krane as we have enough for him to be put directly in the cell room. Have both of them taken to the cell room and the further interrogation will be done there," Damien ordered and the guardsmen took both the elders away from the room as the room broke into a loud chatter. 

Damien turned around to share a look with Reuben who finally addressed the people in the room, "We would like everyone to not take this discussion out of this room and not breathe a word about it until we find out who else needs to be nabbed," the murmur slightly reduced but never stopped the people from talking in surprise on what just happened and how shocking they found that a woman who was as respectable as her had done something ill, "The meeting is dismissed." 

People began to leave the room, leaving only Rueben and Damien back and Damien said,

"You wouldn't mind if I spoke to the woman do you?"

"Do anything you want apart from killing her. Well done, Damien. The interrogation went smoother than I thought," saying this, Reuben walked out of the room. 

Kreme who had been waiting for Damien outside the room saw the head council step out and he quickly made his way back to where his senior was, "Will they be getting punished?" Kreme asked in curiosity. 

"Yes. We need to get the answers out from them. We already know the black witches are stringing all these things and the humans are merely puppets. We need the information and the list. A search will be done in their rooms to find anything important," Damien had started to walk and Kreme soon followed him. 

"When might we be searching the witch hunters?" he asked and his question suddenly changed to, "Did you tell Lord Nicholas about what I saw?"

"The man happened to know without any of us telling him," Damien muttered under his breath, "Anyways. I have some paperwork waiting for you in the room. I will be heading to the cell room."

Damien made his way from one building to another building. Stepping inside, he walked up the stairs and then saw the guards who had pushed the humans into the cell room. 

When the guards walked past him, he walked towards the cell room to look at the human female who stood against the wall.

"How does it feel to be on the other side of the cell?" he asked her. 

The woman glared at him, "It is just a matter of time that you will be here and I will be out mocking you the way you are doing."

"You should question if you will still be alive to watch it, Ava."

She gave him a scornful look, "In less than a few days the black magic will be available and you will be surprised to see who rises up in the hierarchy and who falls down."

"You are very positive about it," he commented, looking at her through the gaps of the iron bars. 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》