Young master Damien's pet
690 Realisation- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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690 Realisation- Part 3

She stared at the water droplets that were ascending down from the heavens. It felt one after another in slow motion, one of them falling right on her cheek that didn't slide down but splashed on her skin. 

The realization hit her, the thoughts and events sinking in. Looking at her aunt, she said, "I need to be somewhere," her words came out to be in a whisper which Caitlin frowned as she wasn't able to hear what Penny just said to her over the sounds of the wind that was breezing around them and the trees in the forest moving their branches to rub the leaves against each other. 

Penny didn't know why she hadn't realized this before but now that she did, she had to leave right away. She ran towards the shed where the carriage was parked. Asking the coachman to pull as she wanted to go somewhere. The coachman looked at the dire weather which was only going to turn worse in time but obeyed the lady's words. Pulling the carriage with the help of the horses, Penny stepped inside it. 

"Where are you going?" Caitlin asked, slightly alarmed as Penny had suddenly decided to leave the mansion to go somewhere at a spur of the moment. 

"Would you like to come?" Penny asked in haste, the door was still opened and Caitlin stepped into the carriage. If there were some things she had learned about her niece it was that the girl could be reckless at times. Being the only guardian, the woman took it upon her to look after her. 

The coachman started the carriage and went to the place Penny had asked him to go to. 

Caitlin gave the minutes Penny needed as she appeared to be slightly agitated and worried. The carriage was pulled over at the village where Penny and her mother once used to reside in. As it had started to rain, most of the villagers had started to see themselves back into their house or to find shelter before the rain would continue to start pouring down on the lands of Bonelake. 

"Stop the carriage right here!" Penny said to the coachman who pulled over a large tree and a small building that provided the shelter he would need until she would return back. Not waiting for the man to open the door, she quickly opened the carriage door and jumped out of it to be followed by Caitlin. 

Penny ran into the forest that stood adjacent to the village. Passing the trees one after another where the rain had started to increase making her wipe her face every once in a while as the droplets sat heavy over her lashes before dripping down her face. When Penny made her way into the heart of the rest, her footsteps stopped while Caitlin was still following her who had worn a dress, unlike Penny's clothes. 

In the middle sat a man who wore white clothes. Almost blending in the atmosphere and the rain that was falling pouring down right now. Penny could feel her heart beating rapidly in her chest right now. Her chest heaving up and down as she had run from the outline of the village to finally meet the person she had been wanting to all these weeks. 

The wind bearer. 

As the man had appeared from her erased memory, her memory wasn't clear and she had missed his words. Was it possible that the man had been waiting for since the day he had told he would be waiting for her? 

Her footsteps were quiet on the ground as she made her way towards where he sat.

Going to where he was, she saw how his clothes were wet and his hair drenched that was stuck to his forehead whilst he sat there with his closed eyes. The clouds rumbled up in the sky. 

As if sensing her presence, the man opened his gold-colored eyes to look up at her, "You are finally here," his eyes looked sleepy just like the first time she had seen it. His words were gentle yet Penny heard him clearly, "That was quite a long wait."

Penny couldn't believe it had taken her this long to realize his words. Both she and Damien knew something was wrong as the water elemental bearer had refused to give her the powers. 

"How long have you been waiting here?" Penny asked him. She bowed her head in apology, the drops of rain that had drenched her from head to toe, it slid and dropped down on the ground. She noticed how he was sitting on a tree that had been but close to its roots. 

"Since I last met you. I knew you would be late and decided to take a nap whilst I waited for you," saying this, he stood up, his height towering above her and she had to take two steps away from him so that she couldn't have to crane her neck up to look at him. 

Penny didn't understand why the wind element had been waiting for her and he could have gone on his way without having to wait for her when she didn't mark her presence the next day, "Elements appear only when they are summoned."

"Some appear and some don't," even in the rain, his gold eyes were too bright that stood out in his face, "Two elements come only when they are summoned and two elements do what we wish without any obligations. If you look at the past you will find a lot of water and land elemental witches while very few fire and wind elements. The later of us don't like to give people what they want."

Penny didn't know how to respond to this. She was still overwhelmed with the thought that she had finally figured where he was. She wondered if he was a lazy elemental bearer, "I apologize for making you wait," the elemental bearer didn't react to her words, "You could have given me the element back then. Why didn't you?" she asked him curiously as it was something that had been bugging her mind for a while. 

"You weren't ready back then," his gold eyes stared into her green eyes, "It would be a waste to give you something you wouldn't be able to keep. You appear to be in a better condition than you were in the past. It is up to you if you want to take the ability or not."

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    《Young master Damien's pet》