Young master Damien's pet
673 Toad“s day out- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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673 Toad“s day out- Part 3

While Robarte and Grace walked through the streets of the black market, discussing their plan, Durik who was still in the bag of Lady Grace had heard things in a muffled tone as the market was too loud with a lot of people making noise that made it difficult for him to listen to their conversation properly but he had heard some things that appeared to involve Lady Penelope who Lady Grace was trying to push the girl to this unknown man who Durik wasn't aware of. 

Durik in the bag tried to keep himself in place but with the back and forth movement of the bag, it was hard to keep still but move. He had tried to catch hold of the man every time Lady Grace had addressed but the name came out to be rather muffled. 

Finally, when Lady Grace had stopped walking, he heard the name 'Ververte'. It made Durik wonder what kind of name this was as it was the first time he had heard. Maybe it was a pureblooded vampire. Pureblooded vampires were not only strange but they also kept strange names along with their odd family names. 

The butler now knew that Lady Grace was indeed faking a few hours ago when she was speaking to Lady Penelope with false pretense. She was going to put the girl in grave danger and he had to let the master or the lady know about it. 

Lady Penelope might have been the reason why he was in this form but with what he had heard from her mouth, it appeared that she wanted him to turn back to his vampire self and not to be forever stuck as a toad. Not only that, compared to the rest of the family members of the Quinn, but this lady also appeared to be one of the sanest and it made him wonder if it was because she was a white witch. 

Personally, it was the first time for Durik to interact with a white witch and he had been surprised when the lady had freely put her trust in him. Did she not worry about her life? Giving out information to him as if he would never cough out who she was? Lady Penelope had promised to give him the freedom he had been craving, away from the chains of Quinn's family and butler duties. 

But for that, first, he had to turn back from being this gross creature!

Durik decided it was time to jump and find his way back to the mansion. He did know the direction back home as he had traveled from here to the mansion. All he needed to do now was jump out of Lady Grace's bag so that he could be on his way. 

But the butler's luck was so bad that just when he had decided to jump when there was a gap above him in the bag, Grace at the very same time opened the bag to get something from it and she caught sight of the slimy creature that was sitting in the corner of her bag. 

Grace's eyes widened and her hand that had touched the toad's front, she quickly dropped the bag with a screech, "Ahh!" 

"What happened?" asked the vampire in concern when he heard Grace scream and throw her bag down on the ground. Something moved inside the bag before a toad came out and started to make its way away from the couple it had been traveling and accompanying all this while. 

When Robarte got ready to chase the frog, Grace held the vampire's hand immediately and asked him, "Where are you going?" she had almost had her heart slip out of her chest and her hand felt icky. 

"The toad," Robarte said looking in the way it had gone. 

"Leave it be. I don't know why but my luck today has been really worse with these little things," Grace complained. She wiped her hand using her delicate kerchief, wiping finger by finger before throwing the kerchief as she didn't want to carry the dirty cloth along with her. 

Robarte still stared at the toad and he turned to question Grace, "What do you mean little things?"

"There was another toad that had entered the house. I don't know," Grace shivered thinking about the creature. She wanted to barf right now when she realized she had been carrying the bag all the time with the toad in it, "I should ask my butler to disinfect the land to make sure we don't have these things running around in the mansion." 

Robarte shifted his gaze from the vampiress back to the crowd, looking at the ground as far as his eyes could reach but the toad had disappeared away from sight with the number of people who walked everywhere without a sense of direction. 

The man then turned to look at the wall clock to notice the time, "You should get going, Lady Grace," he said to her, "I will see you tomorrow. Let me see you to your carriage."

Like a gentleman would, the man walked Grace back to her carriage that was stationed at the front of the Isle Valley. 

"Do you have some work here?" Grace asked the man before she could step into the carriage. It was hard to read a man like him who barely changed his expression from the one he carried. 

Robarte gave her a smile, "Just a few things I need to check before I head back home. What time might you be here?" he asked once she was in and the door was shut to have her put her head out of the little window of the carriage. 

"Is noon fine?" the vampiress looked down at him to have him nod. 

"Have a safe trip back home, Lady Grace," Robarte didn't wave his hand and instead only offered a smile to her, seeing the carriage pick up the wet mud from the ground as it drifted further and further away, he turned around. 

Moving from the Isle Valley to the Black Market in search of something that had caught his eyes earlier. Robarte didn't know why but since the time his eyes had fallen on the toad, it had appeared to be strange, and right now he wanted to find it. 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》