Young master Damien's pet
671 Toad“s day out- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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671 Toad“s day out- Part 1

Going back to the room, Penny started to go through the book spells, moving one page after another as she didn't remember if there was a reversal spell present in here. To undo a spell which was cast, she doubted herself that she had gone through it before. 

Every once in a while, Penny would walk towards the windows to see if she could spot a toad but she couldn't. She had to make sure to return the butler's life to normal as she was feeling guilty about it. 

While Penny was trying to find out the spell, the butler who had turned to the slimy creature ran for his life around the mansion after being chased by the maids and Lady Grace as if he were some kind of pest who was not supposed to be there. Still getting a hang of how to move with these awkward legs, Durik hopped one movement after another while taking a pause to make sure there was no one to chase him. 

Taking a break from the running, he went towards a rock that stood above the grass and flowers. Perching himself, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't remember when the last time he had to run so much and to think it was only from the distance from the hall to out in the garden, he didn't know if he had to feel proud or shameful over it. 

If he knew he was going to turn to a toad, Durik would have never agreed to it. The world right now looked bleak, for someone who had got accustomed to working day and night as the butler by keeping himself busy all the time, right now he could do nothing but watch at the mansion that looked nothing less to the world of hell from his little size. 

He sat there for hours and as he did, he spent his time reminiscing his old life when he was still a human and not a half-vampire. Things were dire but they were also easy back then. Since he had been assigned as the butler of Quinn's mansion, his life had been nothing short of tossing it to the sea. He had come across family debates which were part of the everyday routine, he had met a ghost and now he had turned to something he would have laughed if they told he was going to turn to a toad. 

"Why?" he whined, which came out as a croak. 

After spending hours there, he fell asleep in the rock and then woke up to go back to the mansion to see if he could get back inside to where Lady Penelope was. Who knew that the lady was a white witch, thought Durik to himself. 

If Master Damien was already aware of it, then it meant the white witch was good?

Jumping from one side to another he finally got inside the mansion through the front door again. 

This time, he had to move stealthily. As everything appeared big in his vision, it took Durik some time to understand where he was going. Then he heard vibrations on the floor and for a few seconds he was sure it was an earthquake and when the shoes came into the picture. He quickly looked left and right before finding a bag that was placed to lean against the wall. 

"Did you get the paints I asked for?" it was none other than the vampiress who had spotted him earlier. Durik could feel a nervous breakdown of wanting to escape from here before more vases would be thrown at him. 

"Yes, milady. They were brought in yesterday and have been placed in the painting room," answered the maid bowing her head. 

"Hmm. Where is the butler?" Grace asked the maid who was following behind the vampiress closely. 

Not knowing what else to do, Durik quickly hopped close to the bag and jumped into it. All he had to do was hide right here now. Once they would walk past him, he would have to hop himself up the stairs. 

With that thought, Durik stayed calm and unmoving but who knew his luck would be so bad that the bag he had hopped in was Grace's bag which she lifted up in her arms and started to walk with it outside the carriage. 

You must be joking! Durik had apparently signed his death certificate this morning before he woke up from his sleep. Maybe this was all the life span he had because if Lady Grace put her hand in the back to search what was in here and would touch him, it would not be just her but also him who would be screaming or croaking. 

Durik could feel the bag move back and forth as the vampiress started to move and feeling the sudden swing, he could only imagine that she had stepped on to the carriage. 

"Tell mother I will be late and not to wait for me."

"Yes, Lady Grace," the maid bowed her head again and waited for the carriage to start. When the carriage started, Grace tapped on the glass that was behind the coachman to say, "Take me to Isle Valley," and she moved back to sit comfortably. 

Durik didn't know what to do but panic while sitting in the bag. Just when he was about to croak, the butler had to hold his breath to stop himself from making his presence known to the young vampiress. At one point, he wondered what was the worst thing that could happen? He would either be thrown outside or would be killed. 

When they finally reached the Isle Valley, the coachman pulled the reins of the horses that had the two horses halt their steps from moving any further. The coachman jumped down and went to open the door for the lady who stepped down. 

"Wait for me right here," Grace didn't wait for the response of the coachman and she walked away from the carriage to step into the streets of the Isle Valley. With her chest puffed forward, she walked with Grace and with elegance after all she was a Quinn. A pureblooded vampiress. People who knew her bowed at her sight and Grace fluttered her lashes giving them smiles to let them know she was the sweetest vampiress out there. 

When she put her hand inside the bag to pull the pocket watch, Durik almost passed away as he was mentally preparing himself to jump out of her bag. When she heard the bell ring in the tower she noticed the wall clock and let go of her hand. 

"Good evening, Lady Grace," she heard a man greet behind her, and Grace turned around, a smile forming on her lips. 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》