Young master Damien's pet
664 Give and take- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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664 Give and take- Part 2

When the morning broke into the sky, for once after many months the sky started to clear out which was a rare sight for the people of Bonelake to witness. With different colors in the sky that started with pink, purple, and orange before turning to the color of blue, the sun rays hit the land of the East. Letting the trees and the rest of nature bask in the glory of the rare light which was being given to them. 

The birds flew from one direction to another, flapping their wings in a group before moving to another end of the world a person couldn't follow with their mere eyes. 

Penelope woke up with a smile on her face when she caught sight of Damien's face in front of her. As the light on the land, seeing Damien sleep was a rare thing to behold and Penny stared at Damien. Catching sight of how he breathed in silence with his eyes closed and lips slightly parted. 

She had the sudden urge to touch him but touching him right now while he was still sleeping would mean waking him up from his sleep which she didn't want to do. How many times did she catch him sleeping? Maybe this was the second time, thought Penny to herself. 

Unmovingly, she stared at his prince-like face who was a devil and a man who loved annoying every single person around him, and that included her. Maybe he annoyed her less as she was an exception and at that thought, she smiled again. 

She wondered why today was different compared to the other days. Was it because she was finally letting go of the doubts and pain she had carried for so long that she couldn't remember now. It could also be because she was so in love with this man who was asleep next to her that her heart felt full just by the sight of him. 

Today she was just happy to be where she was and hoped wherever her father was, he was doing well. One could only hope. There were times when she passed the cemetery that she wished she knew where her father's remnants were. If she knew she would have gone to visit him, to talk to him regularly. 

Very carefully, Penny slipped out of the bed to wash her face. 

Though she heard the sound of the birds chirping outside on the patio, Penny didn't dare to step outside. The voodoo magic was still there and she knew it. 

Damien had been teaching her every day when he found time on how to swim in the sea so that there would be fewer chances of her sinking down in the water bodies and even though she was slowly picking it up, she didn't want to risk something that could be prevented. 

After the time of breakfast, Damien departed to council duties while Penelope stayed behind in the mansion. When it was past noon before the time of lunch, Penny made her way to the kitchen to find Durik who was supervising the maids to complete their task as one of the dishes had fallen behind with respect to the time it had to be served. 

One of the maids who was twirling the spoon in the vessel caught sight of the former slave who had stepped into the kitchen room. The maid was the same person who had first spoken to her and had a difference. She couldn't believe the luck of the slave who had now turned to a lady who wore rich clothes and ate dinner at the table with the rest of the Quinn's. 

As much as the status started from the slave who was at the lowest hierarchy and then came the servants and the lower class of the society before moving up. The probability of one changing their status from being a slave was higher when compared to the servant or the humans. It was because the slaves were reached out more often than the servants while they held physical relationships to entice one another. 

Though the maid had spotted Penny standing at the door, she didn't bother to greet nor did she inform the butler of her presence. Ignoring her, she went on to cook and prepare what was asked from her. The servant had other things to do that entertain the slave girl who was also responsible for breaking Lady Grace's fangs. 

It was when another maid caught sight of Penny standing at the door did the butler catch the maid slacking, turning, he found it was Lady Penelope who stood there and he left whatever he was doing right away. 

"Lady Penelope," Durik bowed his head, wondering how long had she been standing here at the front of the kitchen, "Is there something you are looking for?" he asked her. 

Penny nodded her head, ignoring the stares of the servant girls she had accustomed herself to, she said, "I need you to pack a lunch for two people."

"Would you want it to be done now?" the butler confirmed to have her nod again. 

"Yes, that would be very much appreciated," she said. 

"I will have them prepared right away. Do you have any specifics-"

"Just what is there here in the kitchen that is prepared will do," Penny answered him with a smile, "I will be in the hallway," saying this, she left the kitchen room to have the butler bow at her again. 

Durik didn't question where the lady was going but he guessed she was going out on a picnic in the forest with her friend who had joined the mansion a few weeks ago. Bringing containers he started to add the food which was prepared once after another and when he saw how a maid had stopped moving her hand to stare at the empty space in front of her, he said,

"Do you think the dessert is going to be prepared by you staring at the wall?" he questioned the maid to see her start moving her hand right away. Though Durik was scared of ghosts and the members of Quinn's family, he was a strict butler or tried to be strict with the servants. 

The servants got back to their work while he finished assorting the food into the containers. Once the lunch box was prepared, Durik went out of the kitchen with it. 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》