Young master Damien's pet
645 Burning forest- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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645 Burning forest- Part 2

She didn't know if she should pity the girl or go to attack her right away. With the way she was speaking confidently, Penny knew she was the one who was managing the group of black witchers here. 

"You are young to know about such things. Time doesn't guarantee the closeness or the amount of knowledge you have about a person," Penny knew this girl was crazy but she would be crazy enough to get into the council while also finishing off the ritual to unleash the locked magic of the black witch, the girl obviously needed another bottle on her head. 

Penny then continued to say, "It is never the matter of how long you have known but how much you have tried to understand," Damien had told it to the girl on her face on how Penny was his fiance yet this girl had the audacity to keep going on and on about it.

"Speak what you may but don't deny that my closeness bothered you. It did, right? The first time you met me in the market, don't you see?" Helen shrugged both her shoulders, "How about I make a favor to you? I would have spared your life earlier but when you have walked into the lair of a witch, how can I let you go? Once you are out of the portrait frame, I will finally have the attention I so deserve."

Penny sighed softly while the others suspected "Do you think I am a woman who will not put up a fight? You are the coward here and not me. I hope you get what you deserve."

Right after saying this, Helen looked at Penny in rage and shouted at the other witches, "Get them!" and so began the chase of the witches and the single vampire along with the rest who were fighting against each other. The witches as if on cue had their broomsticks ready and available at hand. They used it to fly and come close to the three people who were in three different directions while Helen stood with the human who was bound by hands, legs, and mouth covered to not utter a single word. 

Penny ran again in a zig-zag motion and having a black witch flying on the broom was much more difficult compared to the tentacle that had been attacking them before. The black witch maneuvered her way easily and Penny had to pull out the capsule that was still left in her pocket to throw it at the witcher. 

The capsule didn't launch right at the witch and instead collided with the tree to have another tree burning in fire. What people didn't notice was that during this chase, one tree after another was catching fire, burning itself, and the ones that were close around it. 

At one point, Penny lost her footing as the black witch used some spell to bring the roots of the tree above that held her foot fast and she fell flat on the ground. 

The impact of her body on the ground hurt and she groaned in pain. Turning around she tried to remove the creepers before pulling out a needle and pushing it into the root that took her quite some time as the root had a hard surface. 

After the needle was put in, the tree the roots belonged to suddenly withered and wilted away as if out of drought. 

The black witch seeing this stopped flying as Penny raised her hand by pulling the gun. The creature with the black scales stared at her, not knowing what else was stored with the white witch which was poisonous as she nor the other black witches had ever seen this before. 

Penny knew the black witch was being cautious and before Penny could do anything, the woman pulled out a voodoo doll from her pocket, seeing this, Penny wondered how it was going to end. Taking a step back, she stared at the black witch who muttered quick curses before twisting the arm of the doll but as expected, there was no effect on Penny. 

She didn't have the time to play like the black witches. While the black witch was still working on her voodoo doll, Penny pulled the trigger and the needle went right into the woman's neck and in less than ten seconds, the witch stopped moving to fall down on the floor of the ground. 

As the trees were thick and they were far away, Penny quickly scattered close to the witch, taking the voodoo doll from her nonexistent hand that had turned to dust. She brought the voodoo doll close to her nose, smelling the sticks to see how old they were and then breaking them into pieces to notice that it took a little more effort when it came to breaking the twigs which mean it wasn't old but a new one. 

Right now, what Penny didn't know was if the spell they had made us near the church had been successful or not. As she carried the leaves of rosemary, she didn't know if it was the one that had deflected it. 

When she heard the scream which was undoubtedly coming from Jera, Penny ran across the forest, her feet carrying her to the other side to see Jera who was lying on the ground. Penny raised her gun toward Helen who stood next to the other black witch. 

Helen had a voodoo doll in her hand, and before she could twist the doll which was obviously working, Penny shouted, 

"Stop it!" 

"She is of no use to me," Helen stated, "I have a human, a vampire, and the blood of two different witches running in you. This one is nothing but an unnecessary object. Why don't you drop your weapon and follow her? We need to start the ritual soon."

When Jera cried out in pain again, Penny didn't know what else to do, "Stop hurting her and I will go," Penny turned the gun to Helen. 


Hearing this, Penny dropped her gun and she started to walk behind the black witch, taking her where the human was tied. Helen saw how the girl was not moving and was stuck to the forest floor therefore she left the white witch and started to walk back into the open area where they would be performing the ritual. 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》