Young master Damien's pet
635 In the forest- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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635 In the forest- Part 3

In the beginning, Penny was worried about the girl as she was young and didn't know the entire background of what was going on unlike her but Sister Jera was a great company to have who kept chattering and speaking out her opinions as they tried to figure out who had placed the spell. Though on the downside when it came to figuring out who had placed the spell, they didn't know who the white witches were.

Thankfully the watch was still working and they noticed how time passed quickly that they had spent five hours in the mirroring box. It made Penny curious if someone had put the spell on just them or was it on every other person who was partaking in the exam. 

The weather was the same and unchanging and the ground was wet. 

Finally, Penny found something shine in the corner of her eyes and she stopped walking. 

Jera looked at Penny slightly confused when Penny turned her face to the side, "Did you find the crack?" there was a hint of excitement in the girl's voice. 

"It's somewhere here," Penny told the girl before going towards the trees she had caught little glimmer from. When she continued to move forward, there was nothing there but the air around her hands and her body that had her eyebrows draw together in concentration. 

The sky was cloudy therefore she guessed that the sun had peeked out for the briefest moment before hiding behind the clouds. Raising her hand she called,

"Light," and there was a ball of fire. Jera's eyes widened at the sight of it. 

"You are a fire element," the white witch commented.

"It's a spell. A handy one," Penny murmured before walking around with her hand placed in front of her. Finally, there was a glimmer and she said, "This is it! This is the crack we have been looking for," Penny couldn't believe they had finally found it, "We need something sharp to open it up."

"That won't be necessary. Move back, Lady Penelope," Sister Jera pulled out the capsules she had made. Moving back herself, "This should be enough," saying it, she threw the capsule that touched the surface of the ground to blast with fire in it. 

Suddenly with the impact of the fire on the crack, of the mirrored box they were in, the entire surrounding broke down like a glass that had encapsulated them. 

When both Penny and Sister Jera turned their heads around, they noticed they were not in a loop anymore as the sky was pouring with water and the clouds were thundering suddenly, bringing them back to the real forest. 

"We need to find a shelter," Penny shouted the words even though Sister Jera was standing next to her because the rain was numbing every other sound around them which made it difficult for them to hear anything. 

Not knowing if the girl heard her, Penny caught her hand and started to search for a possible tree that was large enough to shelter them. The atmosphere had turned considerably dark that made the sky look as if it was the hour of the night. And in the darkness of the forest stood a person behind a tree watching the two females making their way through the rain. 

On their way, the girls finally found the people who were standing under the trees. When they went close enough to share the space, the vampire who stood under it pulled the sword from his back. 

"I don't think he wants our company," Sister Jera shouted in the rain, "I have an idea! Come with me!" she said and Penny followed her. 

When they came to stand near a barren patch of land where there were fewer trees around, the white witch bent down and placed her hand. In a few seconds, the mud rose from the ground, higher and higher until it formed a half cave-like structure. They quickly stepped inside it to stop the rain from hitting them that had been pelting on their skin. 

Finding the black witches was not only difficult but it appeared to be impossible. Penny wondered why Damien had sent her here. Though he told her he wanted her to be the eyes and ears of this exam, she hadn't been able to accomplish anything so far. 

When they air breezed through both of them shivered, their skins raising up goosebumps. 

"What are we going to do, Lady Penelope?" asked Sister Jera who was now rubbing her hands. 

"We need to wait for the rain to stop and find the other white witches from the church. They must have seen something off if possible unless they are stuck in the mirroring box. Try to rest until then," Penny suggested as they had been walking for hours without a pause. Sister Jera nodded her head and went to the corner of the cave to stop the air from breezing where she was.

The rain took its own time to stop and when it did, they finally moved in search of the other white witches. Penny saw how some of the candidates were searching for the dead bodies that were in here as they walked by them.  

They were still walking when they heard a scream from a far distance that made the girls stop walking forward. The scream was of a woman that came from behind. They quickly ran towards the voice they heard and came upon to see some of the people who had gathered themselves in front of a tree. 

Helen stood at the front with a horrified expression on her face while the rest continued to stare at the tree with a shocked expression. 

Walking closer to it, Sister Jera gasped bringing her hands up to her mouth. Penny's eyes moved from the bark of the tree and up to see heads that were separated from the bodies stuck on to the tree-like some sort of fruit. 

Penny recognized the people there because some of them were the white witches they were looking for. The people who worked in the church.

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    《Young master Damien's pet》