Young master Damien's pet
631 Start of exams- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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631 Start of exams- Part 2

The day of the exam finally arrived which took place in less than two weeks. All the people who had come to attend the written papers stood outside the tall building which belonged to the council. Penny stood in the midst of the crowd with men and women who were mixed. She saw how there were humans and vampires, a few pureblooded vampires who had come to give the first exam. 

As her green eyes looked around the crowd, she heard Sister Jera who had accompanied her and stood next to her say,

"Lady Penelope, did you read all the books for the exam?" The girl appeared to be more worried about if she would pass the first exam or not. 

Penny shifted her eyes from the crowd to look at Sister Jera who appeared to be nervous as her feet tapped on the ground, "Most of it," she answered before saying, "I heard the exam is easy," she told this only to ease the girl's nerves but apparently someone or some people had been eavesdropping on them. 

"Easy?" came the remark behind them, "Do you think it's a walk in the meadow?"

Both Penny and Jera turned behind them to see three men and a girl who had passed the comment at them, the girl opened her mouth,

"I can already tell who will not be making through the first exam," the girl who was standing there was someone who Penny had already met in the land of Valeria.  


What was she doing here? Asked Penny to herself. 

Penny had told herself to maintain a low profile but after seeing this air-headed girl here, she wasn't too sure of herself if she would be able to stay quiet. 

"We meet again," Penny said with a small smile on her lips that didn't reach her eyes. If only she knew that this girl was coming, she would have brought a bunch of cockroaches to unleash on this girl, thought Penny to herself. Wait, there was something better. Right now there was a black witch in the mansion, and she could take his help when it came to the spells she wanted to learn. The spell to turn one to a toad. 

"What is a low life like you doing here?" Helen asked, pushing her waist to the side while she crossed her hand against her chest.

"Taking part in the exam of course unless you thought it was a place to hit on men who are already taken," Penny gave out a sweet smile to the younger human who huffed. 

"I thought it was what you thought but anyway. Try to fail gracefully if you're failing. A human with no knowledge of books on how to write or read who came from the slave background, I don't know what you were thinking," Helen commented, looking up and down her body at the new clothes that she wore. The girl wondered where Penelope got her clothes from as they looked so much better than the womanly dress she was wearing. 

"Did you say she was a slave?" asked one of the men. 

"Wait is she the one who broke the bottle on your head?" another asked, laughing about it before he quickly shut up when Helen glared at the man. 

"She isn't worth our time. Someone who is going to fail," said Helen, rolling her eyes she walked away from them leaving Penny and Jera standing there. 

Sister Jera who came from a lower background herself like Penelope, asked the lady, "Who was that?" 

"Someone I met in Valeria. Don't bother about her," Penny gave the girl a reassuring smile. They had other matters to look at right now than Penny involve herself with a love rivalry with the Petty human. 

As time passed by, the examinees were made to wait outside the building and the crowd only increased before the doors to the building opened. The doors that were made of iron creaked open loudly which stood at half the size of the building and in went people. There was a lot of murmuring and talking as they walked inside. 

It was only after they made their way inside did the people realize and notice that what they had been seeing all this while was only the tall walls and gates that appeared to look like a building from outside. 

As huge as it was outside, the inside was empty except for the number of chairs and desks that had been placed out in the open. 

"Take your seats," announced a man who stood at the front, and right away people started to scatter around as if there wouldn't be another seat available, "People don't have the seats at the back, please come to the front and occupy the space here."

Penny and Sister Jera had arrived together with some other white witches from the council but with everyone scattering around they were split up and ended up on the opposite sides of the room. 

When everyone was still getting settled in their seats, Penny noticed how there were many councilmen in this place. A minimum of at least ten was present in every corner of the dome-shaped building. 

A loud bell was heard and everyone looked at the councilman who stood at the front on the platform. He wore a monocle on one of his eyes as he looked at the below people him. With a staff in his hand, she said, 

"Welcome, to the fifty-ninth council exam. I am Lionel and will be the one invigilating your exam today," the man announced when everyone had quietened down. "The exam is divided into two categories where the first one will be the written exam. An exam to test your knowledge and how you would tackle various work tasks if you were given one. During this time, no cheating shall be entertained, which I doubt can be done. You will be removed and disqualified for the next two years. You will know about the exam if you pass the first one."

"Your questions have already been placed on your desk and you will have two hours to complete it. Once you're done, place it back on the desk and the councilmen will guide you out. Your time starts now!"

And the first exam of the council commenced which had a mix of all creatures in the room- humans, vampires and not to forget the witches for the very first time in the history who had taken deceiving different forms. 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》