Young master Damien's pet
616 Wake of morning- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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616 Wake of morning- Part 3

Penny kissed Damien with little kisses, her lips traveling down to his hard chest. Her hands trailed down his body as she continued to kiss her way down to hear him hum in appreciation. It elated her knowing that she was able to make him feel good as much as she felt and she wanted to do more. 

Penny slowly slid her hands towards his manhood, taking it in her hand that felt hot and hard. She was still learning and with a little tip from the theater, she tried to apply the same by leaning forward and licking the head of his manhood to hear him take a sharp intake of breath. 

Taking it as a good sign, she licked it again before taking it into her mouth. Moving her head up and down that made him groan. When she increased the pace by replacing with her hand Damien's hand shot forward to stop her from moving it any further so that he did not come before she did. 

Seeing the sly smile on her lips, he narrowed his eyes, "You naughty little mouse," he said, pulling her by her wrist. 

Penny looked at him curiously, making her come closer with both her legs resting on either side of his legs. 

"Today we are going to try something else," he said, his eyes were on her and he helped her get closer so close that she was in front of her face. Penny was still trying to understand what Damien had in his mind when she felt his fingers on her hot sex between her legs, "Stand still," came his hoarse order which was difficult to follow. Her legs kept quivering and she had to place both her hands on his shoulder. 

While Damien's fingers were busy pleasing her as he sat with his back leaning with a pillow behind his back, he leaned his head down to capture the tip of her breast. He sucked and bit on it while crying out his name. Her fingernails dug into his skin that was gripping on his shoulders. 

He let her nipple go with a pop and he also pulled out his fingers to position his manhood, "Breath, Penny," he said looking into her eyes. 

Penny hadn't lost the grip on Damien's shoulders and she descended down to feel Damien fill and open her up. All this time it was Damien who took the lead but today he was injured, of course, it was nothing to him but Penny didn't want his wound opening up. It took time for her to get used to the feeling as she felt fuller than before. Feeling every movement where Damien caught hold of her waist.

Damien moved at his own pace while moving her, maintaining the pace to see her head fall on his shoulder. Her breathing came out slightly hoarse and the more he entered her, pushing his hips up, Penny's hand clutched on to his shoulders where he could hear moan his name close to his ears. 

When both of them climaxed, Damien pulled himself out of her and pulled Penny closer to him to sit and rest on his lap while her body hummed in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Penny had her eyes closed as she came back to him from the paradise he had sent her to. 

She felt him pat the back of her head, letting her rest as long as she wanted.

Damien pulled the blanket that was pushed aside to put it over their bodies while hugging Penny in the bed, looking at her as he ran his finger gently over the side of her face. 

"Have I told you how beautiful you are," Damien uttered the words while looking at Penny's eyes. A sweet smile came to form on her lips, "I think I finally cracked the mystery of why men didn't chase or pursue you before."

"What is the mystery?" she asked him. While Damien was playing with Penny's face, Penny's hands had gone to play with his unkempt hair. 

"You had bad people around you," said Damien to her, "At first I thought it was just your mother and the rumors that were spread around but I didn't know that the rumors had stretched that far where it was enough for the jealous women to make up more stories about you. Frankly, I am not sure if I should be happy or punish them one by one. If it weren't for everything that has happened until now, things might have been different between us. Maybe I would have come to see you every day at the theater, taking my time to see you and then asking you to spend your time with me."

"I think on the scale of being happy and upset, you are on the happy side."

Damien chuckled at her words, "Is it that obvious?" and Penny nodded.

"Whatever has happened until now has happened for a reason. Though there are things I wish could be better, I think I will only have to swallow it down and embrace the good things," she said looking up at him. Damien leaned forward and he pressed his lips on her forehead, letting his linger there longer before pulling back. 

After a few hours, both Damien and Penny stood in front of the council building. 

"You know," Damien said as they made their way to meet the vampire doctor of the council, "I used to wonder how the spilled magic that is here in the council didn't work on you as you are a witch but now that I think about it, Alexander is able to move freely and as you both are somewhere connected maybe that is why it doesn't affect you."

"Maybe because we have mixed parents that nulls the basic spell?" Penny asked to have him shrug his shoulders. Penny saw some of the councilmen who were either going in or coming out of the other building.

"That is a possibility," she heard Damien as they stepped inside the other building. 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》