Young master Damien's pet
615 Wake of morning- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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615 Wake of morning- Part 2

Damien pulled her to the bed and when she pulled him back, he turned to look at her, hearing her say, "You're hurt," he saw her eyes fall on the gauze that she had tied it around him. Having treated the wound herself she wasn't sure if it was alright to do what they were going to do.

Without waiting to give a reply to her, Damien scooped her in his arms and walked with her to the bed to drop her down, "My body can sustain the pain, Penny," he got on the bed with her where Penny had sat up on her knees, "You look more anxious than usual. Did my absence worry you so much," he asked, placing his hand over the side of her cheek he pulled her so that he could share another million kisses with her where he would never be bored of. 

Every sigh and every moan that left Penny's lips was music to his ears and he enjoyed it. It had been a while since he had had her in his arms, ready to ravish her but at the same time, he wanted to eat her bit by bit. Enjoy her like the rare delicacy she was.  

Penny didn't know why she was feeling anxious. Was it because it was the first time she had seen him injured this bad? She knew that the wound the black witch must have caused was much deeper and the wound on his stomach was only trying to heal itself, taking its time to repair the skin. 

Though it didn't affect Damien and except for the blood that she had seen seeping out, the sight of it knowing it was his blood agonized her. Damien was hers as much as she was his, and no matter how strong he was Penny would always fret over it. After all, he was the one whom she loved and cared for. 

She kissed him back with the same ferocity. Her chest felt full where she wanted to ease her nerves by touching him to make sure he was here unlike last night where she had been waiting for him. 

Her hands moved from his chest to his shoulders, kissing him and matching the passion with which she was being kissed by him. It was a kiss that was less gentle and more on the rougher side which was turning sore but she didn't mind it right now. 

Both Damien and Penny nipped at each other's mouth, the kiss turning out playful with the cat and mouse chase. 

Damien's hands quickly moved to unbutton the clothes at the top before he lifted the hem of her dress that had been bunched up. Pulling her dress, he threw the dress on the floor, to bring her naked body to him. Damien's lips moved from her lips to her throat which ended in the valley of her bosom. He bit right onto the bottom of the swell of one of her breasts that made her writhe in the bed. Penelope's hands moved to either side of her body where she gripped on the sheets as Damien left more kiss marks on her skin on her breasts. 

The more Damien sucked her skin that was on top of Penny's breast, the more she twisted the sheets that left them crumpled before Damien eased her skin with tender kisses. His movements went enough to make her cry before it eased her to a sigh when he licked and kissed her leaving the skin cold when the air touched it. 

When Damien's fingers made their way between her legs and pushed his fingers into her warm folds that was wet, her toes curled and she closed her eyes instantly.

"Open your eyes, mouse," Damien said, moving the other hand to feel the curve from her chest to her waist and then the bottom.

Penny's eyes fluttered open, looking at him as her cheeks flushed red. The last they had touched each other so intimately, it was always during the time of night. Now in the morning where the sun had decided to come out from behind the clouds, the room was lit up brightly that had her heart thundering in her chest. 

It made her wonder if this is how it would be every time they would make love to each other. The tingling feeling on her skin and the way her stomach did a flip every time he kissed or touched her like this like it was somersaulting. 

"Always thinking something in your mind," Damien muttered under his breath before his fingers started to pick up the pace and he saw how her thoughts shifted back to what he was doing to her. 

Penny gasped, her eyes rolling when Damien leaned down and sucked the top of her core while his fingers were moving in and out of her. The lewd sound that came from between her legs made her even more embarrassed. Damien pushed her close enough to the edge but just before she could feel herself come close to the peak he brought her back down, stirring her frustration to not come and denying it. 

When he came to kiss her lips, Penny pushed him around to have his back on the surface of the bed and her on top of him. 

It was mostly him pleasuring her and she wanted to do that to him too. 

Damien loved the fact that Penny wanted to please him as much as he wanted to please her but at the same time, he didn't want her to do it because she felt she had to return the favor. 

"Come here, mouse," Damien called her over and she did just that. Coming face to face wondering what happened, "Promise me you won't do something you don't want to. You don't have to do it," he said looking into her green eyes. 

A smile started to spread on Penny's lips, "You make me fall in love with you, even more, when you say that."

"Always happy to hear that," he commented, a grin coming to form on his face. Penny then pressed her lips on his to shush him right now. 

"You are an injured person right now. Let me…" she trailed without completing the sentence. Damien then sat up to remove his trousers and have his back leaned against his bed. He asked for her hand and Penny gave it to him, kissing back in his arms, Penny took the lead to kiss him at her own pace and the man let her do what she wanted.

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    《Young master Damien's pet》