Young master Damien's pet
612 Stitches- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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612 Stitches- Part 2

The black witch finally said, "The paralyzing effect will help a person to listen to the words of their puppeteer. It is used to modify the emotions, personality which changes eventually to the desired kind. Once a person takes a whiff of drinks from somewhere they need to be operated after the operation is successful, they will no longer hold the traits they are part of," her words were confusing and both the men tried making sense of it, "You have already seen the case before. Back in Valeria."

Damien's lips twisted with what the black witch said to him. Not many were aware of him being in Valeria helping in the case and if she had heard about it, the news must have spread from the council to the outside world somehow and it wasn't a no brainer that some of the councilmen gave in to the temptation of the woman when it came to physically wanting the beautiful woman who were actually black witches.  

The woman had told him that he knew about the event and not that he had taken part in it.

"Our boss is very angry with what happened and will make sure everyone pays for it," the black witch said, shaking her head and smiling to showcase a set of bad teeth, "They were test prototypes who were doing fairly well but your councilmen screwed up."

The web of the black witches was spread out in such a way that every black witch was somehow involved in this. He wondered who this boss was and asked, "Where can I find this boss of yours?" he asked her. 

"Nowhere. She comes only when she wants to. You won't be able to find her."

So they were creating some kind of modification to the existing people. Now that he thought about it, Damien remembered Penny telling him how the magistrate they had gone to meet had stitches at the back of his neck. Once he was done with this woman he would need to check what Murkh had to say about the dead bodies they had sent to him days ago. The body was still being tested and the report wasn't out yet. 

"Do you work for her directly?" asked Damien to have the woman smiling up at him again. 

"Bring the person who can unbind the magic for me to use and I will tell you the rest-" before she could complete her sentence, readying herself to step away from the wall when Damien raised his inching closer the skewers, he pulled it out and use the very same weapon to slice the black witch's throat out. 

Black blood splatters on the black witch's dress, her eyes turning white as the eyes balls had moved behind. Her body jittered for a few seconds before it stopped and Damien stepped away from her. Pulling out the kerchief he had in his pocket to wipe his hands clean. 

Looking down at his shirt he noticed how the blood had spread out on his shirt which was now stuck to his stomach. The material there was still wet as the blood continued to ooze out from his skin. The black witch had dug her fingers too deep as if she were trying to squeeze a dough. 

Kreme was internally crying at his plight that he was forever going to be on the bed. With the black witch dead, there was no way they could get the antidote. He should have known! When Damien Quinn was in the picture there was no guarantee about anything. 

"Don't look so sad," Damien said to Kreme. The human looked at Damien with an accusing look. Just because he was able to walk he was asking him to not be upset about it? "You have very bad listening skills, don't you, Kreme?" the pureblooded vampire asked him. 

Kreme blinked at his senior councilman, wondering what he had missed apart from Damien killing the black witch and turning him to a paralytic man. Was that a word? Asked Kreme to himself before brushing the thought away. 

"She said she had to inject the potion if it started to fade away, which means once it fades away from your body, you will be able to walk again. Now that you have accused me of not saving you when I actually did, your punishment is to spend quality time in this witch's nest. Bring that one back to the council in the carriage that has been parked. I will be going ahead," he ordered, looking at the dead headless witch who had fallen on the ground. 

With that being said, Damien left the house, leaving Kreme in there. Time was scarce and he needed to go back to the council. Going by carriage would take time, therefore when he stepped out of the house, in a blink of an eye the man clicked his fingers that put him in front of the council's building where no one was there. 

Not bothering the looks he received by some of them as his shirt was covered in blood, Damien went to meet the crazy vampire scientist in the other building. 

The building that was assigned for Murkh, the vampire, was in the same place where the cell rooms were available for the lawbreakers. It smelled of iron rods that were rusted but the smell of iron didn't come from just that but also the blood that was split inside the cells. 

Walking in the dim-lit corridors where it was past midnight and between the time of dawn, Damien made his way towards the room. Knocking and opening it, he caught Murkh who was busy sitting at one side of his wall to observe the machines while peeking into the little glass. 

Hearing the door open, Murkh turned around to see Damien, "Still working? I thought you went home."

"Had something to look at. What are you working on?" Damien asked, stepping inside the laboratory-like room to find two bodies that were laid down on the cadaver bed. One of the bodies was the one they had found in Valeria, the false magistrate male. 

He walked towards the body of the dead magistrate, looking down at the body that had only a sheet covering the bottom part of the dead man. Most of the bodies usually turned pale and dead as they were dead but this man had turned darker in appearance. As the man had been out to get some good tan on his skin who ended up getting burnt under the sun. 

"Looking at the plasma of the dead witch that I have been culturing for the last ten days."

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    《Young master Damien's pet》