Young master Damien's pet
603 Hustle in Church- Part 4
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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603 Hustle in Church- Part 4

The others who stood watching them held their breath already knowing the outcome that was going to take place in here and they feared for Penelope's life. All the white witchers already knew what the bottle contained. It was a liquid to unravel a person's identity to check if they were a witch or not. They were worried because once the liquid would surround the lady, the truth would come out on how she was a white witch and was hiding and working here which the council didn't approve of. 

The council was strict and no matter how much shady work went behind the closed curtains and doors of the councilmen and women, they continued to keep a strict hold on the public members of the four lands.

And while everyone continued to hold their breath from the outcome, Evelyn pulled out the cap and raised her hand. Her lips coyly smiled and she sprayed the liquid all around Penny. On her face, on the sides and up in the air. 

"Take a deep breath, Lady Penelope," Evelyn ordered the green-eyes girl. 

Penny took in a deep breath, deep enough to let people who stood near her hear the intake of air from her nose. 

The councilwoman waited for the girl to start sneezing and showing the side effects from inhaling the air around her but what Evelyn didn't know was that Penny was someone who had not only inhaled the scent in the air but that she had worn a coat which was covered in the scent of it. 

The measly amount of spray could not affect her. 

A minute passed and then two minutes passed before Penny came to ask, "Are we waiting for something?" there was an underlying smile in Penny's voice that left the vampiress furious. 

Evelyn sprayed furthermore near Penny but nothing ever happened. When the spray was over, Sister Jera who was standing nearby pointed out to the lady,

"The spray is over, milady," this received a glare from the councilwoman. 

Penny was one of the people who was gifted to have the touch to purify most of the things. She could purify the poison which was meant for the witches. 

"Hmph," Eveyln reacted by turning around and leaving Penny be as there were other things on hand right now to look at. In front of the witches, the vampiress had made a fool of herself by accusing a person to be a witch to get no reaction at all, "Coming back to the potions in here. We shall test this first. We need a volunteer. You there," Evelyn picked up Sister Jera who had been caught by the eyes of Evelyn. 

"Me?" Sister Jera asked unsure and unwilling to go up there. 

"You seem to be the right person for it, didn't you say it was water? Come, take a seat. It is an order from the council," said the woman for the white witch to move forward and take a seat on a chair. She looked at the colorless liquid that looked like water, "Take a sip from the first one in here."

Sister Jera wondered if she had woken up on the wrong side of the bed today. To be put in a spot where she didn't know what was in each of the flasks. 

"We don't have much time," Evelyn stated, flipping the pocket watch she had just pulled out to put it back inside. 

Penny stood there watching Sister Jera fret over the flask as her hand made a way to reach the flask and bring it near her. If it was late, why didn't Damien show up yet? Was he possibly stuck at work? If Lady Evelyn already knew about it, then it meant that she had planned and already doubted her being here since the time she entered the church. 

Doubts were not good, thought Penny to herself. Doubts made one verify things and for now, Penny was in clear as the spray never affected her. 

The sister of the church picked the flask and took a sip from it. Before the liquid touched her lips, Jera was sure it was going to taste bad but when it tasted like water, she took a mouthful and placed it back on the table. 

"How does it taste?" asked the councilman. 

"Like water…" was the reply from the girl. 

Evelyn stared at the single-paged notes that were of few lines along with the title that read 'Truth potion'. 

"Drink the next two," Evelyn ordered the girl and Sister Jera did what she was told hoping it would be water and nothing else, "For how long have you been working in this church?"

"Since I was taken in by the church."

"What have you contributed to the church? What do you do in your free time?" asked the councilwoman. 

"Helping and listen to people confessing their sin. Reading books."

"For how long do you know Lady Penelope here who claims to be working as an extension?" and the woman was back on confirming about Penelope. 

"Since the first day she came here, she's like my older sister," Penny smiled at Sister Jera's answer. 

"Do you know if Father Antonio has been doing something that is unethical, where he is not supposed to be working on potions like the truth potion?" on Evelyn's question, Sister Jera sat quietly, "Answer the question."

Sister Jera gulped as she opened her mouth to speak. The girl knew what father Antonio was up to as she was his apprentice in the beginning when she had joined the church. She could only hope that the truth potion wouldn't bring out wrong answers and she said, "Father Antonio has been working on what orders he has been receiving from the council. He has never strayed from the path. I don't believe he has been doing anything bad."

This was a bull of crap, thought Evelyn to herself. The girl was clearly lying as it was written on the page that it was a truth potion but if it was the truth potion she should have blurted it out. 

After seeing everything go down, Father Antonio finally spoke, "I just wrote it down and never created a potion. It is your misinterpretation to think that it was the truth potion. If you go read ahead in the notes, you will find that the ingredients written down are for treating humans. The sickness they often catch."

With this being said, Evelyn couldn't do anything and had to leave the church as they found no further evidence.

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    《Young master Damien's pet》