Young master Damien's pet
592 Stealing things- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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592 Stealing things- Part 3

It was a creature that was cloaked from the head to the toe in the color of black witch camouflage into the night. It moved around the little room, looking at the book that laid beneath the mattress of the bed. 

The creature or the person, leaned down to pick up the book. It's hands boney because there was no skin or flesh on it. Its hands were made of pure bones as it reached for the book and picked it up. The book at the top read 'Garlic, and when it moved its hands across the title, the title read 'Vervus'.  Looking over its shoulders, the creature disappeared along with the book in thin air with a knock on the window that touched the bottom window pane. 

Hearing the click sound, the black witch's eyes snapped open and she pulled the robe without drying her body, she stepped away from the bathtub to look at the door and then glance at the windows that looked closed. Her sharp eyes searched the room as everything continued to look the same. Laurae then suddenly heard the window edges hit together and she went to the window to see it had been opened. 

Her eyes widened and she quickly went towards the bed, pulling up the mattress of the bed to see the book missing. Her eyes blazed in anger and panic. 

Going back to the window, she pulled it open, putting her head out to find no one there. Where did the book go!?

Laurae searched for the book frantically. Going all around the room front and back while pulling the entire cotton made mattress out of the bed stand to see the book was nowhere to be found. 

Sabbi had handed it to her to get the work done, entrusting her with the book and she had lost it. The black witch was going to kill her if she found out that she didn't have the book anymore! Someone from the inn must have stolen it from her! Though her window was open she hadn't found anyone climbing down as she had been fast, her eyes looking through the trees that surrounded the inn to see no one there. 

Picking up her clothes, she wore them before padding her bare feet down and first went to the ground floor to lock the door. 

"Lady, what do you think you're doing?" asked the cashier who had assisted in giving the room earlier. He came around with a questionable look but the woman was in no mood to answer anyone. 

"Did someone go out now?" she asked him, her eyes had changed from brown to gold which was thin.

"No one went out. Everyone has been in their room," he answered her. She looked at the sky, which wasn't heavily clouded. Noticing the color of the sky she assumed it was the time of night and evening had only passed by. She looked around her before raising her hand and going right at him to slit the man's throat. 

The man placed his hands on his throat, blood spewing out of his mouth as he fell down and died. 

She wasn't in the mood to play. 

The black witch walked to every single room that was in the room. Not leaving a single person as she started a mass murder. Searching for the room and then killing the person one after another until she came to know that the book was nowhere to be found here in the inn. 

Coming out of the inn, she burnt down the inn along with the many corpses that were in there. The place went up in flames and she turned around to search who had stolen the book that was hers. But Laurae didn't know that the person or the creature who had taken the book from her was long gone without a trace. 

The black witch walked to all the villages and towns, looking for it for days but the book never came back to her as it was hidden where no one would ever come to doubt. 

In one of the houses of Bonelake, a girl sat reading her book before she stared at the man who was away from her while she was trying to complete studying for the day. The man was with a maid, getting the racks dusted and cleaned. 

With a long sigh, the young girl turned her gaze back at the book she was holding after noticing the man wasn't looking at her and was busy cleaning the shelves and racks instead of paying her any attention. Placing her book back, she stood up and walked towards one of the shelves. Her eyes locked on the man instead of looking for the book she had come here for. When his eyes moved to her, she quickly looked down at the books and then at the top as if she were busy. 

Skimming the book idly, she found a strange-looking book and when her hand went to reach for it, the butler arrived at her side,

"Did you finish studying?" he asked her. His black eyes staring at her cooly.

"I was searching for a reference book," saying this, the girl turned her head away from him as if she had not been staring at him all this while. Looking up at the books, her hand tried to reach for one of the books that was at the top as she stood on the tip of her toes.

While she struggled to get the book in her hand, she almost lost her balance when the man's hand fell on her back before she would stagger back. 

The butler reached for the book as he was taller than her and handed it to her, "Is this what you were looking for?"  

"Yes," the young girl pursed her lips as if wanting to say something but instead chose to keep quiet. Waiting for him to speak. 

Her butler smiled, saying, "If there's nothing else you need, please go continue studying the book and not me," he saw her grind her teeth and then walk back to take her seat at the table. The smile on his lips slightly fell and his eyes moved from her to the book that he had stuck along with the rest of them. 

'Vervus' the title of the book read. Seeing the book was safe, the butler of the Adams went back to getting the maid dust the book rack with his eyes turning sharp to get the work done.

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    《Young master Damien's pet》