Young master Damien's pet
584 Rubbing salt- Part 4
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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584 Rubbing salt- Part 4

The owner of the theater was a fairly average looking man in his forties, a human by status, who glared at Damien for the action he had just maid. 

"How dare you come into my theater and threaten me?" the man asked. Damien yawned while the man was still ranting, "I will have you thrown out of this place. I will get you killed instead," now everyone knew the man was bluffing. There was no chance a human could ever beat a pureblooded vampire. It was the joke of the decade. 

Damien raised one of his hands so quickly that had the man take two steps back quickly away from him. He moved his hand further to only run in through his fingers, fluffing up his hair to say, "Is this how you treat your customers?"

"Someone who threatens me is not my customer," said the owner adamantly who didn't know who the pureblooded vampire was. 

"That is what you say?"

"Yes, that is what I am saying. We have an emergency and have to look after, so if you could step out?"

One of the women who was a side actress whispered to another and the word came out, "Damien Quinn, he's Damien Quinn."

"I don't care whatever Quinn you are. Yhan, take him out of here and even this thief before she steals things from us."

"I did not steal anything," Penny spoke back tired of being called a thief, "Stop calling me a thief when you are the biggest shark when it comes to taking money. When there are other theaters that are much better you increase the price while misleading others. You make your own employees pay for the things you are responsible to buy because the truth is you have no money and spend it one woman like the one here who is crying like a child," she huffed for air but she was not done with it and she continued. 

"You are the one here raising thieves who love to damage and steal before putting the blame on someone. Why don't you ask these women who you enjoy your time with what happened to the clothes?"

One of the actresses laughed to say, "Trying to point at us now because you know you were wrong?"

"No," Penny retorted back to her, "Because I needed the continued money I didn't speak about it before. When a poor man is pointed out, and the rich is the one who steals it, the person who is poor is the first one to look down while the rich never is suspected for it. I don't feel the need to hold back anymore."

With all the things going on, the man named Liam continued to stay quiet without saying a word while not taking any side. The owner said, "Do you think just because you have turned to a mistress of a vampire you have money? You are just going to be used and thrown. Someone like you should not dream when all you do is spread your legs-"

The man fell down with the blow he received by Damien's fist, "Yes, mind repeating it," Damien taunted the man to speak up. The owner coughed blood out, feeling pain in his jaw and when he coughed more with his hand on his mouth, he pulled it back for two teeth to fall on his palm with his mouth bleeding. 

Out of rage, the man stood up and then swung his hand to punch Damien and all Damien had to do was catch the man's arm, twist it around and push his against the desk, "You shall be arrested for false accusation. I doubt the girls here are all thieves except for one or two," his red eyes fell on Kylene and the other girl who looked taken aback, "It would be good to reprimand yourself unless you are looking to spend your day and night with a couple of sewage rats," he smiled at the women, his smile coming out to intimidating as he continued to twist the man's arm.  

"How dare you treat me like this! I am going to sue you! I am going to send you to jail. I will-AAHHH," yelped the man in pain. 

"I would love to see how you do that. Come let's go out now. Be a good man," Damien said as if he were talking to a dog. 

While Penny was following them, Liam stopped her by calling her name, "Penelope! Penelope," her name on his lips sounded the same the only difference being she didn't feel or see him that way anymore.

She paused her footsteps, gingerly turning her body around. Not reacting anything she heard him say, "Hey! How are you doing?" he asked her. 

"I have been doing well," she answered, "How about yourself?"

"Good here too," he replied, staring into her eyes while they flicker around to notice her other features. Seeing him not speak, she was ready to turn and leave when she heard him say, "I am sorry for what happened today and what happened that day..."

"It is okay," Penny offered him a stiff smile. It wasn't that he was a bad person but a man who couldn't stand up and take a side properly, she didn't know what to say to him, "You did what you felt is right."

"No, it isn't that. I shouldn't have-"

"Liam," Penny stopped before he would go in circles, "We all come from the lower part of the society. To earn so that we have a roof above our head and food in our stomach. I was angry in the beginning but now that I think about it you did what you felt was safe. Though you did change your feelings by taking her side."

"You are taking it wrong, Kylene and I are not together."

"I noticed it. Whatever has happened it is in the past and I have brushed it away and just because I brushed it away doesn't mean I have forgotten about it," Penny smiled at him. When she needed him to take a stance for her he had been mum. 

"I apologize for it," as he said it, Penny turned around to see Damien had disappeared from sight as they had stepped out, "Give me another chance to make it right. This time properly. I know I made mistakes in the past but I can make things work this time. Let me take you out. I will be-"

Her reply was quick, "No. I am sure you noticed it today but I am with someone." 

"He's a vampire," Liam said the word in disgust, looking at her with a disbelieving look.

Penny gave him a polite smile, "Yes, a pureblooded vampire. Which is why you should stop talking unless you want to share the same room as the owner in cell room."

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    《Young master Damien's pet》