Young master Damien's pet
583 Rubbing salt- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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583 Rubbing salt- Part 3

The curtain continued to stay close for more than ten to fifteen minutes that got the people to start getting impatient. From murmurs, the voice moved to question asking where the actor and actress were, and what was taking them this much time. 

"What is the bet that things are going to go downhill from here?" Damien asked Penny, pulling out the pocket watch from his pocket to flip and look at the time. 

"They will need to return the money back," Penny replied to him, her own hands crossed below her bosom as she sat there quietly. 

"Poor things. I cannot wait to see how things turn out though. To guess is something and to witness it is an entirely different experience," Damien leaned left and right, eagerly waiting for someone to come out of the stage, "The woman is going to throw a tantrum and the play will only get delayed."

"Why does it feel like you enjoy drama's like this?" 

"You are on point. I absolutely love them, mouse," Penny shook her head at his admission to her words. This shameless vampire of hers was going to hell and he was going to drag her along with him to the pits of fire. 

"I don't know, I am slightly worried now. Did the doctor ever check your brain, Damien?" she asked him, worry maring her face, "Don't get me wrong, I love you for who you are but sometimes you make me worry," Penny had never met anyone like Damien before and he was a full box of a new experience for her. 

"Life would be too dull if I was normal," it was good he knew he wasn't normal, thought Penny to herself, "So what's up with mister buff and you? I know my woman is popular. Even the first time I saw you hee I caught him giving you the eyes."

He did? She wondered what else Damien observed. 

"Curiosity killed the cat, Damien," Penny retorted back at his intrusive eyes that were watching her expressions. 

"It did? I never knew, not that I care," Damien responded back to her, "Tell me. Was he wooing you or was it the other way round?" 

"It was neither."

"You lying mouse. I need to punish you," moving closer to her, he asked, "Why are keeping it a secret? I should be your confidant," he declared to have her roll her eyes at him. 

"I liked him and that was it. Nothing happened," Penny placed her hand on Damien's arm before he would cook up unimaginable stories in his mind and blurt them out. 

"Hmm, I think he likes you. The poor woman got dropped," Damien chuckled, trying to keep it quiet, "Look, we have the announcer," Penny turned to the stage to see the man with a cap on his head step from behind the curtain. 

On the man's arrival, the room turned quiet and the man spoke, "We apologize for the mishap that has taken place today. Sadly, we won't be able to continue the play because our beloved actress has broken her ankle with the fall. We hope you will return back after a week an-" Soon people started to throw things at him, one also threw the chair making the man run away from there. 

"Well that was short," Damien muttered in disappointment, "Let's take a trip to the backstage. We should make use of the gold coin which was given."

While a lot of them stepped out of the theater after watching only half of the play, Damien and Penny went to the backstage to look at the little setup that was placed in here that could be used as props. 

It was a small place but brought Penny a lot of memories. This was the place where she spent the most after her house. Damien slipped his hand into hers feeling her nerves beginning to jitter. 

"Outlive the bad memories and rewrite them with the good ones. If you don't do it the bad ones will continue to haunt you and even the little things that used to make you happy will turn you unhappy," Damien squeezed her hand, taking her for a walk to find the room of the actress who was crying in pain.

"It hurts!" Kylene exclaimed in pain. 

The owner who stood on the other side of the room had head held in his hand, he said, "Today was supposed to be money collection day. What the fuck happened up there?! Liam!"

Liam had taken to lean against the wall and didn't answer anything.

"I did everything I could, he is the one who dropped me!" Penny heard Kylene shriek in anger. It made her wonder what had caused the woman's temper. During the time she was still here working, Kylene was getting Liam's attention and she had successfully done it after framing her with the other girls while trying to play innocent in front of her. 

Everyone's day came and went, it was only time they would have their day taken by them. 

The owner on seeing them and then Penny who appeared familiar before his face turned to the shock he said, "What are you doing here?"

"Look who is back," Kylene commented, her pain forgotten and now her eyes on Penny. She looked at the girl up and down at the dress that she wore which was way better than what she was wearing, "Did you steal from another place and turn rich?" 

Damien took a step forward that had the woman stop talking, "Looks like you're all good. The customers are still outside, we should have the play running," the woman closed her mouth not wanting to argue as the man was handsome. She could tell that he was rich and a pureblooded vampire. It made her question how Penelope even landed to stand next to him. 

The owner spat out words looking at Penny, "You are not only a thief but also stopped working here without letting us know about your absence. Step out of this theater now!" Penny knew something like this would happen. 

"Do you want me to wring your thick neck?" Damien questioned. 

"What?" asked the man blinking his eyes. Damien raised both his hands and twisted his wrists as if he were wringing a wet cloth that was going to be hung. 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》