Young master Damien's pet
582 Rubbing salt- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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582 Rubbing salt- Part 2

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Kylene the actress looked at Liam, her eyebrows furrowed yet she put up a smile she had mastered over the course of time during her stage career, she said, "Why don't we walk instead? It is such beautiful weather, look at the sky," she looked up at the ceiling of the theater while her hand moved to position it under her chin. 

Liam didn't look up and was staring into pace before he heard his fellow actor whisper to him, "Liam? Look up Liam!" did the man forget his lines? But this had never happened before. 

"It will start to rain before we reach your house. You are right, the carriage might not come to pass on this side of the street," Liam said looking up at the ceiling before his eyes moved to the girl in the audience instead of the woman who was standing in front of him.

Damien who was looking at the stage while having his eyes also on his mouse grinned quietly looking at them. He could tell that the man was affected by Penelope's presence. 

"He looks distracted because of you," he commented for Penny to hear and the other side of her hand clutched the seat. Not out of worry but anger.

"He must be a bad actor," Penny commented without holding herself back and some of them heard her speak, "Someone who cannot remember decent lines."

"How cold, mouse," Damien beamed sitting next to her and as the actor continued to look while the actress was speaking her dialogues, Damien moved his hand to place it around Penny's shoulders, casually claiming the woman. 

The man had not noticed the person seated on either side of the girl until the hand came around her. Liam moved his eyes to see who was the man to notice a pish looking man with his leg crossed one over the other as he stared back at him with a bored look on his face. 

Liam wanted to glare at the man but he couldn't do it at least not on the stage. It didn't stop his face from twisting funnily that had the woman noticing it. Kylene didn't know what was up with Liam today. This was supposed to be a show opening to gain a lot of collection. Instead of looking at her and concentrating on the scene, his eyes kept wandering in the crowd and she wanted to kick his leg to gain his attention. 

The woman didn't bother to look at the crowd and instead, she decided to take matters in her own hand as this fellow actor of hers had screwed one scene which they had been practicing for days. 

"Hector, you are being cold today," Kylene said, deviating from the screenplay, she moved closed to him and placed her hand on his chest. Looking up at him with a dewy look, she said, "I was thinking about going to the barn and staying there until we know the rain dies down. Look! There's a drop of water."

Liam had a hard time concentrating on the scene with the way Penny looked back at him. He knew she was beautiful to look at, more beautiful than the one on the stage but right now, she looked like a goddess in his eyes and what was she doing with a man?! She also looked different than what she was before. 

With Kylene's hand that turned his face to her, he looked at the woman's eyes who was in his arms as his hand circled around the woman's waist. Bending down, he picked up the woman, walking around the stage to make it look as if they were going to the barn where the hay was stored. 

"Are you enjoying this?" Penny asked Damien, her head turning to look at him so that she could look at his dark red eyes. There was a faint smile on his lips which wasn't too evident, "You're a perverted man, Master Damien."

"How so?" he asked her. 

"Taking me to look at the play with things like this," she cleared her throat in the end. 

Damien's lips parted and she caught sight of the fangs in his mouth, "The last time I checked you enjoyed it even more that I did. Did you forget the way you called my name?"

Penny turned red at the thought of it. How could she forget? She had come to believe that she would never be able to forget what happened at the night theater. She had screamed his name to the point that her throat had turned dry and her voice hoarse. His hands-on her body, prowling and treasuring with no part being untouched as he had made love to her. A love that was rough and raw.

She moved her legs close and behind the seat at the thought of it. 

Damien asked her, "You alright there, mousey?" and she nodded her head. Damien's words had turned her body suddenly alive and now she was flooded with the thoughts of them naked together. 

He looked into her green eyes that had slightly dilated by his words. Such a reacting mouse he had. To test further, he leaned closer and pressed his lips on her mouth. Taking more than two seconds, his lips lingered with the kiss before pulling back from her. 

At the same time, a thud and a yelp sound were heard from the stage. 

Liam, who had been carrying the woman in his arms, had dropped the woman flat on the stage upon seeing the man kiss Penelope unashamedly on her lips. Everyone gasped in the room to see the woman fall. No one knew if it was part of the play or if it happened by mistake. 

The audience didn't dare to move but only stared, murmuring to each other on how realistic their acting was. 

"AH! My arm!" the woman cried when she moved her hand that had barely been scrapped as she had fallen bottom first.

Liam looked down at the woman and then Penelope who looked surprised with the fall. 

"What is wrong with you?" Kylene cried, getting picked up by the man who helped her back inside the stage and the curtains drew closed that left the others muttering and questioning, waiting for the scenes they had come here for. 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》