Young master Damien's pet
570 Abandoned house- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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570 Abandoned house- Part 2

It also meant there was more than Creed, witch hunter and her mother in it. Both Damien and Penny didn't know who it was and neither did anyone know who was trying to run the show to unbind the magic. 

\"One step at a time,\" Penny reminded both of them, \"Do you think if we have a sketch drawn of her and have it pasted on every single tree in the land she would be exposed?\" she was eager to know if it would work. Her once sweet mother whom she had known to be lovable had turned out to be a person Penny had come to hate. 

Penny knew that until they wouldn't do anything about her mother, the woman would try to disrupt not only her life but also the ones who mattered to her. 

\"As much as I would love to see her being chased, she will come back with that much vengeance back at you. If you're going to finish her, make it be one kill. We need to first bait the witch hunters and then the witch. I will have a word with Reuben tomorrow so that he can have someone trustworthy to handle the case.\"

\"Okay…\" Penny responded back, her mind drifting to the books they had and the time she had spent reading them, \"Damien?\"


\"Is Creed's house still open for visitors?\" she asked him. 

He tilted his head, asking her, \"You want to visit his house?\" he was curious to know why. 

\"I was thinking if maybe the book of Vervus, the book of garlic is somewhere there,\" it was the last and final book which was written by Lady Isabelle but until now Penny hadn't seen a glimpse of it as it wasn't part of the collection in which Damien had brought home the night Creed died. 

Initially, the books didn't mention each other but the more she read and passed through the books, the content started to reference each other which made in the end pointed at the book named Vervus. 

\"When do you want to go?\" he asked her. 

And in return, she asked him, \"What time do you think is feasible?\" 

\"Any time you want. Creed's mansion is currently under lockdown and in the custody of the council as the man holds no direct descendent nor does he have anything written in his will. I think he was too confident that he wouldn't die or wouldn't be killed. That is what a lot of pureblooded vampires or witches or humans think when they are sitting at the top. Not realizing a black hole has opened to engulf them. Maybe if he knew, he would have written the witch hunters name that would have given all the property to her,\" Damien gave out a thoughtful expression before saying, \"Let's get you something to eat and then leave for the mansion. 

Durik, the butler, was summoned to the room where he brought the food to the couple while also taking the food to the guest Lady Caitlin's room as they were all tired. Right now time was crucial and she didn't know if they could afford to lose time while people's lives were put under danger. They could meet Quinn's later in the morning until then, both Damien and Penny spent their time together in the room. 

Once they were done eating, Penny being on the side of eating as she was starving while Damien who had already eaten was merely giving her the company, they picked up their coats. While slipping into the coats, Penny said,

\"I would like to move from wearing these two something much freer clothing. It is very hard to move around when you are getting attacked by someone,\" she complained to him. She didn't know if she could run and jump if she would continue to wear gowns and dresses during these kinds of occasions, 

\"I will have Durik call the tailor man home so that he can take your measurements while you can tell what kind of clothes you are looking to wear,\" he asked to receive a thumbs up.

\"You are the best,\" she praised him already knowing what he was about to say.

\"Tell me something I haven't heard before,\" a grin on his lips, he saw her wear the black booths which were useful to walk during the time of rain as the roads and the land would be slippery and wet, \"All set?\" he asked her. The weather outside had only started to turn worse. The clouds had started to constantly crash and collide against each other with the flashes of lightning spilling out in the sky and the ground to turn the sky black and blue now and then. 

Traveling to Creed's mansion, both Penny and Damien stood outside the mansion with the doors that were locked with thick chains and a big lock to stop people from coming in. Especially the black witches from intruding and making it their haven. It was one of the black witches' habits to find abandoned houses or other buildings they could make use of. 

Penny looked around the mansion which was dark from inside. With no one in the mansion, not a single light was lit. Many unwanted plants had grown along with the weeds in the garden that looked like soon the mansion would turn to one of the tales of Bonelake for humans to gossip on how ghosts lived here. They pushed the gate, softly creaking as they made their way inside the house through the help of Damien's ability. 

Stepping inside, Penny wondered how rich this pureblooded was with the amount of antique that hovered around the just on the first floor. If she wasn't wrong, it had been more than a month since the councilman was found dead. 

Could an untouched house turn this...messy? Asked Penny to herself. There were cobwebs everywhere that had started to spread and create more webs around the objects that she saw as no one had stepped into this place. 

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    《Young master Damien's pet》