Young master Damien's pet
527 Silent corridors- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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527 Silent corridors- Part 2

In the Delcrov's mansion of Valeria, Alexander had a grave look along with Damien as they heard Elliot and Sylvia speak on what they had found out after their trip to the near and far villages who were being fed by the generous Artemis' family. 

\"It is true that the couple brings food but Isaiah found nothing in there. Not a speck of a person who was a witch.\"

\"Do you think they are trying to atone for what they did previously?\" Sylvia wasn't sure about it as the couple had come out to be kind and friendly, a pair of humans she had thought until she heard that the Artemis were not human but a couple of white witches. Of course, she was new which was why she hadn't kept a track about it and had only heard what others spoke about them. 

\"I doubt they are trying to do it,\" Caitlin cut in who was sitting on the chair, her eyes set on the fireplace, \"People like them will never atone for anything. Not even if their own spouse dies,\" she pressed her lips. 

\"It might be for goodwill so that no one doubts it,\" this time it was Damien who spoke about it, \"How many times have we noticed people trying to camouflage something they have done. Did you find out how many times they are being fed? If it is a daily thing or if it is weekly or monthly?\" He looked at Elliot and Sylvia. 

Elliot came to answer the question, \"They are very random, Mr. Quinn.\"

Penny who was listening to this wondered if Damien was right. Did they do something and were now desperately trying to cover their tracks so that people would not doubt them? But what could it be? They were not adopting any children and what happened in the past had occurred in the past was something everyone had forgotten about. 

It was possible that it was fresh tracks. 

\"When was the last time the people were fed?\" Penny asked them. 

\"Almost three weeks ago,\" Elliot answered again. 

This meant it wasn't too far away, \"What kind of cases are usually registered in the village and towns?\" 

\"They vary from being silly to the extreme,\" Damien replied, \"I guess we will be taking a trip to the magistrate's office. Every single one that is around this town and villages that fall until the river.\"

\"Why?\" Isaiah asked who had been tired staring at every single person he had come across this noon and evening as he had to make sure if there were any witches but they had found none. 

Not a single witch, which was what made Alexander curious. It wasn't possible to have clean lands if it was life would have been much simpler without the black witches trying to cause havoc but right now with a clean report it only made things that much complicated as well as eye-raising. If the witches hadn't been spotted, it meant something really bad was going on that had not been caught by any of the councilmen or the guards who were looking after the towns and villages. 

\"Do you think we need to exorcise?\" Damien turned to look at his cousin who had not spoken a word and had only stood there with a brooding expression listening to them. 

The Lord of Valeria shook his head, \"No, it would invite trouble as well as alert the witches. If they are in this, that would tip the Artemis that we are onto something.

The three of you,\" he said looking at Elliot, Sylvia, and Isaiah, \"I will need you three to camp in the village or town where they had been feeding the people regularly. If they are going to do it again, we'll need the sample of the food to see if it is plain food or if there's something more to it. Sylvia take Isaiah with you to one of the towns while Elliot can handle the next town by yourself.\"

Both the vampires nodded at the order given by Alexander. Isaiah was still not happy the way things had turned out to be but seeing how the situation could turn dire as Penelope was involving herself, he agreed to it without complaints. 

\"Penny you come with me,\" Damien said, making sure her newfound out wouldn't take her away from him over the course of this day while they went hopping to the magistrate's offices. The young witch readily agreed, elating his mood as he grinned for Isaiah to look at him with a sour expression, \"Don't look so grim, witcher,\" Damien commented without holding back his thoughts over the expression Isaiah had expressed. 

\"I didn't say anything,\" Isaiah, glared at the pureblooded vampire. It was as if the man enjoyed rubbing salt over his wound of not having the woman he liked beside him. 

Ignoring both Isaiah as well as Damien's words, Penny asked, \"Will the magistrate's office be open? It is almost turning eight in the night,\" she had been to the magistrate's office before but it was usually during the time of morning or night. Even the office that was set up in the village she used to live in, the office was usually closed by the time of the evening, sometimes even before that. 

\"The office usually has replacement shifts to have the office open at all the time here in Valeria. This way help can be availed at any point in time,\" Alexander explained to her. Penny couldn't tell how well organized the land of Valeria was compared to the land of Bonelake. 

\"The one in my village closed at the time of four,\" Penny mentioned making Alexander nod. 

He said, \"People in the land of Bonelake are efficient but not in the right ones. Most of them close their offices to let bad things occur and not be recorded for the council. It is why there are many crimes there.\"

\"Sometimes I don't know if I am getting the jabs or if it is Lord Nicholas who is getting it,\" Damien commented before pointing out, \"Penny darling, Valeria isn't all nice and cozy. You just haven't seen the uglier side of it which you will be seeing now.\"

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    《Young master Damien's pet》