Young master Damien's pet
523 Crooked family- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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523 Crooked family- Part 1

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Penny found Caitlin to be in a much better mood than before, it made her wonder if it was because of the warden who had been killed or if there was something more than she was unaware of. It was because the first time she had met the woman in the cell room, Caitlin had appeared to be a person who had built high walls around her who didn't want to do anything with anyone. 

But today, she had hugged Penny. Not that she minded but it just felt a little off as she thought about it in the room. 

\"Damien?\" Penny called him who was standing out on the balcony. He came back in hearing her voice, \"Did you speak to Caitlin about anything before bringing her here?\" she asked.

\"Apart from her speaking about the warden and telling her where we didn't have to pay for her freedom, I don't think so. Why do you ask?\" Damien asked her, \"Did she say something?\"

\"No, she didn't. She just seemed more accepting to be away and not in the slave establishment anymore,\" maybe she was thinking too deep over something where there was nothing to look at, thought Penny to herself. 

Damien walked towards her, taking a seat right in front of her where she was sitting in front of the fireplace on the ground without making use of the chair, \"We found her in the confinement room when we arrived. The man must have done something to her, she is covered in bruises,\" which was the most evident thing that Penny had noticed too, \"He must have extended her time there. Maybe she had a change of heart.\"

She nodded in agreement, that was possible. 

\"What about his death?\" The warden was not a small man but a person who belonged to the slave establishment which was a world different and away. Hidden behind the tall and thick walls which were guarded by their own people for manipulation. 

In that, Damien and Alexander had gone and killed people. Creating a bit more than a mess, \"They can't do anything about it,\" Damien assured her, \"In fact, they will increase our ranks for doing something like that.\"

\"For killing the warden?\" how strange, thought Penny to herself. The council was more twisted than she thought it was. 

\"Not just for that. The council allowed to keep the establishment running but on the code of not to kill the slaves who entered here unless it was out of their own circumstances,\" Damien let his legs stretch forward, placing both his hands behind him as he leaned back, \"Everything has an exception and a rule no matter how bad it is so that the people will follow the path and not change the course which will lead to the further demise of people. The man has been accumulating bodies. Some fresh and some older than the time you had entered the establishment the first time.\"

\"The day when we went to inquire about it, I could smell it. A person might take it to be something else, but we are the people who have been working in the council, differentiating the bodies for me isn't that hard. I sent a letter to the head council about it, the men should be there by now or tomorrow to get the bodies out.\"

She was glad to hear that, \"Alexander said that it could create a mess…\"

\"That is because there are some council members who are always ready to sling mud. Nothing that you should worry about.\"

The next day, Penny and the others sat in the drawing-room trying to think of how to expose the Artemis and see if they were involved in something more right now. It was the time of noon and time was only ticking and they were still trying to figure out what to do as Caitlin was finally here with them. 

\"They have been keeping a low profile, milord,\" Sylvia filled in looking at Alexander, \"I went through the magistrates' record for this year and found nothing. In fact, I found them donating food for the poor.\"

\"Do you think they have been adding something in the food before giving it?\" Elliot questioned the possibility. 

Penny remembered something that had happened in the land of Bonelake, \"Damien, do you remember the time when the village was having the issue of the witches. The witches were trying to convert the humans to half witches.\"

\"Wasn't that an unsuccessful case though?\" Lord Alexander questioned. He had heard about it from one of the council and what had happened, \"It was a case solved by Lionel and his team.\"

\"Yes, but what if they are still working on it?\" Penny asked, raising her eyebrows. The Artemis giving out food was suspicious. 

\"Elliot, take Sylvia and Isaiah with you. See where the food is being distributed. Take the sample with you to Murkh and get it tested. I doubt the witcher here knows how to identify the black magic ingredients yet and would possibly not be aware of it,\" Alexander gave out the order and Elliot was quickly on his feet with Sylvia. 

But Isaiah wasn't ready, \"What will I do going there?\"

\"You can help in identifying if there are witches who are turning in the villages the food has been getting distributed. We don't have the time for exorcism as it needs approval and with approval comes rumors which will spread fast,\" Alexander answered him, \"Make yourself useful,\" the witcher frowned. Staring at the Lord and then his eyes falling on Penny. 

Penny gave him a nod, \"Lord Alexander is right. We can make use of your help as you are the only converted witch who has the ability to spot.\"

Elliot clapped his hands together, \"We shall take our leave then. We'll be back soon,\" he chirped and the three of them left. 

\"Where did you find him?\" Caitlin asked, her eyes staring at the back of the witcher. She hadn't expected to see a black witch here. Having met enough number of black witches, to think she was sharing the same roof along with a black witch was something Caitlin would have never imagined before. 

\"He came searching for Penny,\" Damien answered, his voice calm.

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    《Young master Damien's pet》