Young master Damien's pet
519 What happened there- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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519 What happened there- Part 1

Back in the land of Valeria, Penny played with the quill as she stared at the parchment paper where she had written down the points of the ritual that needed to be done, 

\"This is all I remember right now,\" she pushed the parchment towards Lord Alexander, his eyes scanning the words that were written down, \"I don't think this is all and there might be more what the black witches have done until now. The massacre is only the final step to unbind the power that has been locked.\"

\"But we aren't sure about it,\" Alexander sighed looking up from the parchment, \"We will need to catch one of the witches who are working with whoever is driving this whole movement to know what exactly is going on. If it is just unbinding the power or if there is more to it.\"

\"Do you think others will notice if we drag the Artemis out in the open?\" Damien asked Alexander who gave a thoughtful look. 

\"They may not but for the Artemis to not be caught over all these years. They must have been able to get out of every trap that has been laid by the councilman just in the hope to catch possible witches in the towns and villages.\"

\"Won't there be a registry for the children who were adopted by the Artemis before they other families or witches came to catch hold of them?\" 

Damien smiled, \"You don't keep a bloody knife out in the open for everyone to know that you murdered someone, mouse. Alex said the council wasn't the one to handle the record. If the council has not been involved then there's no way to find the whereabouts of the children who have been given away. The children and the black witches who came to get them are as good as invisible to us.\"

It had been a few hours since Damien, Penny and Alexander had taken their seats in the study room, thinking about how to bring the information out from the Artemis. With their niece, Caitlin who had leaked the information, there was little to no doubt that these witches were helping the black witches. 

Every white witch helped another black witch to receive a favor. Was there any favor that Mr. and Mrs. Artemis was wanting from the black witches? If there was one, what could it be?

\"Were the Artemis always rich?\" she asked Alexander.

\"Yes,\" he answered her.

So it wasn't money, it wasn't the age but it could be the children who had passed away. 

\"Um, did you come across the resurrection by black magic so far?\" she asked Alexander.

\"Like your mother?\" Damien asked her. 

\"No, this is slightly different. Remember Isaiah spoke about a place which sounded like it was where the forbidden magic came from?\" she asked Damien who nodded his head. 

\"This place is mentioned in the Vervus book. The book of Garlic which we don't have with us.\"

\"It is impossible to find a book unless we hear a whisper about it,\" Damien pointed out to her if that was what she was looking for, \"It makes me wonder how many more books are there apart from what we have. We thought this was all it was but there's one more out there.\"

\"It is the last book, it is like everything ends up to reference it to that book,\" there was a spark of curiosity in Penny's eyes as she said this. By now she had finished reading all the books, memorizing them so that they could let the books go at one point so that it would never be used by anyone else. As much as the books were important and something that was equivalent to a treasure for a witch like her, leaving it out in the open could cause trouble if someone did learn how to decode it, \"What I mean to say is, maybe there's some kind of resurrection that is written in the book that has been offered to the Artemis.\"

\"Bring their dead children back,\" Damien commented for her to quickly nod at him. 

\"That's right. And if it was promised then the black witches might either be lying to them or maybe they really know to bring back the children,\" Penny gave out her possible theory on what was going on. 

Right now everything they had was theories and there was nothing solid. 

\"It would be wise to bring the white witch here. The woman who is in the slave establishment,\" Alexander proposed to them. Looking at Penny who was the one to talk to her in Bonelake. 

\"We can bring her here,\" Damien agreed.

Penny frowned at their words, \"She doesn't want to come out or leave the establishment. Don't you think she has a good reason to not come where the Artemis is.\"

\"But she didn't tell you the reason, did she? All she answered were basic questions and a bit about the ritual?\" Damien asked her, \"We are not planning to sacrifice her, Penny. If we have her here, it will be much easier to tackle the problem and close the case of the Artemis. Unless you decide to let Alex deal with this.\"

\"Okay,\" Penny sighed, wondering how Caitlin would react and she said, \"You can get her with Alexander. I will be here,\" even if some mishap took place, there would be Lord Alexander to take care of it. 

Her words had only ended when Damien stood up and placed a hand on Alexander's shoulder and the next second it was just Penny in the study room all alone. That was fast...thought Penny to herself.

After Penny and Damien had left the slave establishment, the guardsman was going to take her to her cell room as the lady had spoken to him on how she would like to have this particular slave to be in good condition the next time she would visit her until the warden said,

\"Where do you think you are taking her?\" his eyes glared at the guardsman. 

\"To her cell room, Sir,\" answered the lowly guardsman, \"She will be bought-\"

\"She hasn't finished her confinement time yet. If I am not wrong,\" the vampire pulled out the pocket watch, flipping it open, \"She still has a good twenty-eight hours. Take her back there.\"

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    《Young master Damien's pet》