Young master Damien's pet
483 Keeping things alive- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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483 Keeping things alive- Part 3

She walked out of the room and into the balcony after a while. The room had the view of the front of the mansion, Penny noticed Lord Alexander who had taken himself to sit in front of the bush of the rose which had been damaged. First, it was the snow which was trying to frost the plants and now it was the maid who had tried to destroy the plant over her jealous thoughts. 

Truthfully, Penny didn't know whom to blame. As much as the girl was at fault, she felt somewhere even Lord Alexander could or might have been responsible over it. Lord Alexander might have been nice to the girl, and maybe he might have not told her what the sexual relationships meant to the girl, that it was nothing but platonic and it wouldn't change their master and servant relationship. For the girl to be upset she must have overreacted over the matter, wanting attention from a higher man, who was the Lord of Valeria. 

The pain of not having someone love you back over the conditions and to feel hurt over it after investing a lot of emotions, it wasn't hard to tell that the girl wouldn't retaliate but if she knew how much the plant meant to him, she should have not touched it. Instead, she had gone as far as to cut the roots of the bushes to make him understand her emotions. 

Her thoughts went to the man who was in the dungeon, eyes moving from Lord Alexander and the garden to the dungeon which she could see. 

"What are you thinking?" Damien asked her who had come to accompany her out in the balcony. 

"Do you think the black witch was speaking the truth?" she asked it because Damien knew how to detect a lie which was uttered in front of him, his sharp gaze and eyes didn't miss the lie that came out of a person but people could be highly deceiving. 

"For now I would like to think yes, but that doesn't mean I won't keep an eye on him," Damien answered her question, "I was sure he was going to say you both were lovers," so it wasn't just her. The tone that came out of the black witch's mouth had appeared to be so before he told her that it was just him who liked her. 

Damien then said, "For someone who was concerned enough to come looking for you, it makes me doubt that he would let go of you that easily. Love like that is not something you give up unless you put a fight to it."

"You think he will try something?"

"Maybe or may not be," Damien shrugged his shoulders. Penny looked back at the dark forest and the flat uneven grounds where the Dungeon was. The night was dark and peaceful but she couldn't tell it was the same for everyone who was in Delcrov's mansion. The servants appeared to fear Lord Alexander even more which she noticed while walking past the corridors. 

The pureblooded vampires had deep family bonding, who didn't change their path of living. Killing was an instinct which they picked up but it was left to them if they would act on it or leave it by turning blind eyes over some of the matters. 

"It is better to keep him close by for many reasons. You will get to learn how to use the magic which can be a quick process that waits for the next witch. The next one being, Alexander and I aren't sure if he is working with your mother. You sensed his presence but the images aren't clear, are they?"

"Then we wait?" she asked to see him nod. 

"We wait."

"What about food? Is he being served one?" she asked, her face looking at him doubtfully. She still remembered the first day Damien and she had spent their time together after he had just bought her from the slave market. He had left her hungry while eating in front of her a whole good meal. Her eyes narrowed down at the memory.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" he cocked his head wondering where her thoughts were traveling to, "He wouldn't be served one today. If he can show his persistence of resisting his hunger without turning himself into a complete black witch again, then he will be served food."

Penny frowned, her green eyes full of questions of why he was being tortured, "But he didn't do anything."

"He tried causing a ruckus in the town. Walking around without hiding his black witch appearance. How do you think he got caught? That lame idiot," muttered Damien at the end. 

"Then doesn't that mean he has no control over it. It must have happened-"

"He was trying to scare the villagers, stealing their things using his black witch appearance," Damien rolled his eyes, "We don't know what his history is. Maybe if we can borrow your hidden memories then it would help him and us."

Penny sighed, looking away from Damien and then back to Lord Alexander who hadn't moved from there since she had stepped out of the balcony. She then said, "Let's go down."

"There?" asked Damien looking down where his cousin was sitting on his knees on the ground. 

"Yes," she nodded her head. Before leaving the room, she picked up the solution she had created a few days ago with her. 

Going down and out of the mansion, Penny walked to where Lord Alexander was. His face looked gravely serious, his eyes set on the plant. Some of the bushes were out from the mud while some were out. Alexander held one of the blue roses in his hand. The stem is long with some leaves on it. 

Coming to stand near him, she heard Alexander ask her,

"Was it too gruesome for you, what you saw today," his voice was blank and hollower than before. Penny sympathized with him, for the young boy who had lost his mother right in front of his eyes. To know and not know where two different things. 

"I have seen some gore because of Damien," she answered back which was the truth. Damien had not left any stone unturned and had made sure to show the different sides of him. The onion peeling one after another which had different shades of color in it. 

"That's good to hear," Alexander noted, turning his head, he gave a look at Damien who didn't dare to make any sarcastic remark right now.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》