Young master Damien's pet
467 Pillow talk- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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467 Pillow talk- Part 1

Music Recommendation for the second half and next chapter: Gert Taberner - Fallen 

Penny moved her tongue across the length. Moving it from the bottom to the top before giving a lick to his head and she heard him hiss, that let her know that she was doing it right. As more seconds passed, Penny turned bolder by licking and sucking it. When her teeth grazed his length, Damien said,

"Careful, mouse. Don't use your teeth," her eyes looked up, locking her gaze with his, "Hollow your cheeks and then suck it, more," he instructed her, his eyes smoldering and his hand made way to her head, gently holding and moving it back as if he were smoothening her hair.

She took him in as much as she could, having it open her mouth wide as she went down and up on his length, bobbing her head. When she pulled away, a string of her saliva form from her mouth to his manhood before it broke away and Damien made her stand. Turning her around where she right now faced the window, he said,

"Place your hands in the front," and she did. Damien pulled up the back of her dress, going back to rubbing his length to groan at the feel of her wet entrance.

Penny herself couldn't hold back anymore. The teasing had gone too far and she wanted him to do something about it and he did just that when he rammed himself into her from behind. She gasped, her lips parting and her hands tightly clutching the edge of the window. He pulled out of her halfway, his movements slow before thrusting himself back into her. The slow movements had her mind cloud, desiring him more and more.

"Ah!" Penny cried when Damien pushed himself further before moving his hips in a way to create a circular movement that had her hands and toes curling. 

He continued to push in and out before increasing the pace to hear her breath hitch over and over again. He pulled out of her completely, flipping her body around and picking one leg of hers to hold it by her thigh before pulling her dress. Positioning himself back to her entrance, Damien continued thrusting into her. She clutched on his shoulders this time. Her nails dug into his skin with every thrust that pushed her to a higher space which she had only been dreaming about since the last few hours of the days that had passed since he had last taken her. 

She cried out his name with every thrust into her which was hidden because of the pianos and the violin which was playing outside. The scene on the stage had ended minutes ago. 

His movements picked up the pace and he pushed his length into her, going deeper until she finally parted her lips with no voice coming out of it, her toes curling more as he spent himself into her. Damien held her in his arms, before finishing himself with the climax. Her body fell slack and he pulled himself out of her while dropping down her leg which he had raised up previously. 

Both their breaths came out harsh which the music dulled it down. Penny had her eyes closed, her arms around his neck not wanting to let go yet. Sensing it, he turned himself to look at the room to check if there was something important that was left behind. Noticing nothing there except for what the woman had brought in when it came to the drinks and food, in a blink of an eye they were transported back to the Delcorv's mansion room. 

Both Damien and Penny laid on the bed after Damien took his and her clothes off their body. Her body spent and tired, she curled towards him, her body reaching out for his heat and wanting to let it go. 

Damien didn't need words from Penelope on how she was feeling right now. Bringing her naked body close to him, he played with one piece of her blonde hair, feeling the texture and pulling it to test the length without pulling her hair. Letting it go, the back of his hands touched her cheeks gently to see her eyes which were closed previously to open up that had a deep green color in them right now. 

Penny felt tired but she didn't want to sleep yet. She had missed him immensely in the morning. So used to his presence next to her, she hadn't realized how much she missed the narcissist vampire next to her. 

Her own hand reached to his face, tracing his cheekbones, his jaw, his nose to see a smile appear on his face and she smiled back. A beautiful smile which he had reserved for himself and one to give her back. He took her hand and kissed each of her fingers before holding on to it. 

"I had Evelyn go with another man in the local theater today," Damien said, wanting to clear the air between them, "I only picked and dropped her today. Nothing else," yes, Penny had somewhere guessed that Damien had not spent his entire time with the councilwoman after seeing him give her the dress. Oh, the dress, thought Penny to herself. 

"You were teasing me," she said.

"I was. You got worked up easily. Do you love me so much that you cannot bear the thought of seeing someone else with me?" he continued to tease her. 

"I trust you but I don't trust the woman," Penny confessed, her eyes falling on their hands which Damien was holding, "Sometimes, I go thinking..what if we didn't meet the way we did. Would things be the same, I don't think it would. And it is because of how things happened, one after another, thanks to my mother and my relatives I am here now."

"Foolish mouse," he commented, her eyes looked up back at him, "Didn't I tell you that I saw you before that. More than once. Even if things didn't turn out the way it has now, it wouldn't have ended differently. Don't you believe in my words of persuasion? I would have got you to agree to go out with me."

Penny smiled, he had teased and tortured her literally and figuratively that his words now seemed so sweet to her ears that her heart was overjoyed hearing it.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》