Young master Damien's pet
465 Theater gallery- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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465 Theater gallery- Part 3

Her toes curled where she stood with her shoes, her legs moving and unable to keep still before Damien using his hand to hold it in place. 

His lips nipped the nub, playing with it before he pulled his finger away and replaced it completely with his mouth. Probing her entrance with his tongue, while lapping the juice that had come to form on the bottom of her lips. He sucked as hard as he could and the more he did it, the more cried out.

"Damien!" there was an evident need for her voice when she called his name, wanting him to give her the release from this torturous tease but the man was enjoying it to his fullest and didn't look like he would be letting her finish. He brought her to the edge over and over again to pull her back, denying what she wanted from him.

"Please, no more," she cried out which only had him grin and his eyes twinkling.  

He finally pulled his mouth away, rubbing her entrance with his finger which left her out of air. When he stood up, his hand was still continuing to touch her slowly. He pecked her lips, her eyes looking up at his which looked nothing less to a devil who was not done with her and would never be done until he found her writhing in pleasure under him while screaming out his name. 

He pulled her dress down and suddenly there was disappointment in her eyes. Was that all? He had teased her to only leave her panting and wanting more from him. 

"Don't look so disappointed. I am not done," he licked his lips which still held the traces of her wetness which he had kissed and sucked on which was in between her legs. He turned her around and then said, "Bend yourself towards the glass."

Bend? Penny blinked back at him not knowing what Damien was trying to do. Though Penny had once taken a peek at the night theater and now being the second time, she wasn't sure about it. Listening to him with her pounding heart and her hands tied behind her back firmly, she leaned her upper body forward. 

"More," she heard him instruct her, "Stick out your bottom for me, Penny," he said, raising her dress up from behind this time, Penny was embarrassed to fulfill his request. For someone who had not done such a thing before yet wanting to fulfill her own needs, she pushed her back but Damien wasn't satisfied with it. 

His hand went around her waist and to her stomach before he helped her stick it out from behind. He parted her legs, spreading it on either side of her. For a few seconds nothing happened and she could do nothing but anticipate what Damien had in store. Her core pulsed without him having to touch her which drew her legs back together.

"Do it again and I will see to it that you never come today," he warned her and she dropped her legs to where they were before, "Tell me, Penny. What do you want me to do?" he asked her.

Penny could only squeeze her body the way it was positioned right now yet it never felt the same without his hands on her skin. 


"That wasn't the answer I was looking for. Let me make it easier for you, my darling girl. How would you like me to please you?" he questioned her and somewhere she felt her mind go dizzy over his words and the heat that had spread across every part of her body now, "Shall I stop here then?" he asked her. 

A grin formed on his lips when he heard her heart hitch at the possibility of it ending. As much as he enjoyed bullying and teasing her, he could see that she secretly enjoyed getting teased though he doubted she would admit it out loud. 

His hand reached her bottom, running his hand around the round globe before pulling it away and having it smack right across her globe to come in contact again. The sudden smack made Penelope blush furiously. Her entire body turned red, one side of her bottom turning pink with a small impact but Damien didn't stop there. 

He smacked it again, this time with a little more force that had her body move forward with the sudden impact of his hand on her bottom slapping it once and then twice. This didn't help her. Something this embarrassing was turning her and egging her more to the satisfaction which made her wet all over again. 

"It looks like you're enjoying your punishment for being a bad girl," she heard Damien murmur against her ear, his deep husky voice which told her that he was burning up in the same intensity as she was right now. 

"I didn't do anything," she muttered under her breath for her to flinch and close her eyes momentarily when Damien's hand shifted his attention to her other globe. The heat spread quickly where he gently moved across it before another smack followed it. 

"Really? Not listening to me. Failing to stay indoors."

"But that was for you…" she trailed softly, focussing her eyes on the glass where she finally could see his faint reflection on it. 

"For me?" he asked her, his hand which had not left her, moving his hand back and forth, "Do you understand what will happen if you turn to a black witch? Or if you are exposed. Was it to retaliate for my actions of taking Evelyn out? Jealousy doesn't look good on everyone but I must say, I enjoy it on you immensely," it gave him great pleasure to see her worried and anxious, needy the way she was right now. 

The time when he pulled away, his hand fell close to her core and it only had her glistening more. Penny was mortified. Not because of Damien's actions but because of her reaction her body was giving out and how it was enjoying it. Taking in everything he was giving her.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》