Young master Damien's pet
464 Theater gallery- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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464 Theater gallery- Part 2

Her hair was disheveled, hands tied behind her back to his own pleasure he looked at her eyes which was less anxious but more worried about the dress that he had torn in the front. He had torn just enough that released her bosom for his eyes to look and his hands to touch but he didn't touch her. He admired her, looking at her green eyes which were alive and bright. 

"Nervous?" he asked her, running his hand from her neck to the valley of her chest. He could feel the faint perspiration that had formed between her breasts. 

"No," he smiled at her words.

"Excited then?" he continued to ask her.

Unlike the previous times, Damien's hand was rougher yet moved sultry on her skin. It made way to hold one of her breasts, holding it as it filled his palm. His lips made way to her neck, nibbling on them as he trailed down one bit after another at the same time soothing it with his tongue and kisses. 

Gasps and moans erupted through her lips, his touch sending her mind to a spiral. Today was different, she could feel it in the air and in the atmosphere. She wasn't sure why, if it was the theater, the music which was amplifying her emotions or if it was Damien himself. The way he looked at her, she felt herself shiver under his gaze. 

Her lips parted when his mouth made its way to the breast he was holding in his hand. Pushing the offensive material of the dress, the dress tore further so that he could have more access while also noticing her breath much better with the top of her dress not holding her bosom.

Multiple sighs left her mouth when Damien's mouth took hold of one of her buds in his mouth. Sucking hard on it that had her arching her back in pleasure. If she could right now, she would have held onto his shoulders but with her hands tied there was very little she could do but let Damien take and do what he wanted. 

His teeth were merciless on her. Biting on to her tips which left a burning sensation that hit the core in between her legs. 

"It hurts!" she cried in protest of his mouth assaulting her mounds. And though she protested, the lust in her eyes was thick which negated her words.

When Penny's eyes met Damien's where he was looking at her with his unblinking eyes, his lips moving around her nipple before switching it to the other one giving them his undivided attention, more sighs escaped her lips and she could only grip her own hands which had been tied behind her back. Penny didn't know how long she would be able to continue standing like this. Her knees were turning weaker with every lick and bite that she was worried her knees were about to give away. 

Damien's hand touched her ankle, holding it in his place to stop her from squirming under his touch, not giving her enough room to move and restricting her movements. His tongue swirled around her tips, leaving it with a small pop sound turning it hard and cold after his little ministrations. 

The hand that was around her ankle started to move up to her knees and then up to her thigh, squeezing the flesh there. He picked up the hem of the dress from the bottom, picking up completely and tying it around her waist so that he could have a better view and access as his hands slid into the white pants that she wore and pulling it down.

He gave her time to step out of it but her mind was visibly lost, "Raise your legs, Penny," he instructed her, bringing her senses back to the room and she gulped down. 

Seeing him wait, Penny raised her leg slowly one after another before the pant that she had worn underneath her dress came out leaving her bottom bare which felt cold. When her legs went to cross, almost about to squeeze what was between her legs in the heat of need, she heard Damien warn her,


One word from him and she stopped with the gaze he was looking at her which only turned her putty in his hands. Her nails dug into her hands, squirming in front of him. 

"Damien, please," she whispered, hoping he would know how she was feeling, her body wanting to release itself the way she had felt last time when they were in the bed but Damien was having none of it. Instead, he was enjoying seeing her in this state. It wasn't always that Penny pleaded or asked for him this needly. Usually, it was her retorting back and sometimes not listening to his words. 

"Please?" he tilted his head in question, wanting her to tell him what the please was for. This only brightened her cheeks, "You have been a bad mouse," his fingers traced her thighs up and down before they parted her legs so that he could have a clearer view of the core which had turned wet in need, "Don't lean against the wall," he ordered her.

When Penny failed to do so, he sent her a sharp glare which only made her wetter. 

He took a step back whilst pulling Penny away from the glass-like walls so that she wouldn't take the support of it. His hands slid quickly into her folds without any prior notice making her gasp. Her back arched further but there was no support this time. She could feel his finger moving deliciously slow, moving in and out, making her dig her nails more until it bit into her skin and she had to let it go. 

Her legs quaked, her body shaking in his hand, breath turning shallower with every second that she could feel the light amount of precipitation coating her body because of the heat. It was when his mouth came in contact with her sex did she cry out in pleasure. Her voice echoing inside the room and not letting a word out of the room. With the music outside, it would be hard for anyone to even eavesdrop on what was going on in there.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》