Young master Damien's pet
449 You and me- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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449 You and me- Part 2

She walked towards the sink, bending down and washing her face with the water. Once she had cleaned her face, she took the towel that Damien gave her, dabbing her face with it and then letting it hang on the stand. 

"You think I don't want you to join the council for no reason?" Damien asked her. He was sitting on the edge of the bathtub watching her stand in front of him.

"Because it isn't safe," she pipped in. He pulled her by her hand, bringing her close to him before standing up.

"It's a dangerous place. Like a spider's web where one cannot get out of it. I would rather you do nothing and stay beside me than do something and turn dead," Damien ran his hand over her freshly washed face. Running his fingers as he traced her face, "Evelyn might put you on spot and before she does I only need to put her where she belongs. If she gets a whiff about you being a witch she won't think twice before pulling the trigger over your head. She will have more than one reason to pull a trigger over you. Do you want me going rampant and killing people after you die?" he questioned her with a serious question. 

"Why would you do that…? You can go to the theater with her," Penny stated, her gaze falling down and away from him.

"You hate the idea about me taking her out so much?" Damien's eyes burned up brightly with curiosity and excitement. It wasn't often to hear her speak her mind out about how she felt when it came to jealousy but it was also because she never had anyone to be jealous about back in Bonelake. Right now, Damien couldn't like that he was extremely enjoying himself. 

"It is not that…"

He tilted his head in question, "Hmm, it isn't?"

"You said we would be going to the theater," she muttered under her breath without looking up at him and this only deepened the smile on Damien's face. 

"Such an obedient mouse looking forward to some good punishment," he pulled her by her waist, to have her finally look up at him, "I won't be taking her where I will be taking you."

Leaning down his head, Penny eagerly reached closer to his face to kiss him. Her own lips moving against his as she felt the pressure increase. Feeling him lick the seam of her lips, she opened to him. Her hands moved to his shoulders and then to wound her hands around his neck, her back arching back as he continued to kiss her until a knock was heard from outside the bathroom door. 

Penny went to move back but Damien wasn't pleased nor was he willing when it came to letting her go from his arms. His hold only tightened and his kisses only increased in pressure. Her hands gripped the back of his shirt until he finally let her go. 

"Um, Sir, do you need any assistance?" came the voice of a male servant from outside the bathroom.

"No, we are good," Damien replied back, looking at Penelope who had looked back at him. Hearing the footsteps of the servant leave the door, he asked her, "Still feeling anxious," he could feel her emotions so transparent that when he touched her cheek she subtly leaned closer to his touch.

Opening her green eyes which she had closed for two seconds, she said, "I am okay."

"You know when Helen splashed the drink on you, I wasn't expecting you to quickly pick up the bottle to hit her," she blushed, smiling awkwardly, "I was very surprised at first on what you did. She must have tested you enough for you to want to break it on her head in return," Damien knew that there had always been a spark in Penelope which she hadn't voiced out before but now that she had enough space to stretch her hands and wings, she was blooming out to who she really was. 

"I caused a scene," and she heard him chuckle. 

"I absolutely loved it. It was beautiful," his eyes twinkled in mirth, "It will be a short visit to the theater with her. You don't have to work your head too much on it. Leave it to me," he asked to trust her. 

Penny wasn't looking forward to it but Evelyn had got herself to have Damien take her out because of what she did, she couldn't help but think on how scheming this woman was. A simple matter that didn't concern her had been turned to her own advantage. She could only tell herself to be careful. If Helen was a small snake the councilwoman was a vulture. 

"Okay," she responded back and found herself to have her forehead to be kissed by Damien. 

"You created quite a scene outside, you will be the talk of the town today and for the next week," he laughed after telling it as if he were enjoying replaying the scene over in his head again, "Come, let's head outside before Mr. Bingley decides we stay here."

Stepping out of the bathroom, Damien held Penny's hand which he hadn't done earlier when they had arrived here. Walking with her towards the hall and the drawing-room which was adjacent to the hall where others were seated while some stood. Most of the guests had left, leaving only a few back in the Bingley's mansion.

Mrs. Kieth was one of the guests who had stayed back, seated in the plush chair with a glass of blood which was served to her. She was speaking to the Lord of Valeria when she saw the couple enter back the room. Damien stepping in first with Penelope, holding each other's hand. Penny said something to Damien who nodded his head, seeing her walk towards Sylvia and he made his way to where they were. 

"Everything good?" Alexander asked Damien. 

"Perfect," Damien smiled, his eyes meeting Mrs. Keith's. 

Mrs. Kieth then said, "She is a nice girl," a subtle smile on her lips and she sipped the blood from the glass she held.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》