Young master Damien's pet
441 The elderly woman- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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441 The elderly woman- Part 3

On one side sat the young girl named Helen with her brother and not too far away sat the council siblings who belonged to the higher elder council. There were some 'peasants' like how Damien would call the women who were staring at her which she didn't bother herself with. 

As time went by, Penny only started to eat her food dramatically where she took her time in cutting the meat and then putting the food into her mouth seductively. The women could not bare the thought of a woman with such indecent eating skills to be someone who had caught Mr. Quinn's interest. Taking another bite, she looked at Helen who glared at her. 

Hmm? The girl had decided to drop her act now that Damien wasn't around to look at her. She caught sight of her Helen's brother who nudged her before she schooled her features to something much more drastic like she had turned to a defenseless lamb. 

When their meal was done finally where everyone started to scatter out again to smaller groups with the crowd coming together to talk to each other, Penny continued to choose to stay next to Sylvia as she was the only woman of her own age and her own frequency without any fake act in the front. It was then it hit her when she was offered a drink by the servant along with the rest. 

Not bothering what was in the glass that she had picked up, she finally remembered what the plant was which Mrs. Keith was wearing around her neck. It was a rosemary plant! The same plant which she used to deflect the voodoo magic but what was it doing around the elderly woman's neck? Was it a gift that was given to her without her knowledge of what it was? Or did she know what it was?

Penny wanted to ask but with the number of people she was surrounded with, asking her about it would not only be odd but also suspicious. After all, who asked about witches and asking why she was wearing it? It would also come off to be rude, Penny nodded her head internally. 

"How do you like the drink, Lady Penelope?" a young man asked who was standing on the other side while the others were still in conversation. 

"This is quite good. Feels like fermented cherries," Penny replied back, looking down at the glass in her hand which had reddish-pink liquid in it. 

"It indeed is cherries but it has the alcohol which the pureblooded vampires drink often," the young man stated before asking her, "I am guessing it is your first time."

"Yes," Penny answered, the alcohol already taking its effect on her. 

"You should be careful with it then. The alcohol they make for pureblooded vampires are different and might react a little too much on us humans," he tried to explain why it would not be a good idea to drink too fast or too much.

She gave him a smile, "I will make sure to stick to one then. Thank you for the tip," she raised her hand, tipping the glass at him before taking another sip. The man looked at the human with green eyes who looked nothing less to a goddess in his eyes but he didn't dare to look at her like other few men in this room. 

Suddenly the young man was pulled into the conversation with the rest, "How has your studies been going, Barn?"

"Ugh, it is going well, Lady Sylvia," he bowed her head, "I have been studying as much as I can for a year now. Hopefully I will be able to pass through the council exam this year."

"That is good to hear. I am taking this to be your first attempt?" Sylvia continued to ask. 

"Yes, milady. I am ashamed to say it but I am a little more than nervous to write it. I heard the last exam didn't go that well and there were only two survivors out of the whole lot who had passed through the first written examination." 

Penny had heard about it from Damien. Lady Vivian Carmichael was part of that exam, "Isn't that a little bit soon, the examination I mean."

"They must have changed the cycle this time to an early one," Sylvia commented, "Well it was just one examination, I am sure they will have this time exams have the papers set much easier than before."

"Thank you for your encouragement, Lady Sylvia," Barn bowed his head again in appreciation. 

Mrs. Keith, who was done talking to a couple, turned to find the boy and the other two women, hearing part of the conversation the lady said, "Barn, you better pass through the examination else what a shame it would be. My husband was part of the council too, he was a man who set on making things right."

"I will make sure to turn like him," Barn's obliged the woman's words to get a swat on his arm, "Ouch! What was that for, milady."

"What do you mean you turn like him? He enrolled himself in the council for two years and then he died. Don't die like him you fool," Mrs. Keith scolded the boy and then finally smiled. 

"Of course," Barn smiled back before raising his eyebrows looking at Sylvia who stifled her smile with a cough and then going back to drink the alcohol in her glass.

"By the way, I heard something just now," Mrs. Keith leaned forward and the other three leaned forward like there was some gossip worthy talk about to happen, "Did you know Mr. Patrik's cat died?"

Was this what this old lady was going to say? Thought the young man staring at her.

Mrs. Keith then said, "But that is not what I wanted to say. I heard the cat was found ripped apart and placed in two different directions of the house. I think there was some kind of ritual that took place. We know how some of the council members don't take things seriously so Barn, once you get in the council you take that as your first case for investigation. I am still figuring out why it would be put there. Once I know I will give you the proof."
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    《Young master Damien's pet》