Young master Damien's pet
436 Stones- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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436 Stones- Part 2

So that was how it was, thought Penny to herself. Before anything else, Penny asked him in wonderment, "Are you able to identify the realness of the charm stone?"

"I do," he answered and Penny could only imagine further that this man could actually use the forbidden magic without being affected by it at all.

The following day, one of the pureblooded vampires had invited the society of the elites to celebrate his birthday. Damien and the rest had joined in along with the Lord as they had received an invitation to attend the party which was hosted by the elder pureblooded vampire. 

Penelope had borrowed Sylvia's dress as the invitation had come to the mansion late for which she had no time to shop. Wearing the pale blue gown with long sleeves that was puffed at the shoulders. The dress was frankly too tight to Penny's liking where the inner corset that had been tugged and pulled to make her waist look slim. The swell of her bosom at the top made her pull the gown up which only further emphasized her front.

With a soft sigh, she turned around once the maid was done helping her wear the gown. Sylvia was smaller than her in terms of hips and breasts which was why the current dress she wore felt slightly tighter. Taking a deep breath which she was unsuccessful, she let the air pass through her lips. 

Raising both her hands, her fingers made way to her open wavy blonde hair which she was yet to tie and turn them look elegant. All she had learned was to tie her hair in a bun, plait it or to tie them with a kerchief to keep them down. She turned around to the other side to see Damien who was yet to wear his coat as he combed his own hair. 

He wore a blue shirt which was in sharp contrast as it was richer and darker in color compared to her own dress. Pairing it up with blue trousers, his usual unkempt hair had been combed back, a small piece of short hair falling on his forehead which he had pushed it aside. 

Penelope was used to seeing the disheveled hair of his which he merely bothered to comb it and did it usually with his fingers. This must be a second time since she saw him comb back in this fashion and now that her feelings had only blown out, her heart skipped a couple of beats at the sight of him. She turned away from him, playing with her hair with her fingers, moving and partitioning it. 

And as she did it, Penny continued to have a conversation with herself in her mind. It must be God's fruit, thought Penny to herself, to have a man who looked like this with a sinful mouth and his eyes that often raked her shamelessly. Turning her on as he stared at her. Remembering their first time, Penny started to feel hot and she fanned herself. 

Oh, it was hot! Maybe it was the tight dress, she reasoned with herself. 

"Do you need another dress?" she heard Damien ask her when she had started to fan herself on her neck. The weather was cold yet she felt agitated right now, agitatedly hot. 

"What?" Penny suddenly stopped fanning herself, "No, I am fine. Just tying my hair," she said to have Damien walk around the room, crossing the bed to come to where she stood right now. 

"Let me help you. Sit," he said not waiting for her as he picked up the comb.

Who was she when the great master Damien who was good with hairstyles was offering to help her? Readily, she took a seat in front of the dressing table. Looking at him as he started to comb her hair. 

"You missed a few knots," he said, his hand moving from top of her crown to the tip of the hair. He combed it over and over again until he found no knots in them. His hands moved into her hair and touched her scalp which started to make her feel heady and sleepy. It felt so good, Penny admitted to herself, just like in bed her mind whispered that had her eyes snapping open hoping Damien had not caught her lustful self fantasizing right now. 

Taking a handful of her hair, Damien started to pin them one after another, keeping her hair to be messy without making use of the comb and pulling the sides of her hair, "Sometimes simple is just the best. Nothing over the top," he commented, finishing the last couple of her hair which was still not pinned, "What do you think?" he asked her, looking at her reflection in the mirror. 

"It looks good," came her breathy voice, her eyes met his red ones, a sinful smile on his lips. 

"Do you want to stay back?" he asked, catching her off guard. 

She looked at him quizzically, "Stay back? What about the party?" 

"We can skip the party and spend time here without much disturbance. In the room," he said, noticing the eyes she had been giving her earlier. As if caught doing something bad, she shook her head, inhaling the air into her lungs and she gulped it down. 

"Master Damien, you are a pervert," Penny threw her words at him, raising one of his eyebrows in question.

"Me? Did you watch your cheeks? They are red in color. Don't tell me you are drunk in love with me," his mouth twisted in amusement, "Shall I run my hands over you and see if your body has turned hot by the thoughts of me?" if Penny's face hadn't turned red before it sure did now by his words. 

"I said nothing," she said in a quiet voice which still came out to be breathy. She wasn't sure if it was because of the gown that she wore which was making her heady dizzy.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》