Young master Damien's pet
434 Dream state- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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434 Dream state- Part 2

The next day, Penny worked with the potions in front of Damien and Alexander. Explaining how she had found about the writing that Lady Isabelle had written down, to know which was the black magic and white magic. 

"The laws that have been set for the black and white, it doesn't apply the same when it comes to the other different kinds of hybrid witches. The tapping of forbidden magic was restricted only to the two kinds, which is why it shouldn't affect Lord Alexander," Penny explained to them, showing the book to them which she had personally taken to mark it for them.

"Aunt Isabelle must have written the new casting spells and potion creation after giving birth to you," Damien commented reading the inked writing on the parchments. 

"That's right. You should probably test it out, Lord Alexander," Penny said looking at Lord Delcrov who had his eyes still glued to the book, "Do you have an element like the white witches?" she asked him.

"No," came the quick answer from Lord Alexander, sitting in front of the fireplace, he gave the book back for Penny to take, "One of the reasons why the council has not been keeping a keen eye like on the other witches is that my elemental abilities were tested when I joined the council. Actually, before it, because the council didn't want witches infiltrating the council. Knowing who my parents were, I had to go through a series of tests. There was a black witch who was caught by the council and they got her to check the elements."

Penny stared at the man, listening to him to speak about the elements. It was true, to know and find out if a white witch possessed which elements one needed the help of the black witch. 

"You don't have an elemental ability?" Penny asked him as he had said no. 

"Truthfully, I don't know," he answered, making her more confused. 

Damien cut in through the conversation, explaining to Penny, "The black witch and Alexander made a quick deal without the other council members' knowledge. He didn't want to know his elemental ability and she wanted her freedom. That black witch was Bathsheba."

What? How old was Bathsheba then? Penny asked herself not to know that the woman had helped Lord Alexander. 

"Bathsheba seemed to be the perfect candidate when it came to trading the lie with freedom. Reuben helped along with it and the matter never surfaced again which helped in clearing my name from being a white or black witch," said Alexander while Penny continued to look taken aback with it.

"I thought Damien caught her in Bonelake. Is she the same woman?" Penny murmured.

"Oh, it is the same person. I caught her in the black market and got her stationed near the town of Isle Valley as it is one of the central hubs for things to pass through," Damien was sitting next to Penny, his hand reaching for the book of spells to open and see nothing but explaining about radishes, "There was a rumor two months ago, a case that came up in the court council about humans having their own book of spells."

Alexander's eyes shifted from the fireplace to look at his cousin, "What was it about?"

Damien flipped some more pages, reading the lines trying to decipher something out of it which he wasn't able to crack yet, "It was a family who killed their son or daughter, I don't remember all the details but when the investigation went further, it was told that the child was already dead."

"You mean we had a ghost in the court council?" Alexander raised his eyebrow in question.

"Indeed. I don't think the matter went out to the public and only some know about it. I heard it from Maximilian on what happened because the case was being handled by Lionel's team, the Carmichael's mainly," Damien put the book down on his lap, "The humans have or had their own spells but any evidence about it has been burned down."

"Isn't it similar to how the spells which were used by some of the pureblooded vampires have been burnt and lost now?" Alexander stated, "Years ago when the witches, vampires, and humans had ascended the four lands, it was told that each of them had their own book of origin which contained secrets and powerful spells which they could use. But the witches had them burnt down, every single one of them including their own books after one of the white witches foresaw the destruction that would befall on all the creatures." 

Hearing them speak, Penny started to drift into her sleep feeling her eyes turn heavy. She had been staying up late trying to get the potion book read over and over again due to which she was now sleepy. With her head lulling softly, Damien let her use his shoulder so that she could rest her head. 

Her mind drifted in the clouds, in the cold weather where the room was heated up thanks to the fireplace she took Damien's shoulder to rest and in time as her consciousness sunk into the half-dream state, she heard her someone cry out for her.


Her eyes snapped open to come back to the room she was sitting in and had dozed off to hear Damien ask her, 

"Everything okay?" he could hear her heart beating loudly and Alexander could hear it too as the room was quiet. 

"I thought I heard someone call my name," she answered, pulling herself away from his shoulder. Penny didn't know when she had fallen asleep.

Damien listened to her speak but that was all she said. Lord Alexander who was seated with them in the room, spoke to her,

"Did you find any spells for the memory?" 

"I found some spells for dreams but I am yet to find about the erasing of memory," she responded back to Alexander.

"We must try the dream state then," Alexander proposed the idea to her, "If what you have lost is coming through the dreams, we should try instigating your mind so that the dreams fall in more rapidly than in broken pieces for you to be able to find answers."
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    《Young master Damien's pet》