Young master Damien's pet
427 Wounds- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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427 Wounds- Part 2

She stood outside the patio, looking at the clouds grumble as she stood in Delcrov's mansion. Looking straight at it wondering what to do. Damien was against her joining the council as if something bad would come to befall her. He had also tried to maneuver her out of the topic, she sighed. 

It was alright, she thought to herself. Lady Isabelle, though she wasn't in the council, she was sure she had done many great things before she had died. Also part of her told her that if she ever were to join the council, she would be put under watch and failed candidate category by Damien himself to make sure she didn't get through. She wished she could do something rather than sit around worrying if she would turn to a black witch. 

Lord Alexander had subtly coaxed her to try it out though his words were not direct they told her to break the rules. Did it mean it was alright for her to touch the book? Her hand clutched onto the rails pondering on it. 

Both Damien and Lord Alexander had gone out as they were called by the council to further clarify over the matter in regard to the black witches. Biting the bottom of her lip, she turned around and went down to Lord Alexander's study. Making her way there while making sure Sylvia and Elliot didn't catch her going there. The key was to get inside and work with it without anyone's notice. 

Her shoes padded down the floor, her steps carefully as she reached the study room, she turned the knob and went to enter when she found the butler who was cleaning the room. Dusting it with a cloth in his hand. 

Noticing her there, the butler turned around and Penny stood there frozen on what to say to him. People didn't go into others' study rooms, especially a place where there were important things being placed here. They stared at each other for a few seconds, an awkward silence forming on Penny's end and both of them bowed their head. 

The butler noticing Penny who was about to leave said,

"I am almost done with my work. Please feel free to venture," said the butler with a stoic face, "Would you want help?" he asked her. 

"Help?" she asked him. Stepping inside the room and closing the door behind her of the study room, she followed the butler who stepped close to the rack of books and he moved the lantern which was fixed on the wall for the rack of books to open up for one to pass through. 

The butler moved aside, bending his head and waiting for her to walk by the open rack of books. 

As she started to walk, she heard the butler say to her, "I will be right here if you need anything, milady."

Once she was in, Penny went to the room which she had been to quite a few times in the presence of Lord Alexander and Damien. This was the first time she was here alone. Stepping into the room she saw the number of potions that were lined. There were some additional ones that she believed that it must have been created by Lord Alexander as he had been stuck working here since they had arrived in Valeria with the books that belonged to his mother. 

Without wasting any more time, Penny started to study the book of spells which she had previously not ventured. The book felt nothing less to treasure for a witch who wanted to perform spells. 

The only problem was that the spells were mixed with white magic, black magic and lastly the forbidden magic. Though some looked neat without the need for a rat's tail or a person's nail, she couldn't truly decipher what was what. She didn't want to trigger and touch something by turning herself to a complete black witch. She wondered what would happen if she did turn, imagining what Damien's reaction would be she started to read the book in her hand while she settled herself on an empty wooden chair. 

As time progressed, from time to time she looked at the door to make sure Damien wouldn't come barging through it and tear the book out of her hands after her eyes had turned to slits. Not finding a quill in the room, Penny walked back to the study room to find the butler who was still cleaning the room where he had moved to the side of the walls to pick up the tiniest non-existent dust that was present. Picking up a quill from the table, she went back to the room. Marking paragraphs and segregating it as she picked up a pattern in what was written. 

Lady Isabelle had made the segregation of the spells but one only had to decipher what belonged to the white and black magic. The forbidden magic was what separated the first two. Once she was done with it, she placed the quill down. 

Murmuring to herself she said, 

"This is not a direct spellbook. It is a book to make spells," and as the knowledge about it sank in, excitement bubbled in Penny's mind and body. 

The white witch had only added what would be needed to create a spell or a curse. It wasn't a complete spell that was already there and had been placed for use. One had to use it to create and make it work. It must be why it didn't work when Lord Alexander tried to use the spell. 

Taking another clean parchment, she started to write down. Making something similar to the formula along with the spells by adding and taking out the components before she had made a simple sample sheet for herself. Penny who was already averse with the scent and smell of the potions which she had gone through in the church, it didn't take her much time to pick up the bottles and add it in the cauldron. 

When it was complete, Penny looked down at the muddy black liquid that bubbled in the vessel.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》