Young master Damien's pet
410 Forbidden forest- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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410 Forbidden forest- Part 1

The package that had been saved for months to use it against the pureblooded vampires now was getting burnt in the forest, going up in flames while leaving smoke up in the forest. Elliot who had been waving his hands next to it while enjoying the little victory against the black witches while also knowing how furious they would be once they would find out that their last stack of spitgrass was being burned down with nothing else to grow where they would never be able to create a potion to trigger corruption in the vampires or pureblooded vampires heart. 

The fire and smoke started to fizzle out when he turned around to look at the two love birds who were standing on the other side hugging each other. 

Penny enjoyed the warm embrace of Damien, listening to his heart which was turning back to its usual beats and she pulled away to look at him. His eyes still black but his face had cleared of any veins that had popped up earlier. 

"Do you feel better?" she asked him, worry still marred her face out of concern. Damien picked her hand which she had placed on his chest. Raising it to his lips to kiss the back of her hand. 

"I am doing amazing. How about you?" now that his urge to rip bodies had disappeared, his senses coming back to him, he stared into her eyes to see if her eyes had turned. How funny, thought Damien to himself before he said, "Both of us here are having changes in our body. We do belong to each other," Penny nodded her head. It was true. 

"But let's hope that both of us can be cured of it. I don't want you killed by the other vampires or humans," and she didn't want to die too. She had no plans to die this soon. 

Damien went to hold her face, bending down and kissing her lips, "Let's fix a cure for it."

"What are we going to do with this one?" they heard Elliot ask them, who was now looking at the magistrate whom they had dragged into the forest. The man appeared to move in his sleep, moving his neck left and right. 

Damien glanced at the man who was lying down on the ground, "If the black witches want him as much as his son, we will need to interrogate further on what happened and why he's being sought out so eagerly by the black witches."

"The witch spoke about some intel," Elliot remembered the one who had died by Damien's had said it.

"Then we take him with us. Was there any other package where the spit grass is?" they had looked at the office but apart from there, there wasn't anything more that was of their help.

"Nothing at all. I asked him some questions before he passed out," said Elliot, picking up the man and putting him over his shoulder like he was carrying a sack full of cotton.

"How much did he drink?" asked Damien.

"Hardly one glass? I didn't know he had a low tolerance with alcohol," Elliot answered back, holding the man with one hand to make sure he didn't fall down.

"Are we going to look for the witches? They still have the boy" he reminded the two. Penny was glad that Elliot brought it up. The magistrate would surely look for his boy. Now that the package had been destroyed there was no saying if the witches would keep the boy alive. 

"Shouldn't we do it quickly then?" Penny asked furrowing her brows. The witches left minutes ago to wherever they were hidden right now. Once they would know that the vampires and the councilman had acquired the spitgrass, the witches would have no use of the boy. 

Damien could feel Penny's gaze on him. Her eyes waiting for him to agree to go find the boy and bring him back, "Take him back with you to Alexander. Penny and I will go find the witches," Elliot looked slightly taken aback as Penny wasn't used to fighting the witches or vampires. The witches who were actually operating the whole process of bringing the vampires and humans down had only sent their lackeys to do their work. Minions of lesser strength. At the same time, the lady wouldn't be able to carry the magistrate back to the mansion. The pureblooded vampire knew what was best for the lady, therefore, he didn't go to question the decision. 

"Sure," Elliot answered, "Would you want me to ask Alexander to send some backup?" 

"No. Asking others to get involved will only draw more attention from others. Do you have your gun?" Damien asked, in a second Elliot had passed his gun to him.

"Careful you both," Elliot wished both of them, his eyes shifting to Penny, "Take care, Ms. Penelope," he hoped she wouldn't get hurt. Giving a nod, he took the man with him and started to walk towards the mansion. 

When Elliot was gone from their sight, Damien and Penny headed in the direction which the black witch had gone in. Even though a lone broomstick was there in the forest, it was of no use to them as to start it to fly there were spells that were to be used which they had no clue of. 

"Do you think black witches can really turn people to frogs?" asked Penny as they headed in the direction which Damien thought was right. 

"Not all. It is only a handful of them who can do it. I have come across only one until now," he answered her, "Do you need to go back and rest?" he asked her. 

"Isn't it a bit late to ask?" Penny asked him as Elliot had already left. Her body did hurt and she felt exhausted. With Damien's torture yesterday in the bed and today with the black witch who had thrown her on the grown. One side of her back hurt.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》