Young master Damien's pet
408 You have me- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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408 You have me- Part 1

Penny's footsteps halted seeing the black witch appear. She appeared to be around her age, not engaging with useless talk the black witch said,

"Hand over the package and the man, vampire," she looked at Elliot who had both the man as well as the element which was required to create the poison against the vampiress to corrupt the core. To the black witches, it was nothing less to gold. An element that could start destruction and armageddon which would first strike a town, then the land before it would infect like the plague to the other lands. 

Elliot stared back at the black witch, his features looking calm and poised without looking ruffled as if he had encountered plenty black witches, "I wouldn't mind handing you the package but why do you need the man for?" he inquired, engaging the black witch in his conversation. He gave her a pleasant smile but the black witches didn't care for it. She was under orders by her other black witch sisters where she had to complete the task of bringing the man as well as bringing the package. 

The boy! Penny remembered, they had the boy, "Where is his son?" Penny asked the witch who glanced at her with an annoyed expression. She received no response, the black witch completely ignoring her and instead choosing to answer Elliot's question. 

"He has much good intel compared to the other empty-headed magistrates," the black witch answered. She took something from the pocket of her dress, something that appeared to look like black dust or was it ash? Penny couldn't tell until she brought her hand forward, blowing the dust and suddenly there was a fire where both Elliot and Penny had to move away from the fire which the black witch had created.

She was clearly using her elemental abilities. Penny frowned, she had thought it was only the white witches who could use elements.

How was she doing it though? Asked Penny moving away from them. It looked like the black witch who was interested only in attacking Elliot which gave her enough time to catch her breath as they had been running from the time they had left the town. 

She tried to figure out how the black witch was able to make use of the ability. Was she perhaps a former white witch who could use the fire element? She saw the black witch pull out the dust from her pocket, blowing air to it where the dust caught fire before causing an explosion. 

Quickly another black witch entered the scene finding Penny with the book. 

"Alina, get her. I will deal with this one," said the older black witch. 

The young black witch switched position, on command she suddenly came at Penny to attack her without wasting her breath. 

She wondered how things worked with fire against fire. Taking the little bottle in her hand from her pocket, she stood there as her footsteps went back one after another. The black witch looked like she was some sort of small pest she could flick with her finger before squashing her clean. 

When Penny had left the Delcrov mansion in the morning, she had come out prepared with her friendly use knives that she carried with her. She had to do something about her clothes, thought Penny to herself. Of course, when it came to hers and the black witch who approached her, they had similar long dresses but Penny was still new.

Just as the black witch pulled out the heap of dust from both her pockets, Penny didn't wait for her to breathe fire into it. She threw one bottle after another right at the black witch who caught it. 

Well, that didn't go as planned, thought Penny to herself. 

"So stupid," the black witch commented taking a look at one of the bottles in her hand, "Is this your invention? Doesn't even crack in a collision," unfortunately the black witch didn't know what it was and pressured the glasses that poured the liquid down her sleeves.

She blew the powder on Penelope who jumped away from the spot and suddenly there was another collision but it wasn't just the dust the black witch had blown in her direction but also her sleeves that caught fire, sparking another collision, one after another where the black witch had to throw the coat she wore away which had the ash-like powder in them. 

The black witch looked irritated that she couldn't use the powder as every time she blew the powder her own self caught fire and went to an instant explosion. As she was a fire element, it didn't do much damage as the white witch only had to dust the fire off her body. 

This was going to be difficult, thought Penny to herself. If she were a water element like they had thought, there wouldn't have been anything to worry but right now she had nothing but needles for an effective attack. But then Penny thought she at least had something. As it was already tested, all she had to do was pushing it into the black witch but with the fire around, she didn't know how she would do it. 

Yet, Penny couldn't stop the smile that appeared on her face, "How incapable of not be able to decipher that you will catch fire yourself every time you try to use it on me," the black witch glared at her. She pulled out a sharp butcher knife that was big and sharp, its ends shining as if she had only got it chiseled this morning. 

Penny at first took out the coat from her body. Throwing it on the grounds where she stood. Her dress has pockets where she had placed the needles. She stretched her arms first, left hand and then the right to receive a more annoyed look from the black witch who didn't bother to wait for Penny to finish her exercise when she came to attack straight at Penny.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》