Young master Damien's pet
407 Witches in town- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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407 Witches in town- Part 3

When Owen had completed working the books for the pureblooded vampire and the lady who had come with a bag of silver coins, the young boy had been internally ecstatic. He had decided he would eat the meat pie from the store which was three streets away from where the bookstore. The meat was something he was looking forward to, but with the lack of customers to the bookstore came the lack of money where no one paid or nothing. Even then there were fewer people who would come to look at the bookstore unless there was something someone needed. 

But today was going to be a special day, at least that is what he had thought in his mind when he had received the silver coins from the owner of the bookstore but he would have never thought it would be different in a way where he would be running to save his dear life. 

Owen was still running even after ten minutes, being chased by the black witch who was having her own fun like she was poking a squirrel which was going to die very soon. The young was short in stature, at the age of sixteen he had stopped growing and it had been two years and he was stuck with the short height which made him look younger than the rest of the crowd. 

He quickly stepped into an empty abandoned house nearby but when he entered the black witch entered with her broomstick, demolishing the house as she didn't bother to take the door. Chasing the boy she finally let go of her broom. Walking when she caught the boy had nowhere else to go. 

"You should have thought before entering a house not knowing where you are going. Humans are stupid and men stupider," said the black witch, her scales evaporating as she walked towards him, her appearance turning one of a beauty which made Owen only worry. 

The black witches were considered to be one of the most beautiful and handsome male creatures unless they adorned their true form who looked nothing but hideous. He had a hard time not thinking how to run away from here after seeing her beautiful face. The black witch could see the conflicted expression on his face, knowing what effect she had on him. 

Owen gulped when the black witch stepped close to him and he tried to mold himself into the wall unsuccessfully. The black witch leaned forward, smelling the boy, "You smell tasty," he closed his eyes shut, scared that she was going to eat him right away, "What did you eat today?" she asked him, her brown eyes staring at him.

"P-porridge," the boy answered, praying to God himself so that his soul would rest in peace, "Please don't hurt me," he shook in fear. All he wanted to eat was meat buns and meat pies, who knew that he would be turning to a meal himself. Fretting internally, he shivered in fear. 

The black witch tore the book away from his embrace and his eyes snapped open. Oh no! The book, thought Owen. He was too scared to go near her and too scared to leave and run for his life in fear that the pureblooded vampire would come hunting him if he were to lose it. 

The woman looked at the book not knowing that it was created just an hour ago. Her eyes skimmed looking at the symbols that was etched into, her eyes turning wide in surprise, "Look what do we have here," she exclaimed in a quiet murmur. 

To think that the vampire outside was holding it all this while. This was far better than the spitgrass leaves. This was treasure thought the witch as she turned it to the next page, "You appear to be involved with the vampire. I cannot keep you alive," the witch was beautiful to look at but every time she opened her mouth, it came out to be slightly whiny and squeaky. 

Owen tried to walk away from her, one step at a time to have the witch stop him suddenly and reach out her hand for her to catch him and at the same time her head suddenly snapped to look at the vampire who had appeared at the door where they were. 

Damien didn't give a second thought but shot the bullet for her to dodge quickly. Before he could shoot another one the black witch jumped out of the window and disappeared when he reached the window. The young boy's back hit the dusty dirty wall and he sighed a relief before he realized he didn't have the book in his hands. 

"S-sir, I am so sorry. The witch took the b-book," he said to hear Damien say,

"Good. You did just as I expected," Damien said, putting his hand in his pocket and flipping the coin towards the boy, "Until next time," he said jumping out of the window that had the boy look at him confused. Had he not threatened him that he would kill him if he were to lose the book?

On the other side of the town far away into the forest, Penny followed Elliot who was carrying the man as well as the bag full of spitgrass in his hand. With her hand holding the front of her dress, she ran where she wore boots which was comfortable to run. The forest was situated right after the village, it was quiet except for them huffing, especially her where she tried to keep up with Elliot who was a vampire. The temperature in the forest was much colder than the town itself, the further they ran into the forest which was a short cut to the mansion, the colder and stuffier the air turned out to be.

Penny turned back to see if there was anyone following them but so far there was no one. Soon the witch who had been sitting on the rooftop watching them appeared in front of them.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》