Young master Damien's pet
397 Warm whispers- Part 7
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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397 Warm whispers- Part 7

With every thrust of his came a cry in return which was sweeter than anything he had ever heard before, "Wrap your legs around my waist," he said, helping her bring closer to him and she shyly locked her legs around his waist.

One hand gripped on her thigh and the other one held her waist in place, feeling her tightness around her. Every time Damien pushed himself it only left Penny breathless. He could feel how warm she was, pulling and pushing into her, he brought her to the edge, tipping her off continuously to see her open her beautiful eyes to look at him with her lips parted.

He pushed further to hear her cry, a devil-like smile appearing on his lips with satisfaction, "Damien!" she cried when he continued the torture before scooping her with his hand around her waist so that she would sit right in his lap and for a moment she stopped breathing feeling the fullness she felt right now. 

"Breath," he whispered, the warm air falling on the shell of her ear, "Try moving," he guided her and Penny looked at him wide-eyed. T-to sit and do it? Her? 

Penelope's hands shivered as she placed them on Damien's shoulders. Clutching on them tightly while preparing herself and she felt Damien push himself where she gripped on to his shoulders, her head falling on his chest. Penny tried moving but Damien soon took the lead with her slow movements, entering her over and over again until she had her nails digging into his shoulders. Red lines started to appear on his shoulders where she held. 

Moans and sighs escaped both of their lips, the bed creaking softly as they moved on the bed. His hands roamed on her body, feeling her back and the curves around her body. Entangling his hand in her open hair, he pulled her head back for a kiss. Feeling her muffled moans that turned him harder as he pushed himself relentlessly into her until letting her off the kiss to feel her coming close but she looked scared. 

Scared of falling apart with the intense feelings she felt right now that was wrecking her body.

"Let go, Penny," his voice came out hoarser than normal, "I am here to catch you," he promised her as she looked at him with her knitted brows. And when she did, she came apart beautifully in his arms, and soon he followed. Holding her body close that fell slack and tired. Slightly covered in a thin sheen of sweat. 

Penny didn't let go of him, her hands continued to hold on to him as she tried to get down from the high feeling. Her mind feeling dazed and blurry with Damien holding her closely.

With her forehead resting on his chest, she heaved for air catching her breath and her soul which was only returning back to her body. Her body felt utterly spent and if it weren't for Damien who held her in his arms, he helped her into the bathroom washing her and himself before they returned back to the bed. 

Before she could get to the bed where Damien was holding her hand, she tried to search where her dress was to hear him ask, "Do you want it?" she looked back at him, her voice not working right now. Before she could decide on something, she felt him pick up the dress and bring it to her. Helping her wear it as it was her first night. 

As much as Damien enjoyed torturing and hearing her cry in the bed, he didn't want to scare her off and wanted her to be comfortable. Unlike many whom he had known, Penny was comfortable in her own skin with a little persuasion and coaxing. Picking his trousers from the floor, he wore it and got into the bed with her. 

Penny had not spoken anything but he didn't need words from her right now. The way she held onto him, her hands clutching onto him back then and even now was sweet that warmed his heart. 

He didn't know there would be a day where he would be satisfied and thrilled to please a woman to her own content, putting forth the person and placing her first was something new which Damien had not done before. He was always his first preference until he met her. Right now it felt like he could touch her heart without having to do it which felt strange. He tucked her in the bed, laying down next to her to feel her inch closer and closer to him, placing her head right below his chin like the mouse she was. 

"Are you okay?" he asked her, wanting to make sure she was fine still. He pulled the blanket around them, placing his hand over the blanketed her.

"Yes," he heard her reply, her voice came out to be heady, "You?" she asked him. A smile appeared on his lips, one that might have never appeared on his lips before.

Penny who had hidden under his face and his chest right now, heard him say, "I am doing wonderful. Get some sleep, mouse," he ran his hand on her back gently.

Sleep came quickly before she knew it, taking her to lands she had only touched and tasted. When morning arrived, her chest felt light and her mind was at ease. Feeling Damien's arms around her with her back currently facing him, she smiled along with the blush that coated her cheeks early in the morning. 

Who knew that it would be this enjoyable where she would be calling his name the whole time. She had seen it one time, seeing how the man had pleasured the woman but that had kindled the curiosity which now Damien had fulfilled. He had done more than that.

Feeling his lips press her neck for a kiss, she said surprised, "You are awake."

"I have been awake for some time now," and she flinched when his teeth nipped her skin.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》