Young master Damien's pet
395 Warm whispers- Part 5
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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395 Warm whispers- Part 5

Music recommendation: Ruelle ft. Fleurie - Carry You

Damien's hand continued to prowl over her body, letting it move freely bringing out sighs and moans from her lips. He touched the length of her legs. Running his hand from the side of her, down lower before moving his hand back up. Her legs were crossed, hiding what was between her milky legs. 

He looked at her, her head turned to the side and blush covering her cheeks which ran down to her neck, "Penny," he called her and her eyes carefully moved to look at him. Some part of the shame and embarrassment still there which had yet to evaporate from his touch. 

His hand traveled down to her ankle, holding it before he pulled it up in the air, startling her and her body moved like a fish. Her hands tied, she tried to move away, wanting to hide but Damien's grip on her ankle was firm and he said,

"Stop moving, mouse. What did I say about pleasuring you? I hold your best interest when it comes to you," and she stopped moving. One leg up in the air where Damien held it and the other that was resting flat on the surface of the bed, she felt him kiss her ankle now. 

Her heart slipping out of her chest as he left kisses like a trail from her ankle to her calf muscles. His lips moved with ease on her skin, gliding from one part to the other, letting her calm down. As he inched closer and closer, he dropped her leg, parting her legs feeling the resistance that was there earlier had slowly started to dissipate. 

With his eyes still on hers which kept her in a place like a prisoner, he bent down to kiss her stomach again, feeling it dip down as he moved further and further down and Penny cried out in pleasure when his lips touched the core of her body which was in between her legs. 

"So wet," Damien breathed the words on top of it, his warm breath only making her hot and wet by his words, "Let me see if we can make you wetter and hotter until you have no voice left tonight," his dirty words embarrassed and only riled the blood flowing in her veins. 

Penny's eyes turned wide in anticipation of what Damien was going to do. Her hands were bound tight enough so that it would not come off, "Damien..." she whispered his name in the warm light of the fireplace that was burning brightly. 

"Sshh," he shushed her listening to her beating heart. He could hear the way it hitched in her little chest, "Relax, mouse," she took a sharp breath when his finger touched the wet part of her. Running it from up to down and gliding it back to the top. 

Damien had not done anything more than tease her but feeling her warmth on his finger which was wet, he could tell she was finally there where he was. The last time they had done nothing and he had only teased her a little. Enough to have her curiosity pique up and entice her so that she would follow him. It seemed like it had worked just like he thought.

The binds held fast her hands, not allowing her hands to freely grip on the bed, the hands that she had brought front now went back. Grasping on the pillow that was behind her. 

Every time his finger teased the wet lips between her legs, Penny's body arched back. Raising herself, her toes pushing against the bed and her eyes closed. The more he ran his finger the wetter she turned. When he pushed his finger in, her eyes snapped open,

"Ahh!" she cried, gasping for air every time it went in and out. She looked utterly delightful and ready to be eaten in Damien's eyes. Going to her, he kissed her lips while not stopping his hand and continuing to build the heat he had ignited. Fanning it over and over again. 

As Damien leaned forward, he could see the need and lust in Penelope's eyes. She reached for him, her lips parting and he gave her everything she wanted for affirmation that he was right here. There was a sliver of fear of how she was feeling right now as she was new to it, 

"Cry out more for me," he said over her lips, pushing his finger further in and she cried this time. Her eyes shutting while the air hitches in her throat. As she heaved for air, her chest moved up and down. Going back down, he continued to push his finger in and out, feeling his digit slip into her core and then slid out. 

He gave her a few seconds to come down from her high, not letting her climax but bring her to edge to not let her fall to the pleasure completely. She opened her dilated eyes to gaze up at him, her hands coming back, 

"Please untie it," she pleaded, her eyes looking at him with a glassy look that made him want to plunge into her right away but he wasn't done teasing her. Or torturing her under him, he wanted to hear her cry more until her voice turned hoarse from screaming. 

Damien looked down at her, "Not so soon. I am not done with your punishment," he brought his hand up, putting his finger in his mouth and tasting her. His eyes darkened at the taste of her. Placing his hands on both her legs, Damien pushed her legs so that he could have better access and look at the wetness he had caused. When he brought himself in front of him, he ran his coarse tongue, lapping the wetness.

When he placed his mouth there, Penny felt her soul had left her body, his mouth sucking and licking her which turned her on and she cried every time he brought her to the peak to only let go.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》