Young master Damien's pet
393 Warm whispers- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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393 Warm whispers- Part 3

Her throat suddenly went dry and she gulped, unable to look away from him as he held her like a prisoner with his gaze, he brought his hand forward again, holding the bottom of her face in a gentle grip so that she wouldn't look away. He leaned forward, drawing her closer not satisfied with the kiss they had shared outside on the patio. Pulling away without giving her too much, he said,

"Tell me and I shall see if we can make it come true," he could feel her heart thump, flipping in its own rhythm.

What she thought about his punishment? If he knew she didn't know what to do but dig a hole over her wild thoughts. 

"We can try other methods if you continue to be disobedient with the simple punishment," there was an evil glint like he was waiting for her to disobey him so that he could test. What happened to making her happy and comfortable? If it weren't for the cold weather, Penny would have been sweating bullets. 

The things in her mind were something she didn't want him to know but he was eager to unfold what was in there. There had been plenty of times when her mind had gone astray when it came to him and truthfully it wasn't her fault. The man kept walking in and out shirtless, making it look like a piece of meat that was being dangled in front of her. She was a healthy woman and she had fantasized about him after their bath together. 

"I told you, I didn't think an-" Damien placed his finger on her lips.

"Last chance, mouse. I am being benevolent with you," she gulped the words that were going to pass through her lips. She knew all she had to say were few words to get out of the said punishment but it was harder than what it looked. If she lied, he would catch it in an instant but even if she lied with the subtle details, who spoke about such things out loud?! This shameless vampire had thrown shame far across the sea in a locked trunk that had sunk deep down in the bed of the sea. 

"I-uh," Penny started before clearing her throat, "I thought about the bathtub."

"Mhmm," he urged her to continue.

"What we did last time…" she trailed for him to stare at her before he said,

"I doubt you considered it to be a punishment," Damien's eyes sparkled, knowing well there was more to the surface of what his mouse than she said right now, "What else? There must be something," seeing her not reply, he pulled her close and kissed her lips.

His lips moved against her fervently, the temperature that was cold had slowly started to warm. He bit into her lips to hear her gasp and sucked on her lips. Gnawing and pulling it as his tongue ran across the seam of her lips and she opened her lips for him to take and conquer what was rightfully his. 

As his lips kept her busy, he moved his hands from the sides of her face down to her neck to feel the leanness of it. Moving it further on her shoulders, he massaged them before moving one of his hands to the side of her breast before holding it from underneath it, making her gasp into the kiss. She went to pull away to only be pulled back into the kiss. 

His wet, coarse tongue rubbed on hers. Coaxing and teasing it, turning her breathless with the kiss. Damien's hand which was on her right breast, he used his thumb to feel the swell of her breast. Feeling the softness underneath his touch and he squeezed it not too rough but neither gently, enough to make her gasp. Her breasts were of perfect size that fit in the palm of his hand without spilling too much. He continued to palm her, letting her ease in the sensation but not too much. Penelope had failed to speak out the fantasies that had run in her mind. Cajoling her had not worked but what better than a good punishment where she and he could both find the pleasure.

Pulling away from the kiss, Penny looked utterly flushed and her face felt warm. She saw Damien look at her heatedly as he pulled his shirt off his body which came off in one quick motion as the buttons to the shirt had already been open. 

Bringing her closer again, he continued to kiss her like a wolf that was on the prowl and had found its prey to feast on. Every kiss left her wanting more from him, some were gentle while most were rough. Damien was merciless when it came to nipping her skin that had her skin turning red but not enough to draw blood out of it. 

Taking her hand, he placed it on his chest where she could feel his heart beating loud like hers, "It is not just you but also me," he said looking into her eyes. Was he nervous like her too? But Damien didn't look like that, his gaze had turned dark, his breath breathless like hers, "I haven't loved anyone the way I love you, Penny," hearing this, her heart felt full and she blinked back the tears that had tried to surface, "Does it scare you?" he asked her. He was asking about him loving her and she loving him back, something she hadn't told him until now. She knew he already sensed it but she had yet to utter those words to him. 

Penny nodded her head, "A little."

"It is a first for both of us," her eyes looked a little confused at him and he said, "I have touched women but not until the very end," he picked her other hand and kissed her on her wrist.

Her heart shuddered in her chest when he dropped one of her hands which he had kissed, letting it fall back down and moving his hand on top of hers to let her feel his beating heart.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》