Young master Damien's pet
386 Dancing in the meadow- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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386 Dancing in the meadow- Part 2

Alexander who was holding the quill said, 

"So what we have here is Lady Vivian, Ms. Penelope, and Ms. Adams. Vivian has the ability to touch memories. Penelope has the ability of touch when it comes to purification and Ms. Adam's, we don't know but I don't think it's hard to figure it out because each person has carried a part of the other in a certain direction. The ability is there but it cannot be used. Lady Vivian carried the ability to save people which isn't far from what Ms. Penelope has," she was right, said Penny to herself as she heard Lord Alexander explain, "And Ms. Penelope holds something about the death. A person who has died or is going to die."

"Maximilian Gibbs died in the council," Damien confirmed Alexander's words. 

Alexander made arrows from one point to another, "She might have been able to see a part of it but she doesn't wield the ability. It is the third person who can master it. But anyway, that is not what we need to be concerned about right now. If she's really special then it might be why she's able to read it but we need to do something about her eyes."

Penny had been so engrossed with the story explanation which Lord ALexander was giving them that she had forgotten about her snake eyes.

"It would be best to have her confined here until we find a solution," Penny's head snapped to look at Damien, her eyes wide. No going out at all? What happened to the vacation?

"Hmm," Lord Alexander hummed in agreement. 

It was strange that like many other white witches it wasn't her skin that had discolored but it was her eyes that changed. There were many reasons they could come up with but they didn't know which was the right one but she didn't care about it. She hadn't uttered the words of spells for the potion to take effect on her which felt unfair. 

What was Lady Isabelle thinking while writing about the spells which were about touching forbidden magic? Things like these were supposed to come with a little note of warning but the white witch had left nothing in here. Both Lord Alexander and she had gone forth without questioning about it which she made a note about. Read through the contents and question them without following them blindly. 

Why her though and why her eyes. Was it some sort of resistance that her body was working on against the forbidden magic? It was true that the first sign was the skin, the tongue, and their behavior. The eyes were the last part that ever changed. At least that is what she had learned from the church but this wasn't going as expected. 

Amidst her thoughts that were running in her mind, she heard the butler speak,

"Would this be fine, milord?" she caught sight of the butler holding a shining knife. His expression looked dull as he ran down the knife over his wrist, drops of blood falling down on the floor. 

"That's great. I would say Martin has mastered the art of slicing," Damien whistled, walking on the other side to keep a distance from the magic that might take place. 

The butler bowed his head, taking it as a compliment, "Lord Alexander makes sure my skill doesn't turn rusty and makes me use the knife and blades regularly," Lord Alexander came back with the black soup that was boiling in the pot, holding it one hand and the other hand carrying the book which had the book opened to the page where the spell was written. 

Without a word to be prepared, Alexander poured the liquid on the butler's wrist and started to read the spells from the book. He repeated the spells again before dropping the book and the cup on the table. 

"How does it feel, Martin?" asked Damien to get the reply back,

"It's hot, Sir." 

"It isn't working," Lord Alexander stared down at his butler's hand where the deep cut was still visible. 

"Was it exactly what was written down there?" Damien asked Alexander nodded his head. 

Penelope didn't know why but she felt like maybe, maybe she could read the book. If Lady Isabelle really did write this down, it only meant that she had tested it out and had not written it by asking others. These books were written by both her and her brother. Nothing had happened to the lady, and she had been fine. Wouldn't that mean there was a possibility that nothing would ever happen to her?

The reaction was different from what normal white witches went through. When her hand reached for the book that was placed on the table, Damien pulled it away from her reach. His eyes that had sharply narrowed,

"Don't even think about it," he knew exactly what was going on in her mind but he wasn't ready to take a risk when it came to her or anyone whom he cared for. Alexander was a completely different case as the man was neither a white witch nor a black witch. 

"Why not? I might be different."

"Yes, you are. You haven't completed the spell but your eyes have already changed," Damien took the book off the table. 

Penny gritted her teeth hearing this. It wasn't that she wanted to play being a rebel right now as it wasn't the moment to do so, but something deep down in her mind told her that she would be alright if she were to touch it. 

"Nothing happened to Lady Isabelle, there must have been reasonable if it didn't affect her. Even if she was the first generation white witch, she had the power and ability to deflect it," Penny said, looking at Damien and then shifting her eyes to look at the Lord for support. Unfortunately, Lord Alexander was in support of her not going through with it. 

"Let's figure your eyes out. Once we are done with it, you can use the book to your heart's content. Until then this one stays with me. Either way, it is useless to have it around as Alex is not able to get the spells right either," Damien gave her a smile, "Yes?"
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    《Young master Damien's pet》