Young master Damien's pet
385 Dancing in the meadow- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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385 Dancing in the meadow- Part 1

Penny couldn't help but think about it, on what the butler just said. The great white witch wasn't a lone child but had a brother. A younger one at that. Was he perhaps alive? She asked herself but Damien asked Alexander, 

"Is her brother alive?" 

Lord Alexander shook his head, "No. He was killed in Wovile long before mother even came to Valeria. It is possible that Creed or someone who worked for him stole the books from here but if he's continued to keep it without moving them around, it means he never got to see what was in there."

"I wonder who tipped him on it," upon Damien's words, Lord Alexander said,

"It isn't much of a surprise actually. There were some who knew that mother was the only standing last white witch of the first generation. When you are special, many eyes are bound to follow where and what you do. What else do you know, Martin?" his gaze shifted to look at his butler. 

"She told more than the white witches, they had ended up writing the books that might have turned out to be helpful for the black witches. She said she had placed a charm after her brother's death. Something about only the blood being able to see and no one else will ever come to open the book to what it really holds. That is all I know, milord." 

Damien pointed out, "That's like telling Penelope is your sibling or cousin," that could have been true but her brother had died and obviously he couldn't be her father. Her father was dead too, Penny frowned remembering it. 

"But we have no connection. Her father is a nameless person which we couldn't trace back to," Lord Alexander cleared the air about it.

"It must be because of the alignment of stars then," Penny was sure that the Lord couldn't be her distant relative. They had been living in Bonelake ever since she knew and not once had she heard her mother speak about any other lands apart from it in her good memories. 

Not having heard about it before, the Lord questioned, "What's this alignment of stars?" 

"It's something about the stars falling into a pattern, three stars in the East which marks from right to left. Three stars meaning three people with abilities," Penny explained and Damien let her explain to her cousin. Penny went on to explain before Damien took to explain the rest of what he had gathered so far. He spoke about the plan of the witches when it came to having the massacre take place to kill the people who were involved and part of the alignment of stars to some of the council members who had taken part in it. 

Lord Alexander stared at Damien without blinking his eyes, listening to every word before he sighed, "You aren't wrong when it comes to Lady Vivian but I didn't know she was part of this alignment of stars."

"You knew it?" Damien's eyes narrowed. 

"I was only protecting the girl. I didn't know everyone here had their fates shared and linked to each other. It was during the time when I had gone to visit a ball and we had a switcher's problem."

Penelope was curious and she asked, "What ability does she hold?" to think that it was the same lady who had helped her in the Isle Valley when she was with Grace.

"The gift of touch," Lord Alexander replied back, "She can see the memories of objects and people by just touching them," Damien could now see how everything was falling into place when it came to their cases. They had been able to solve the cases faster with her ability, also the reason why he had seen her wearing a pair of black gloves which never came off her hand except for the time of the investigation, "But I heard Leonard say something more about her gift."

Everyone stood quietly, waiting for him to speak, "He said something about healing ability but it was more on the curse side. She tried to heal someone but she only started to lose blood from her, like it was damaging her life span." 

Healing... thought Penny to herself. What she did, was it possible that it could be taken to be healing. 

"Have you experienced something more than purification?" Damien turned to question Penny. 

Penny didn't know if it could be called an ability that she felt months ago. She gave him a nod. She received a look from him as if he was asking her that she had not bothered to mention it to him. She gave him a queasy smile, 

"I did mention to you once about it. Remember that black smoke behind a person. I don't know what it was and I didn't feel anything," Damien remembered about it faintly. 

"When did you experience them?" Damien continued to ask her. 

She tried remembering the first time and then said, "It started when we visited the council. In the laboratory where the bodies are kept in the jars."

"Cylinders," Damien corrected and she nodded her head. 

"I felt a little shock like the man was alive but the vampire doctor said he was dead for years now and had been there. The one who was lean and looked dead, with a lot of skeleton bones been seen. The next one was when we went to Bonelake."

Hearing this, Damien frowned, "The one after the accident of the switchers?"

"Yes. I think the Lord sent some guy from the council or it was the magistrate. The one with blue eyes."

"She's speaking about Maximilian Gibbs," Lord Alexander helped who appeared to look with a pensive expression on his face, "You must be able to see death but it isn't clear and isn't your ability."

The Lord pulled one of the books that were nearby, turning it to the last page which was empty. Pulling a quill from below, he drew three dots.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》