Young master Damien's pet
379 Things that were hidden- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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379 Things that were hidden- Part 1

Returning back to the mansion, Lord Alexander was away and Elliot and Sylvia were on the other side of the mansion, bickering with each other as Penny and Damien made their way to the right-wing where they were staying in now. 

Placing in the corner of the room what they had got, Penny walked out of the room and into the patio. The weather was truly beautiful here which felt nice on her skin. The warmth made her feel somewhat safe which made her wonder why. Turning around, she caught Damien who was changing his clothes to something much more comfortable than what he wore earlier when they were out. 

Hearing the birds chirp outside, Penny enjoyed the moment. Knowing the time they had taken right now was the calm before the rising storm which would soon come looking for her. 

Though they had understood a few things, there were still a few things which they weren't aware of and she had a lot to learn.

The mansion they were in once belonged to the white witch, Lady Isabelle Genevieve who belonged to the first generation of white witches. It was an honor to be here and Penny couldn't tell how happy she was that both Damien and Alexander were related to each other. People never spoke about the first generation of witches and it was always termed as witches through which the information was left. People were left to be illiterate who didn't know what those old white witches were capable of. 

After dinner, Lord Alexander had taken them to the study room. The room was quiet and dark like other parts of the mansion. 

"Mother didn't leave anything behind except for a few obvious books and details which the council could not take with them," said Lord Alexander, walking to one of the walls where the books were placed. He picked them randomly before going back and placing them on the table, "These are some of the books in here."

Penelope leaned forward to pick one of the books there, reading the title 'Warling's story of the bees'. Opening it, she noticed it was about bees and flowers but nothing that spoke about the witches or their history. 

Both the men looked at her, waiting for her reaction before she shook her head, "It is a normal book. Can you try reading this, Lord Alexander?" Penny asked, pushing the book to him which they had acquired from the councilman's house. 

Alexander picked up the book, "This is interesting. It is about moon signs. You shouldn't be having it," Lord Alexander could read it too! But then that would mean it had nothing to do with the alignment of stars. 

"So we have two people who can decipher and read books. More the merry," commented Damien. 

"The story and information about the moon signs were considered to be lost though

I know some of them still have some information passed on like idiots," Alexander flipped the pages, his eyes taking in what was written and speaking, "Mother said a few things about it."

"I thought aunt sheltered you from the witch life," Damien stated for Alexander to continue reading and then reply with,

"No. There were some bedtime stories which she used that had details about the witches. It is only after you grow up you come to realize the stories are real," his expression was grim as he said, "I think even though she wanted to keep me away from the witches, she still wanted to tell me about her heritage of where she came from. Where I belonged too and it wasn't just the pureblooded vampire. Probably to have some compassion to the witches."

Lord Alexander looked at Penny, asking her, "Did you read this?" she nodded her head. 

"Not everything but some part of it."

"What did it say?" he inquired not having the time to go through what was written in it right now. 

"Each signs behavior and how to identify them by the pattern and characteristics. On what they do and what might be their possible fate…" Penny trailed when Alexander's face only turned grimmer. 

To test her knowledge and how much she covered the book, the Lord asked, "Can you tell me what sign I belong to?"

Penny stared at him, having been put in the spotlight right now she tried to remember what she read in the scarce time she had found, "You isolate yourself. You prefer to work alone and the past that you carry is what you have learned and have applied. Quiet, yet dangerous with the way people look at you. Your presence demand respect but it makes one think if it is because of the position or for who you are as they are scared knowing what you are capable of making them wary of you yet talking to you in polite greeting," she paused, trying to gauge if she had got his characteristics before saying, "You are a spider."

Lord Alexander stared at the young white witch who appeared to have potential. The same promising potential his mother had which she had not used after she married his father, "What about Damien?" he asked, testing her further. Damien and Penny had never discussed his moon sign but Penny had caught his sign with just a glance. 

"Wolf," she answered Alexander who nodded his head, twisting his lips and sighing loudly.

"I take that it's not good to have this book," Damien chipped in his thoughts. Closing the book and handing it to Penny, Alexander turned to his cousin.

"No, it is not. Follow me," he said to have both of them follow his footsteps when he went to the shelf of books and pulled the lantern that was hanging in there to have the shelf move and make way to a passage, "Penelope, you have potential but at the same time I would advise you to not get in the eyes of the council. What Damien doing is right but once your name comes up in the council there would be no way out. Once a person gets stuck with the council it is for life."
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    《Young master Damien's pet》