Young master Damien's pet
356 Witches- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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356 Witches- Part 2

He gave a look at the dead body and then at Penny, his eyes falling on her arm where the black witch had pressed and pierced her nails purposely into Penny's skin. The black witch must have got a whiff of her being a white witch which was why she had used her nails. 

The nails of the black witches were not only septic but also infectious. It was one of the ways to ink the white witches so that they could slowly turn to their side of lifestyle and join them finally. It was a dirty move by them who enjoyed inflicting wounds and trying to corrupt the good witches. Going to her, Damien took her hand,

"Did the black witch say something?" he asked her. 

"She didn't like my perfume," Penelope replied to have Damien nod his head. 

"I think you smell rather lovely," he then continued to say, "She was right about the infection, we need to remove it right away if we don't want you turning like your mom," bring her hand close to his mouth as he leaned forward, his mouth covered the wound and he sucked out the blood out of from there. Sucking and spitting the blood which had turned black. Even Penny couldn't believe how her blood had turned black in such a short duration of time. 

Damien kept repeating the process of sucking her blood out until the color of blood started to diminish from being black and started to turn red. Baring his fangs, he sank his teeth into her hand and drank the blood. 

"Wait!" wasn't it going to affect him? Penny looked at him worried. 

When he was done drinking a little amount of blood from her, he pulled away. Licking his lips that had blood on it, "Their nails are infectious only to the sister white witches, not vampires or humans. I will be fine."

Damien looked down at the body of the white witch along with Penny, the person lying flat on her back expressionless. Only Damien would know the difference between the right and wrong of the witches as he was used to being around them, they were one of the main sources when it came to retrieving information.

"We need to fix the body," Damien responded to her earlier question. Now that the black witches had left the town, they could hear the town people shouting and screaming.

Penny nodded her head. In normal circumstances, she wouldn't have agreed and would have spoken about having to fetch someone for help but right now help was not only scarce but nonexistent. 

"I will carry her legs," Penny offered to help so that he could hold the other side of the woman. 

"The bodies of the witches will only get heavier in time. Leave it to me," he said, bending down and pulling the dead person before he put her over his shoulder. In the meantime, Penny opened the door of the house, putting her head to check the space was clear of any who would be passing by, "How does it look outside?" she heard Damien ask her. 

Turning behind she said, "It looks clear. I think most of them have headed towards the center where the fight took place. Where are we going to put her?"

"In the local cemetery," he answered, walking towards the door and pushing it open, "Hurry quickly. We need to leave before someone catches us as one of the black witches' allies." 

Penny pulled the door close, hearing the sound of a click and hoping no one would notice the white witch's disappearance. Keeping up with Damien, she walked next to him, their footsteps quick as they saw themselves out of the town. Leaving the buildings behind, Damien and Penny continued to walk, passing by the cemetery when Penny asked,

"We passed by the cemetery," Penny reminded him just in case he was consumed in thoughts. 

"I have a better place to bury her. Do you know how who visits the cemetery often?" he asked her casually as if they were not having a dead body with them. 

"Families of the dead or people who miss them?"

"Yes but there are strangers who visit too. We used to have this children's book when we were kids. Books that were stupid and some that were intriguing. There was a story about how the cemetery was guarded more than the local guard," how interesting, thought Penny to herself. The place she came from, children were told about prince and princess and here Damien had grown up with children's books which had death and cemetery in it. She heard him continue, "The story spoke about a greedy vampire who didn't like to spend money and instead loved to take others' money. He didn't care about anyone. When the man died he was placed with his pot of gold and buried in the cemetery of his village. But some who didn't like him dug out his grave took out the gold and money but did more than that."

Penny didn't know why she had the feeling that she wasn't going to like the way the story was going to go, "What did they take?" she asked him anyways out of curiosity. 

"They took away his bones. The witches," he answered, walking down the empty road with her, "It was told that the vampire's soul was very angry and he decided to avenge the humans and witches very sleep in the grave. And then came another entity, to balance the world."

"We are helping that entity by hiding the body elsewhere?" Damien was being sympathetic and helpful? She needed someone to splash water on her face and she smiled. 

"Of course, not. This is so that the witches don't get a sniff of the white witch who was helping them. It is better to have her buried elsewhere. There's a church that has been abandoned for years. No one goes there in the fear of ghosts," the body hanged on Damien's shoulder which Penny gave a glance. 

"Speaking about ghosts, did you hear something from the butler?"
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    《Young master Damien's pet》