Young master Damien's pet
351 Getting ready- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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351 Getting ready- Part 3

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The time of evening approached quickly and Penny was yet to discover if the books really held any important information in regards to the massacre so that they could stop it before hundreds and thousands of lives would be sacrificed in the hands of the black witches. 

Lord Nicholas had told them that they would guard the towns in Bonelake, therefore, they hadn't taken the job and worried about it, concentrating only on the Woville right now. Though the white witches had descended from the north, very few remained in the land of the North as the hate people had against them was too much. Right now Penny was the lone person that Damien depended on. The girl was unsure if she could ace the way he wanted it but he knew better than her that everything happened for a reason. She was one of the alignments of stars, destiny was waiting for her to pick up what she was supposed to do and he believed in her. 

"Damien?" Penny called him as he readied himself with the coat which had many pockets and placements for the various weapons he would need if the war between the witches and the other creatures did break out. 

As he tucked in the knives one after another, Damien raised his brows, "Yeah?" 

"Could I borrow a gun too?" she asked, her hand clutching on the top of the chair not knowing what his reaction would be. 

Growing up with the humans, she was taught to not cross her limits as a female of the society which was ironic. As it was the very same humans who maintained distance with her and treated her like she was some piece of garbage. 

"I don't see why not," bending down and picking up one of the guns from the bed where all the weapons were placed in a display, he handed the silver gun to her, "Do you know how to use it?" he asked. When she shook her head, Damien didn't ridicule her as a woman with a lack of knowledge. Instead, the man took the gun back from her and started to explain how the gun worked. 

"This is how you hold it. I have put the bullets in right now but you will need to reload them after the count of eight. This here is the hammer where you pull it towards you, and then you pull the trigger to shoot. Here's a pack of silver bullets. Do you need a demonstration?" he asked her. 

"No, I will test it out there," she said, not wanting the innkeeper to come barging into the room when they had so many weapons laid out. The worst scenario would be the woman barging in and shouting before Damien would shoot her right in the head. 

"If you're not going to use it, uncork the hammer. We wouldn't want you shooting yourself and dying in the effort of wanting to save the others we don't know. It would be pointless and wasteful. I would rather have you stay safe and they die. I am a selfish man," he added in the end, "What do you have with yourself?" he asked seeing she had a few things of her own which she had picked up from the church." 

"Uhh, I have the liquid tubes with me. You will need to drop it on the black witch, it will emulate their skin and burn them. Will help in slowing them down. I made them myself," Penny said proudly before handing a few bottles to him. 

"So I just throw it?" he asked before tucking them all in his pocket. 

"Yes. I have made sure that even if it blasts with you near it, you wouldn't be affected by it. Just the black witches," she explained about it. She then pulled out a set of needles that looked nothing less to a hairpin, "This will help in quick body disintegration. Make sure that you push the needle deep inside so that it reaches the muscle tissue. These are the only ones I have."

"You can keep them. Will you be okay to use it? You will need to be in close proximity if you're going to use the needle."

Damien was a little concerned as Penny had personally never fought with a black witch or many witches at a time. Taking her into the town where the massacre was taking place was something that he had gone through back and forth of his mind until he decided it was best to have her around in close range than have here where there was a possibility of her being lured by her mother. 

"You are there if something happens," she beamed like a child with the weapons she had brought along with her from the church. It was even a mystery as to when she had brought it to the mansion as Damien had never noticed it. 

"I will always have your back. Why do I feel like you're excited to kill the black witches more than me?" he gave her a look as he continued to load the other weapons in this clothes while speaking to her, "Remember, the black witches can spot you, so you need to make sure you don't get set up by them. Humans don't take the presence of any kind of witches kindly here. They won't see if you are a good person but will burn you on the spot. Do you think you will be able to handle it?" he asked with the utmost seriousness, staring straight into her eyes. 

"I will be able to do it. Telling this to me, you're only trying to make me nervous," she complained quietly. 

"That is because the town is soon going to turn into a death mine and the city of the dead. Listen to the orders I give and don't stray away from it," she nodded her head diligently, "I mean it, Penelope. One wrong direction and I will bring your sweet ass back to this inn while having you locked up here."

"Yes, Master Damien," Penny saluted him for him to nod and then lean forward and kiss her. 

"Good, mouse."
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    《Young master Damien's pet》