Young master Damien's pet
337 Plan of the black witches- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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337 Plan of the black witches- Part 3

"Dessy, go to your room. The Tea Party is over. You," the man said looking at Maggie, "Out of the house. You have some nerve to show your face here after what you did."

Penny by now understood who this man was, he was Lady Maggie's fiance. The man who broke her heart while cheating with the servant girl of Quinn's family. She could see how guilty Maggie looked and sad with every word he uttered. It could be seen clearly that he despised the vampiress with his sheer strength. Finally dawning in her mind as to why she had been nervous since they had stepped into the carriage. 

"What? I am not a child!" Dessy huffed which was when Lady Maggie interrupted. 

"Dessy, it's alright. I will leave," she said, a stoic smile on her lips which was tight. Dessy looked extremely guilty. She had lied to Lady Maggie, giving her hope in the letter that her brother still loved her as he hadn't been with a woman, "Apologies for entering your home. I came here to meet Dessy and not you," Lady Maggie spoke, her eyes hardening as she looked at him. 

It wasn't that she was dying to meet him or had come to see him. It was true that Maggie loved him despite what he did to her and out of wrath she had killed the maid. She was rightful where she was and to him, he was right as he loved the woman, but cheating on her was something that was not right and he had no right to accuse her. 

"Don't show me your face," the man gritted his teeth. 

"I didn't get to speak about it before but let me tell you this- it wasn't my fault for what happened in the past. If you didn't want to marry me all you had to do was tell me. I would have at least tried to understand."

"Understanding should have come when you found out, trying to speak to me and the maid and not rip her into pieces like she were not a living person," Sven huffed in disgust, "What I did was cheating on you. Yes. But what did you do? You ended someone's life."

"I had the right at that time. You were my fiance-"

"By words, I wasn't your husband," he interrupted her. 

"Do you know what you did?" Lady Maggie asked, and even Penny who was sitting a little away could hear the heartbreak, "If you weren't serious you shouldn't have even been engaged to me. You had the time to call it off. But instead, you went behind my back and made out and promised another girl. A girl who worked in my mansion as a maid! Don't you dare call me a murderer for what you did? If you hadn't done anything like that, the girl would have still been alive."

The pureblooded vampire male angrily threw the scrolls on the ground, his eyes blazing red and anger, "You killed her, shredded her to pieces. What sort of treatment is that? Do you think you can cover up the crimes for what you did by lying to others? But you know damn well yourself for what you did and I don't have to say it to remind you what you did. I don't know what Dessy said to you that had you come here but I will appreciate it if you never came to our doorstep."

"I have no interest in looking at a man who can cheat after promising something and doing something else. It is better that I don't get involved with you," she threw shade on him.

"If you really didn't you wouldn't have agreed to come here. How shameful that the woman cannot even keep her own word," the man spoke back.

"Look who is speaking about keeping words. You are a coward, Sven, for not being a man and not making up your mind, leading two women by your actions." 

While both of them stared at each other in silence, Dessy looking guilty and sorry for what happened, staring at the floor in shame, Penelope picked the scroll that was lying near her which Sven had thrown out of anger. 

Taking the scroll in her hand, she didn't give it away as both Lady Maggie and the man continued to glare for what had happened in the past where they held onto the bitter things that had taken place. 

With it coming half done from its roll where something like drawing could be seen, she unrolled it to look at the houses that were drawn. There were little houses and buildings yet the detail which was provided was quite a lot. The lady and the gentleman continued to argue to their heart's content which they hadn't been able to do a few years ago when a deep frown formed on Penny's forehead as she continued to look at the houses and when she stared at it without focussing on one part, she asked the pureblooded vampire,

"Excuse me," she interrupted them, looking at the man she asked, "This- is this a new draft of the city that needs to be built?" she asked him. 

The man gave her a blank look, wondering what a human was doing here, "The city has already been built."

"What?" Penny whispered, "Where is it?"

"It comes after the border of Bonelake and near to Woville," he answered her back. 

Seeing Penny's expression change to worry, Lady Maggie walked to Penny and asked, "Are you alright?"

"Ah, I think we need to go back to the mansion," Penny felt her head feeling dizzy, "I am sorry but I will need to borrow these blueprint. I shall return it to you tomorrow," she said to Mr. Crantlane. Lady Maggie heeded to her words and they left the mansion of Crantlane.

Once they reached the mansion, Penny went to find Damien and pulled him to the room.

"What's the matter?" he asked her as she pulled one of the books which he had brought last night, turning and flipping the pages before opening the scroll which she had borrowed from Mr. Crantlane. 

"This, the circles and the lines. They match. I think the whole town is going to go under a massacre," she breathed the words out in worry.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》