Young master Damien's pet
336 Plan of the black witches- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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336 Plan of the black witches- Part 2

"You should aim higher, mouse. What's with looking at servants. If you want to check out men I have a wonderful place that might delight your eyes and be a feast for your eyes. Would you be interested in it?"

Penny looked at skeptically, her hands now crossed over her chest as she wondered what he had on his mind, "Okay," she nodded her head but Penny didn't know what Damien had on his mind. 

Damien gave her a bright smile, "My sister is waiting for you. Have fun, mouse," he cheered for her waving his hand which had the parchments.

As she stepped out of the room, she asked herself- how could Damien not be jealous of a man? Was he not the possessive type? She frowned thinking about it. Meeting Lady Maggie down at the start of the stairs where she was trying to make her dress proper, Penny smiled at the Lady. 

Though she was older than her and a pureblooded vampire, she was still a person with a heart and had given her the opportunity to have her come along to the tea party. Looking up from her dress and letting her hands rest on her dress, Lady Maggie complimented her,

"You look lovely, Penelope."

"You look lovely yourself," she bowed her head and the lady returned it back. Now that Penny had been turned into one of the fine ladies of the society her stature expected some respect in return too. 

They started to walk when Lady Maggie said, "The weather is cold. Are you sure you don't want to carry a coat with you?" Penny nodded her head.

"I will be fine."

"If you say so. Come, the carriage is already here waiting for us."

On their way to Lady Maggie's acquaintance's invited mansion, Penny could see the slight nervousness that surfaced upon the lady's face. At first, she ignored it thinking it was nothing but when the time increased as they hadn't reached the mansion, she asked,

"Lady Maggie?" 

The woman turned her head to look at Penny and her hand had stopped tapping on her leg, "Yes?"

"Are you alright?" she could clearly see the distress that was hovering on her face, "You can tell me if something is bothering you. I am a very good listener," she offered her a warm smile. 

"I am fine. Thank you, Penelope," Lady Maggie smiled back and looked forward. Penny wondered what was bothering the lady. She had been fine while leaving the mansion but right now she looked as if she were trying to cover the distress. It didn't seem like she would tell her anything as they weren't exactly close and were only bonding now. 

Reaching the mansion, both the ladies stepped out of the carriage. Penny could only silently look at Lady Maggie who took in a deep breath and released it without noticing that Penny was looking at her. 

Out of curiosity, Penny inquired, "Lady Maggie, who does this mansion belong to?" it wasn't huge as she had seen until now, a humble-looking mansion which was smaller than usual. 

"It belongs to Mrs. Crantlane. Her daughter is one of my very close friends."

Penny made an O shape on her mouth. Heading inside the mansion, they were greeted by the servants and the two women who had been invited like them. 

"Oh, Lady Maggie, you are here!" a young woman came to wound her hands around her waist, "I am so glad to see you here," the girl appeared to be younger than Lady Maggie and maybe around Penny's age if one left the detail about the red eyes.

"How have you been doing, Dessy?" Lady Maggie patted the girl's head, her hand gently moving back and forth.

"I have been doing well but I missed you. I am happy to have you here," the girl caught hold of Lady Maggie's hand where the lady let the young girl drag her. The other three women followed them that included Penelope. Taking a seat in the room, the women conversed with each other and strangely Penny found their company to be much decent when compared to the ones where Damien was invited to take part.

An hour passed where it looked like the young girl Dessy was trying to catch up with Maggie like it had been years since they had last spoken or seen each other, where the latter was true. Once in a while, Lady Maggie's eyes would shift to look at the entrance of the room which had no door.  Her face looking nervous which the others didn't notice. 

When the time for snacks arrived, the maid entered the room to offer the guests suddenly a male voice boomed at the entrance,


The young girl looked at the man with a startled expression, a frown already forming on her cute face. He had blond hair and was tall in appearance, carrying two scrolls in his hands, "What did I say about bringing her here?" The man then turned to look at Lady Maggie, his eyes full of hate, "Have you no shame, coming here when I forbid you to enter or come anywhere near me?" 

Penny looked back and forth to look at the man who appeared to be furious by the mere presence of Lady Maggie. Lady Maggie, on the other hand, appeared hurt but she covered it with a strong, her hand clutching. 

"I was the one who invited, Lady Maggie. She came for me and not on your accord," Dezzy replied back, taking the blame on her, "Don't scold her."

"I shouldn't. She has been dead for some time now," the man's words broke Maggie's heart and her hands that were clutching softly slowly let go. 

The other women hid their vile smile which was directed towards Lady Maggie. 

"We are here by ourselves, Sven. You can do your work and I will do mine," Dessy continued to stand her ground which didn't sit well with the man. 

"Do you think I would allow a woman like her, a murderer to be around my sister? Have you lost your mind?" the man named Sven asked his sister, glaring at her and then at Maggie.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》