Young master Damien's pet
302 The society- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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302 The society- Part 2

Lady Yuvaine and her vampire friend didn't expect to have the girl not react but instead throw mud on them. Lady Sentencia had chosen to sit next to Penelope, she turned her head to look over on the other side with a subtle smile that crept up on her lips which she hid back again when she turned to look at the three ladies who looked stunned with the lack of reaction when it came to instigating the human next to her. 

The woman scoffed, red eyes that looked slightly livid at the thought that a former slave was trying to teach her manners, "Was that for me?" she asked Penny. 

Penny gave her a surprised look, "The juice?" she lifted her glass as if she were clueless about what she did, but everyone around knew what she had done. 

Lady Nelle, glared quietly, not letting the matter rest or slide. She said, "I forgive you," said the lady, pitying Penny, "You are new to the higher society. For someone who has lived her life as a servant and in slave establishment," she shivered, "I wouldn't blame you if you didn't know that we don't thank the servants here. You were just lucky. To come here and be where you are," she sized her up and down, giving her a smile. 

"Thank you for parting me with the unnecessary wisdom," Penny responded back for Lady Nelle who had been smiling to have the same smile fall down her face. 

Previously Penny couldn't do anything. She was a slave who had to listen and obey, though Damien didn't give her too many orders she had to learn to behave which she now found to be pointless. She found no reason right now where she had to stop her tongue from running freely as she wished. After all, she was now one of the high standing ladies of the higher society, the elites. 

"I am indeed to be lucky here, to have come from the background that I used to belong, I must say, milady. Excuse me before that," Penny looked straight in the eye of Lady Nelle to say, "I think you mistake your rudeness to high standing status. You might be rich but don't forget that what you drink and eat is something that is made by those low lives who you try to laugh upon. Funny that you are willing to eat something that was made by them but can't agree on their existence but belittle them. Unless you are telling me that you have stepped into the kitchen to actually cook."

Penny took a sip from her glass, "Belittling people is an accessory that doesn't suit you, milady. You should perhaps drop it and wear something nicer which will make you look better than making you look like know," she let the lady fill in the blanks whichever suited her. 

Damien was in another room for him to know the trouble his mouse was brewing in the other room. Penelope words weren't taken too kindly by the woman around her. Except for Lady Sentencia, everyone looked angry as if the words were spoken to them. 

"Don't you know how to talk to people? You are trying to get something started," Lady Nelle straightened her back, her eyes looking brighter than before as they fixated on Penny. 

"Apologies," Penny bowed her head. It wasn't her intention to brew trouble but these were the very women who had looked down upon her, speaking ill words about her when she had last visited Lady Sentencia's house for a party she had hosted. She knew it was petty of her but she had taken a sensible approach and she stood by her points. The higher society thought they were much better than others, looking down at the people who were born into poor families and houses, "I was merely stating my point of what might look better on you," she added. 

Looking back at the group, she locked her eyes back with Lady Yuvaine, "Don't you agree, Lady Yuvaine? Lady Nelle would be much better pursuable if she dropped the attitude, especially where she is trying to court Mr. Hadrint," both Lady Yuvaine and Lady Nelle looked at her with slightly wide eyes.

Of course, Penny had good ears. When both Damien and her had entered the mansion, she had overheard them speaking. Picking up some words and understanding who the man was. He was a human. 

"Oh, I see it is the Lord," Lady Sentencia cut in through the conversation that had the women turning around to see Lord Rune enter the room, taking up all the attention as he smiled. 

Penny recognized the man instantly. How could she have forgotten, she had met him when Grace had dragged her in the Isle Valley. Lady Yuvaine placed a hand on Lady Nelle's arm as if asking her to follow instead of sitting here. The human lady who had tagged along with the duo stood up, bowing her head at Lady Sentencia and bowing at Penny unwillingly. 

"I see Damien is rubbing off of you," Lady Sentencia spoke who was sitting next to her, "Or were you like this from before?" she turned her head to look at Penny with a small smile. Her eyes looked amused at the little spit-spat that took place in front of her. 

Lady Sentencia had many acquaintances but there were only a few men and women that she considered being friends. It was possible that the acquaintances took her as her friend but she never did. The woman was as old as Damien who had known him since before his mother had passed away. 

She had left her slave today at her mansion. There was no need for him to be here in the crowd and she had to say she was enjoying this human's company. She wasn't stupid and an airhead like the others. 

Seeing Penny smile, Lady Sentencia didn't wait for an answer and she took another sip.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》