Young master Damien's pet
287 Days of the butler- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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287 Days of the butler- Part 1

AN: Due to the number of chapters, the book might appear long but it hasn't reached the length of the previous book in this series 'Bambi and the Duke'. Will let you guys know when it hits the mark. If you find free time, do try visiting the earlier chapters. The comments then and the comments on Damien was funny. 


In the mansion of the Quinn's, the servants continued working on the orders of the new butler who had been newly appointed after the death of the previous one who had died out of heart corruption. 

Durik walked through the halls of the mansion. His eyes looking left and right which was bright red in color to showcase that he was part of the lower vampire hierarchy. It had been a few weeks since he had started his work here but the empty corridors and passages freaked his very soul that he was too scared to walk alone. Most of the time he had a maid or two to walk along with him in the name of cleaning windows and shelves which would have collected dust. But in truth, he didn't want to be alone. 

He wanted to leave the mansion. He wanted to quit working here since the day he had arrived but mentioning the word on quitting his work here had received the threat of being killed and thrown into the sea here. 

It wasn't that Durik didn't know how to swim. He was an excellent swimmer but the sea that connected to the lake of bones was not a place where he would test his ability to swim. 

Being a former human, he had heard plenty of things about the lake of bones. On how ominous the place was. He had been there several times. Not to stand right in front of it but to see it from a far distance where there was no water but fog covering the ground which was named as the lake of bones. There was something very eerie about it. Like an ill environment that reeked of death. But then how would he know that the higher officials used it to dump bodies. A lot of humans and people who belonged to the lower part of the society weren't aware of a lot of things. Most of them avoided going to secluded and isolated locations to keep themselves breathing. Rumors often spread about it which had turned and twisted to the point by people that no one dared to go near the lake of bones. And it didn't matter how fascinating it was. 

Durik nodded his head as if talking to himself. It was fascinating to look at night but he had heard from his fellow villagers on how people disappeared after they got near the shore of the lake.

Walking closer to the vase which felt delicate-looking flowers which were small button like, he poured the water from the flask he was holding.

"Where is the meal?" came a voice behind him and he turned around to see it was Lady Fleurance who stood in front of him. 

His eyes itched to look at the wall where the clock of an owl was fixed but he didn't dare to look away from the lady's eyes that was glaring down at him. He was sure that there was a good hour before the time dinner arrived. 

"Where is the meal? I went to the kitchen and there's only half of them cooked," she said looking down at him. 

"The servants are still cooking for dinner, milady. Let me go see and hurry it up," he bowed his head. 

"Don't you know a person can get hungry at any point in time? What were you thinking of getting the meal prepared this late?" 

"Would you like to have something else in the meantime? I will be quick to get it to your room," he offered to see the lady who was still glaring down at him. She took a step forward to have his back straighten right away in alertness. 

"How about I snap your neck and drink your blood for your lack of managing the mansion," Durik gulped, his face turning white as the snow that was outside the mansion right now. He didn't know why he was putting up with it though. The people in this mansion were crazy and illogical and he was sure that soon they would drive him mad to make him bang his head on the wall. The lady said, "Do you know what sets pureblooded vampires and people like you apart?"

Durik wished he could speak but the words and his voice refused to come out. He tried remembering though the only difference he could see was the difference in the status between them. He made a face as if he was trying hard to search for an answer. Seeing Lady Fleurance's fangs appear which were sharp and pointy. Pearly white teeth, he gulped again, his back leaning backward.

"I don't have to search for a human for a meal. I can have you as my meal even though you are a lower vampire," Durik who wasn't aware of this fact as he had been ignorant about it looked at her wide-eyes yet trying to cool down the expression that appeared on his face. Pureblooded vampires could drink blood from him? Did that mean he was not safe here at all?! Why didn't anyone tell him this?! "Have the food prepared in less than twenty minutes and have it placed in the dining room. Else you know what is coming up on my menu today," she smiled, stepping away from him and going to her room. 

Durik touched his forehead in an effort to dab the possible sheen of sweat away from there. This is what he was thinking about earlier. Living in this mansion was stressful for him. Maybe he could appeal to Senior Quinn. That's right. The man appeared quite and kind compared to the rest of them. There was also Lady Maggie who he could win favor in leaving this mansion than finding himself in the sea of bones. 

With a new resolution for tomorrow that he would ask Senior Quinn, hope rose in his mind. There was still the ray of hope, he said to himself, looking through the window outside, he noticed the thick white and grey clouds.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》