Young master Damien's pet
282 Meadow- Part 4
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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282 Meadow- Part 4

"Moon signs?" Penny repeated his words. 

"More tea?" asked Damien.

"No, I am good," she said waiting for him to explain what he just said. 

Damien poured the remaining tea from the kettle into his cup before placing it back inside the basket. Picking up the emptied tray to place it back along with the kettle, "Moon signs, there are symbols or representation for the night creatures. The night creatures consist of people who don't come in the category of humans. Long ago when the first generation of pureblooded vampire came into existence, they decided to create representation through the help of the white witches. The moon signs were used for the night creatures while the sun signs Were used to describe the humans. Each of the sun and moon are subdivided into different characteristics."

Penelope had neither heard about the moon signs nor did she ever come to hear about the sun signs, "What were they used for?" she saw Damien take a bite from the meat that he had picked by his fork.

"I don't know," came his nonchalant words. 

"Why are you looking for it then?" she raised her brow in question. 

Damien twisted his mouth, reaching out his tongue to the back of his teeth before speaking, "You see there, where only some people who knew about the moon signs. Not everyone was aware of it. Maybe two or three of the pureblooded vampires. My father doesn't know about it either. The pureblooded vampires are forbidden to speak on it, a saying that has rumored of how talking about it would reach one's whispered words to the ear of a white witch. I have searched for it, but there was nothing that could be found. Those three pureblooded vampires died, otherwise I would have asked them."

"What makes you think the witches will have it in there?"

"Because even one says they don't have it and have never heard about it, it would be a lie to not know something especially when you are in a treasure look like that. There's something more to the saying which was never given out. There used to be a man, an old monk who had created the signs which only got destroyed later. There should be another copy which the white witches have stored. Not the newbies but the old witches before they were killed. When the information is not completed it is not because they didn't have time for it. It was written in the thought so that the knowledge that would be passed down would never be misused," Damien explained his thoughts on it. 

"Maybe it was hidden for the betterment?" she asked him, noticing his red eyes that were curious to know more about it as he spoke on the signs. 

"It could be. The last time I went there, I went there with Father Antonio but a lot of the information was missing. It makes me wonder how many truths have been buried when the white witches were killed there," he looked thoughtfully, his eyes looked at abyss far away before they shifted to her, "It isn't important but I am curious. You are a white witch now and only a white witch can fill in the pieces which are missing."

Penny didn't know if she was supposed to be happy that Damien showed a lot of trust and belief in her. 

"I will have a look around tomorrow," she said to find a piece of bacon that was waiting in front of her mouth. Damien held the fork in front of her, waiting for her to open her mouth. He tilted his head that finally had her open her mouth. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She looked at the quiet forest that stood still except for the leaves and the branches of the trees that moved with the wind. 

Though they were surrounded by the snowy ground and some of the snow that had settled upon the trees, occasionally pushing down the snow down from them, Penny felt warm enough not to shiver in the cold weather. The blanket beneath them was thick and the food warm. 

There was no one here but just them. Still, she wondered why Damien had her dressed like this if they were coming here. The usual attire would have sufficed unless the man had something up his sleeve.  

"So, Miss Bitterguard," Damien started to have Penelope frowning instantly. 

"I am not jealous of the girls around you, and what happened to the name mouse?" her brows knitted as she asked him. 

"Oh? You have made peace with it. I wasn't aware of it," he smirked, "Once you're done, let's go for a walk," he said seeing her eat. Once she was done eating, Damien placed the plates along with the food which had been pulled out of the basket. Standing up, he gave her his hand for her to take. 

Leaving the picnic set up behind, Penny walked next to Damien. Carrying the front of her dress, she placed her feet forward one after another on the patchy snow that had fallen on the ground.

He had sent the coachman away as they could teleport at any point in time but in that case wouldn't he want to consume more blood? 

"How often do you need to drink blood?" Penny asked out of curiosity. 

"Seven glasses a day to fully function," he answered her question. 

She nodded her head before asking, "And what if you don't receive that amount of blood or skip a day?" 

"A day should be alright. It is the lower vampires who struggle with the need for constant blood in their bodies. Us, pureblooded vampires can survive a day or two before we start to feel the hunger."

"But the ability consumes it?" 

"It does, which is why some of us need to be on constant blood if we make use of the ability constantly. You don't want a pureblooded vampire going rampant by killing anything and everything in their way."
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    《Young master Damien's pet》